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Programmed reality, soulless people, reptilians an in depth study of the matrix

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I have decided to write about my analysis of our reality and the world we live in. To me, it seems absolutely obvious that we are living in an illusory, prison type reality that functions like a computer program that is literally a prison for souls. The way this universe function, the scientific laws all point out to the fact that it is designed for life. The universal constants (for this universe), be they gravity, electromagnetic interaction, the electron charge, the speed of light, the diameter of the electron or the cosmological constant are so precisely tuned that a variation be even 1/100000000000 of a percent would make life absolutely impossible. And that is eerily akin to a computer program: you just change 1 parameter by 1/1000th of a percent and the whole system buggers up… And that happens a lot with me as I am absolutely useless in computers…Also, research done by a wide variety of authors shows us that the visible universe works like a computer in a 6 base. Everything is a multiple of 6, from the diameter of the earth, the distance between the earth and the moon, the diameter of Saturn and Jupiter (if you use traditional measure units) to the number of bones in your hand if you exclude the bones that have fused. For more information on the 6 connexion, I strongly recommend the book by William Neil “How we were made” that details the 6 connexion in our reality. That is why the 6.6.6 number is termed the number of the beast or number of the system (matrix or thoughtform that enslaves us).
The programmed nature of our reality is also visible through synchronicities. Let me make it clear that there are in my opinion two types of synchronicities: Consciousness synchronicities that lead us to the right people, the right places at the right time. I have noticed that the more my research is progressing, the more it seems to function in this way. When I want to know an answer or get information, I seem to always fall on the right people, the right books. Only last week, I was trying to gather information on shapeshifting and possession of humans by other dimensional entities well; believe it or not, I came across someone who had witnessed possession of human beings by Djinns that are my opinion akin to reptilian aliens… Last year, I was also looking for a room in Paris to give a conference on the information I had… Well, I came across a cutting edge scientist who actually could lend me a small conference hall… But, there is another type of synchronicity that I call thoughtform synchronicity that illustrates beautifully the programmed nature of the whole system. It is visible in many, many world events. For example, there are an enormous number of synchronicities between the life of Kennedy and Lincoln, two illuminati stooges that where both ritually assassinated.

Click here for the synchronicities between Lincoln and Kennedy.

Between the lives of illuminati Stooge Napoleon Bonaparte and illuminate stooge Wellington there are also a great great number of synchronicities. If you study the murder of Princess Diana, you will discover, that the timing, the route followed by the Mercedes, the 13th Pillar, the Date, the “love” names she and Dody called each other, where so precise, so ritualised that it seems clear that there lives where totally, totally programmed a bit like a video game character. Yes it is almost certain that mind control, technology thousands of years ahead of what we know was involved but everything was so precise, so tailored that it seems evident that something beyond even that was involved… The thoughtform or matrix literally programming those people to die in a ritual way. Part of the program was implemented by the illuminati and the entities that control them, but it seems to me that there was also direct intervention of the matrix, the program to make these people die in a way that there death would generate spiritual energy from the masses in order to feed it… For a excellent and detailed account of the Diana murder ritual take a look at the Matthew Delooze article: it is a real eye opener.
9/11 was also blatantly a program of the matrix unfolding. I will not go over it again but there are two details that stick out. The owner of the towers insured them for a terrorist attack that would kill just under 3000 people around one month before nine eleven. When I read this, I got the distinct impression that the 9/11 event went well beyond the fact that it was an inside job using exotic technologies. It seemed to be a programmed event, a bit like a level in a video game. In other words, when something happens in any video game for example a battle, it is meant to happen when the player gets there well I get the exact same impression with 9/11. At one level, it seems it was planned thousands of years ago by the entities controlling the illuminate but at another level, it seems that it was always there in the thoughtform but we had not got to it yet in the illusion we call time. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that when George Bush, the illuminati puppet and mass murderer, was at the school in Florida, the Children were reading the words “Plane”, “Heat”, “Steal”.

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That sounds exactly like plane hit steel. At one level, it tends to show that a personality or alter was being activated in George Bush that is like most people in 5 sense politics completely mind controlled… But at another level, it almost felt as if the thoughtform was more a less laughing at humanity. It seemed as if those words pronounced by the Children were part of the program again like when characters talk to you in a Video game. Also, when you study history all events be they wars, “political scams”, and “great depressions” all follow the same pattern. This shows at one level that we have always been controlled by the same entities the reptilians, but at another level, it shows that all events are nothing but different versions of a program. Think of Internet sites or video games, despite their different content, they all follow the same pattern, well it is the seem with our reality. In fact everything that is not consciousness is part of the program of the thoughtform. I have come to the conclusion that around 90% of our actions and reactions are nothing more than totally programmed events. That is why on one level the illuminati know exactly how most people will react and that is why even on the five-sense level we can be controlled. Talk about phantomatic “deadly swine flu” and most people will be so frightened to death that they will be pleading for help by the illuminate, the very tool of their enslavement. If the illuminate announce a war because of so called weapons of mass destructions they know basically that a good percentage of the people will follow through fear and the rest will join so called demonstrations for peace that are organised by the totally controlled opposition. Not many people will question the profound reasons about all this. They will use their mind (the program) rather than their heart the soul… As I said in a previous article, the reaction of wild animals is also totally programmed even in so called superior animals… Why? Because nature like all the rest of our “physical universe” is nothing more than a computer program and that is why I would like to bring up the subject of soulless humans.Contrary to the new age prisoners who see “good” “light” and “soul” in everything even in people that murder millions of people through war, I believe that we are surrounded by many soulless beings. The reptilian entities for example are totally soulless and are nothing more than offshoots from the thoughtform, a bit like the “enemies” in video games they are there to guard the program. They are totally dependent on it: the program goes and they go, that is how they are kept alive. They seem to be able to control the program to a very limited extent, a bit like when an automatic pilot can control a plane, but over all they are totally dependant on the thoughtform. They seem to live much, much longer than the physical human but have a finite life span. Some of them seem to think they are in control but in reality they are slaves to the program. They seem to thrive on satanic rituals because they need the energy of fear to survive, an ultimately to feed the thoughtform. They seem to implement on behalf of the program, war and misery through their stooges the illuminati bloodlines. Why? Because ultimately wars are nothing more than satanic rituals that feed the reptilians and the thoughtform. Why do you think that the war in Iraq started on the spring equinox 2003? Because ultimately it is a program generated by the thoughtform to feed it through the fear it causes. But, the soulless beings are not confined to the reptilians. I know from experience that a percentage of so-called ordinary humans are absolutely soulless. Examples of this are the illuminate bloodlines but they are not the only ones. People we meet in everyday circumstances can be absolutely soulless. I have a very small business in Paris and one of my customers seemed at first to be very knowledgeable in spirituality and philosophy and I began talking to him. However, very soon I began to feel extremely uneasy, he seemed to be getting extremely aggressive at any contradiction, then on another occasion, he started to make extremely unpleasant remarks for no apparent reason, and although I am used to dealing with unpleasant people I seemed to be really shattered and uneasy about his remarks. Well, I suddenly made eye contact with that person and it was the weirdest and most frightening thing I saw… His gaze was totally devoid of any emotion… None whatsoever, it didn’t even feel negative: there was nothing there. I quickly made an excuse that I had to leave, he left and has since never come back… Looking back I am sure that that person was a soulless being… Just following a program and feeding unconsciously of other people’s emotions.
How do people become soulless well, I am sure that some are born without a soul and that is especially true in illuminati bloodlines, most soulless beings seem to loose their souls through the practice of certain occult rituals (satanic, Masonic or other): They become empty shells either soulless or possessed by interdimentionnal beings that they themselves are just soulless extensions of the thoughtform.

Certain techniques of mind control can also make the soul depart or at least bog it down so much that the people act as if they are soulless. Think of the military in Iraq or Afghanistan that have become so programmed that they do not even think that bombing civilians is a bad things. They are so programmed by their military training that most (but thankfully not all) more “forget” totally their soul or consciousness.

These soulless beings seem to be the ones that follow the rules to the book without even feeling if the rule is right or wrong, just or unjust. They are essential to the function of our programmed reality and a vast majority of politicians fit into this category. I think that at the point of death their etheric body lingers around and becomes what is known as an astral parasite. Like the reptilians, these beings seem to have a finite lifespan

However, I think these beings are a minority, most people do have a soul or consciousness but it is totally obscured by the thoughtform and through the pathetic “educational” system. It is that category of beings that sadly becomes nothing more than batteries that feed the thoughtform through fear and artificial emotions (that are not derived from consciousness). They are essential to the thoughtform as it needs to receive energy from artificial emotions of conscious beings. That is why the five-sense conspiracy gets publicity in the mainstream. You see, at one level, it is all about control, implementation of a world government. But knowing that might be a stepping stone but it will not be freedom. In fact, if we stay at the five-sense conspiracy level we stay prisoner of the system, for we do not get to realise that we are living in a thoughtform, an illusory reality. We get into a duality mentality: “us against them” that also feed the matrix. We also tend to make a good out of this or that researcher that creates more duality (little me-big him). All this five-sense level is a stepping-stone but not more than that… if not, it becomes a dead end, and another trap. We have to realise that the enemy is not the illuminati, or even the reptilians but the system itself. That the ultimate goal of the system is to feed off our energy. That is why 9/11 researchers who go into the occult side get very little publicity…. The system does not want us to realise that we are feeding it through our spiritual energy.
In other words, the system is a portable computer playing a film and we are the viewers, the actors and the batteries of the film. The goal is to get out of the film. The first thing to do is to become a kind of computer virus and not let the “program” run. How? Well certainly not through violence that just feeds the thoughtform through the duality and suffering it produces but through non-cooperation by refusing to go with the system through the draft, vaccination and sham election…. Secondly by understanding how the system works… It is kept alive from our energy we give it so we must stop feeding it. How? By understanding how the energy is harvested: through symbols (that is why the work of Matthew Delooze is so dam important), through various rituals (Satanism, war, TV shows…) that literally suck our spiritual energy. These rituals work on a subliminal level and by being aware we can become conscious of them and through our freewill refuse to give our energy. Thirdly, we are ourselves; infinite beings that need no authority, no guru to lead their lives… By grasping all this we can be free from our programmed reality.

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