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What lies beneath UFOLOGY and the UFO phenomenon?

This article was first published in the PRA review. I thank Omar Fowler for publishing it.

The UFO phenomenon has been with us for millennia, but in the last sixty years it has become prominent in the media, the cinema and many different spheres that mould our every day life. After more than fifty years of cover-up by the military, the space agencies, the mainstream press and political circles, the game seems to be changing: at last there seems to be an official consideration of the UFO phenomenon. Some countries have even more or less acknowledged its existence and not a month passes without an important sighting being correctly reported in the news media. This seems at first glance to be due to the perseverance of UFO researchers that have for many years done painstaking inquiries in order to try and lift the veil of secrecy concerning the UFO field. However, in a system that deliberately lets 10 million people die of hunger every year, that describes the conquest of two sovereign countries as “preventive strikes” and that through the pharmaceutical cartel murders, almost a million people a year in the United States alone, nothing comes without a cost. This sudden openness in the UFO field is a deliberate attempt by the system to use the UFO phenomenon as a means of control. As I will show in my article, the UFO phenomenon is the best way to control people that are opened minded and that have understood that there is more to life than the five-sense reality. The UFO phenomenon is also an excellent tool to use as the last resort to create a world government if all the other attempts have failed… We will talk about all this later in this article. I will first define the origin of the UFO phenomenon, then, I will talk about the change in attitude towards the UFO phenomenon observed in the mainstream media and mainstream science. Then, I will show what lies behind all that and what lies behind the media-correct ufologist and UFO-theories. Then I will show who is orchestrating all that and what the UFO/Alien presence really means to the world…

To begin with, the controversy over the UFO phenomenon should never have been. It is self evident, given the billions of stars in our galaxy alone and the billions of galaxies in the known Universe that we have been visited and are being visited by many races of extraterrestrial beings. Each of them with their own agenda… Cutting edge science is also acknowledging the existence of a multiple dimension universe. With each dimension or frequency possessing its own inhabitants. Therefore, it is logical to be not only visited by extraterrestrial beings but also by extra dimensional entities. I have spoken through my fifteen years of study of the UFO phenomenon to multiple contactees who confirm that we are being visited by a variety of beings from different origins… Extra dimensional and extraterrestrial.
However, before we go deeper into our subject we must also understand that a lot of UFO’s are of terrestrial origin… What we see of our technology is just kids’ play to put the masses to sleep. Behind our so-called “democratically elected governments” lies a vast network of secret societies that control both sides of the debate: Right and Left, Democrat and Republican, Socialist and Liberal, Fascist and Communist. At the top level of these secret societies that are also extremely compartmentalised, the technologies used are in advance of many hundred or even many thousands of years of what is seen. A contactee told me that those secret societies had been mastering for a long time technologies such as human cloning, free energy and even time-travel. Sounds far fetched… Just study the work of Doctor Judith Wood on the nature of the technology used for the 9/11 attacks…. What is sure is that it was not conventional and extremely in advance for what is even projected by mainstream science. According to a number of sources, the recent weather and geological tragedies that have occurred around the world are mostly due to exotic weapons used for weather warfare … The Montauk project that involved time-travel and Alien contact was also the result of those exotic technologies. Behind the secret societies are a number of families that are called the Illuminati, the Serpent Cult. Those families have close ties with ancient Babylon they are also very compartmentalised. The low levels of these families often become the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Bankers of this world. They are sometimes not even conscious of belonging to those families as they have many illegitimate children. The higher members of these families are usually not known by the general public and are the ones who hold the real power. They control the network of secret societies. Their role will be clarified latter on. But for now we will study how the UFO situation is evolving.
There is of course a great amount of debunking and false scepticism. There are the closed minded sceptics that even refuse to consider that we are being visited. In France the “Cercle Zététique” and a loud-mouthed astrophysicist represent them. These people are tools of the Illuminati who want, in order to maintain control, to maintain us prisoner of five-sense reality. Why? Because knowing that the universe is inhabited, is multidimensional and that death is an illusion would make the Illuminati loose part of their grip on the human race. They would stop using cars; petrol and the whole oil industry would collapse. Humans would also stop fearing death and religion; the strongest control system would fall apart. However, there seems to be a change… Scepticism is starting to diminish and there is more opened minded attitude towards UFO’s. Is this due to the painstaking work of ufologists finally paying or is there something much more sinister beneath? In order to answer this question we must look at the changes happening in Ufology.

In 1999, The COMETA report was published in France. A group of senior military officers acknowledged the existence of UFO’s and declared that the Extraterrestrial origin was the most likely. However the report stated implicitly that the Forces of Europe and America should collaborate in case of a UFO threat.
In 2001 at Washington DC at the National Press Club was held the disclosure conference. More than 250 military, and black ops personnel spoke out about the existence of UFO’s and the fact that the military-industrial complex had been working on the subject for many years. The man behind that project was Steven Greer a physician. We will talk more about his background later on.
In 1997, the Pocantico conference grouped a number of scientists on the Rockefeller domain. They concluded that UFOs where real and deserved study.
2005 is held in France, the first European Ufological event in Châlons en Champagne. It receives a fairly important coverage in the mainstream press
November 2006: a UFO is sighted above the O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Instead of being ridiculed the sighting makes the first page of the Chicago Tribune the most well known paper of the region
December 2006: The CNES (France’s space agency) puts all its archives online.
November 2007: A conference is held in Washington where military, politicians and pilots officially describe their experiences with UFO’s. Among the politicians. Fyfe Symonton Ex –Arizona governor who confessed how he had seen the Phoenix lights in March 1997 and how he had undergone extreme pressure in order to ridicule the mass sighting. A NASA official Donna Hare also announced that UFO’s are systematically erased from satellite photographs before they are shown to the public.
January 2008: the Japanese Defence Ministers asks parliament how his country will defend itself… In the case of an Alien attack by UFO’s

In July 2008, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell announced on FOX News, the Neocon Channel that the American elites were perfectly aware of the presence of aliens and that the whole subject is hidden by the military-industrial cartel.

January 2009, a UFO crashes into a wind turbine in Lincolnshire partly destroying it. Immediately the incident makes headlines in Britain particularly on the Rupert Murdoch owned Sky News that is the same company as… Fox news.

2008-2009: In France UFO clubs continue to multiply and UFO’s are spotted more and more frequently even in the heart of Paris. French national television usually extremely closed minded is preparing a debate on the subject that will be according to a very reliable source rather balanced….

And the list of changes goes on and on… So does it mean that the Illuminati and the network of secret societies that control all world “governments” is changing thanks to the work of ufologists and truth seekers… Sadly no. These people are using the UFO phenomenon as a means to advance their agenda… If we look at what lies behind these different UFO events we can see and feel the hand of the Illuminati.
The COMETA staff are according to a prominent researcher all initiates of a very well known secret society. While this does not mean anything taken in isolation, more than coincidence is involved when this same secret society helped organise and finance the Châlons UFO event. One must remember that secret societies are tools of the Illuminati and that they are used to implement their plans.
The name Rockefeller also turns up in the Pocantico conference but also in various parts of Steven Greer’s Work. The Rockefeller family is considered a major player among the Illuminati. They also finance numerous new age organisations. Steven Greer is also an advocate of a world government. In a radio interview in the summer of 2008 he said that when the extraterrestrial presence will be known, the world would have to have a “one world government” with a “unique currency”. The COMETA asks for collaboration between European and American armies in order to monitor the UFO phenomenon. When you hear collaboration you have to replace it with fusion and one world army. Fox News and Sky News belong to Rupert Murdoch who is a major tool of the Illuminati. Those two news networks were responsible for the Brainwashing of the British and American public when it was the period of the war in Iraq… According to a French Ufologist, French Ufology is partly controlled by the defence intelligence agency (USA) and the CIA. Through flattery, division and ego trips, French ufologists are made to abandon their freethinking and follow whatever idea the powers that be want to put forward. A number of French UFO clubs were closed down in recent times because they refused to follow the official line of French Ufology and wanted to see what really lay beneath the UFO phenomenon… A paradox in the land of human rights.
So now we have seen what lies beneath the new strands in Ufology, one will ask the question what is the goal of all that? Why start being open about the UFO phenomenon? After all, as we said earlier revealing to people that there are alien crafts in our midst will destroy the energy lobby and radically expand our view on the nature of the Cosmos and of ourselves… Sadly as with everything that is done by the Illuminati there is catch and deceit. The human race is undergoing a rapid awakening due in part to the fact that we are reaching the end of a 26000 year cosmic cycle. Awakening is what the Illuminati fear the most as it is through our ignorance and our naivety that they have controlled us for millennia. Therefore, the UFO phenomenon, the new age and all those new movements that have been appearing in the last hundred years are tools used by the Illuminati to recapture the people that are awakening. Man is a divine being of infinite consciousness. We are creative beings that can literally create our own reality. We are everything and nothing, the past, the present, the future. We are all gods of infinite power. The only trouble is… We give our power away to other people: to religious figures, to governments, to the television, to movie stars. Giving away our power creates duality that feed the entities behind the Illuminati (more about these in a minute). Is there any better way than Ufology or the New Age to recapture people who have seen the truth behind religion and politics and the system in general? In Ufology and the new age a lot of people replace the traditional religions with ascended masters, beings of light, saviour aliens… Therefore they continue giving their power away. They create duality and feed the entities that control the illuminate. I will talk more in detail about the energy harvesting in a later article. However there is also another sinister aspect to Ufology. It can be used to create a one-world government, which is the ultimate goal of the Illuminati and the entities that control them. What the Illuminati want, is a one world government with a micro-chipped population. For that to work; it has to be done with the consent of us human beings. Therefore they have to create a chaotic situation in order for us to implore them for the solution… Enter the UFO phenomenon…Is there not a better way to control people than creating a fake alien threat? A fake UFO invasion. You can laugh at me but the project of a fake alien invasion was put forward in the 1960’s in the Iron Mountain Report in order to create a one-world government without the use of war. According to a number of reliable whistleblowers there is a project called project Bluebeam to create amongst other things a one-world religion and a fake alien invasion. First of all the Messiahs of different religions would start appearing at the four corners of the globe amidst engineered chaos. Then, these Messiahs would all merge into one who would be the “saviour” of the human race from a fake alien invasion. How would this happen? First of all one has to remember that the technology of the illuminate is thousands of years in advance from what is known in the mainstream press. Through the use of holography the apparitions of the “messiahs” and the “hostile aliens” could be easily created. Also, the communications between mankind and “the messiahs” could be done through the use of microwaves. This could explain a lot of the channelling business. As much as I believe that there is genuine channelled information, as much I think that a great deal of channelled material (Ashtar Command, the great white brotherhood…) is nothing more than electromagnetic mind control performed by the Illuminati. Also, I think that the Illuminati could present neutral or beneficial aliens as hostile and begin attacking them. This would explain the amounts of money spent in weaponising space. Think dear reader of the Star wars project and the anti-missile shield. All this in my opinion is just a cover story for setting up Bluebeam and targeting positive/neutral extraterrestrials.
But, there is a strange twist to the tale. If one looks at the forces that control the Illuminati, one realises that they are alien to this planet and if you study the evidence, you find out that they are “reptilian” beings. The world’s ruling families all talk about descending from dragon beings. The Chinese and Japanese emperors were considered descendants of the dragon. The Aztec emperors said they descended from the great-feathered serpent. The Merovingian kings were supposed to have magic powers and some French researchers have linked them to extraterrestrial beings. There also exists an order of the Dragon founded in 1408 by Prince Sigismund. The order regroups European aristocratic families that claim they have an extraterrestrial origin that gives them the “right to rule” over other human beings. If one looks at mythology the image of the serpent comes up all the time. Think of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the African serpent goods. The Dogons in Mali for example say that Amma their god created the earth and human beings. But what is Amma?… a crocodile. There is evidence to show that humans where created or at least genetically modified by a reptilian race. We all have a reptilian brain. Most of the world’s mythologies talk about reptilians that one way or another interfered with the human race. There is evidence to suggest that the people who had more reptilian genes than others became the rulers of antiquity that became today’s Illuminati… These people seem to be more prone to possession by certain inter-dimensional reptilian entities. The gates between the dimensions seem to be opened through certain rituals (that are nothing more than knowledge of advanced physics). Hence, the importance of the initiation rituals in secret societies…They literally open a gate between dimensions in order for the people with the correct genetic makeup to become possessed. Sounds outlandish… In my investigations I have come across four reliable people who have witnessed a phenomenon known as shape shifting. One lady was walking with her baby son to a village library when all of a sudden a strange looking woman with jet-black hair put her hand on the child’s stomach. Aghast, the lady looked into the eyes of the strange woman and realised with horror that they were not human. They had a vertical pupil lake that of a snake. The reptile woman then retreated. The lady ran into the library in fear. Inside the building she saw that the librarian was shaking like a leaf. She told the lady she had seen the same snake woman. The whole family of that lady has lived through abductions and sinister contacts with reptilian shaped beings. Another man (a psychic) reported to me seeing at a dinner a French diplomat shape-shift into a reptilian form. Nobody else seemed to notice. There are many, many other such cases in the world. It seems that those reptilian aliens have been with us for many thousands of years… They have created the through the Illuminati, the system that has entrapped us for centuries. False democracy, fascism, communism, religion that is the world’s biggest killer, fake science, barbaric medicine is all the creation of the reptilian entities that control the Illuminati. Hence, it is ironic that the ones who are behind the fake alien invasion are themselves aliens that have entrapped us for thousands of years. Those aliens and/or the Illuminati would possibly be the fake “Messiah” that we spoke about earlier. Mankind would then give away all its remaining power to its fake “saviours”(enslavers). But there is another strange twist… A lot of the times the aliens are presented as saviours (think of the disclosure project that calls for global government) and there is never a talk of the possibility of evil non human beings. We can imagine that the Illuminati and their masters, in order to create a one world government could create a false planetary catastrophe, then the reptilians would show themselves in the open and would be presented as our saviours. They would then be worshipped as gods and overlords of the world government that would follow. That is why I watch like a hawk all the mass hysteria that is surrounding the so-called “man made global warming” scam. That is why I warn people to be extremely wary about channelled material that says that in the near future aliens will save the earth.
So you see dear reader that there is an extremely sinister side to Ufology and the New Age movement in general. Those two subjects will be used if all other scams to create a one-world government fail (terrorism, global warming…). There is no risk of an alien invasion, as it seems certain that the evil/multidimensional-alien forces have always been amongst us and have created the system that enslaves us. They have created the Illuminati and have always controlled world governments. Yes we are visited by a vast number of extraterrestrial/extra-dimensional races other than the reptilian race most of them more spiritually advanced than we are but they are not gods, just as they are not hostile. They have their own agenda. There are no gods. The only god is our infinite consciousness that has been put down for millennia by the Illuminati and their masters. The big problem with us humans is that we delegate our powers to others, often the very ones that have taken them away. The only saviours we have are …ourselves. The goal of this article is to show you that Ufology and what looks free is also manipulated by the Illuminati. However we have an extremely powerful weapon: our consciousness that can tell us what is true and what is lies.
Therefore everything has to be taken with caution. Our infinite power is at stake.

Leo Noury.

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