Thursday, 30 April 2009

Interesting article on Swine flu, the latest illuminati scam.

Here is an interesting article from the daily mail on the Swine Flu. For once something lucid is written in the mainstream press!

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On another level it is clear that whatever the swine flu is, it is being used by the illuminati to generate maximum fear to feed the entities that control them. Buying Tamiflu or a vaccine to be "protected" against a "pandemic" is on a symbolic level asking the illuminati for help: in other word giving them consent to dominate us. We therefore empower the thoughtform of fear.

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Monday, 27 April 2009

The swine flu, latest scam of the New world order?

Just an extremely short post on the Swine flu. In my opinion, it is a disease that is a hundred percent an illuminati creation. First of all, it is composed of three different viruses (pig, bird and human) and that is extremely unlikely to happen naturally. Secondly a British researcher sent me this information that is extremely important

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It shows the implication of big pharma a very powerfull and evil hand of the illuminati and the forces that control them. So there is a possibility that the "Swine flu" will be one of the factors used to reduce the world population.
However one must also bare in mind that the "Swine flu" could be hyped up like the "avian flu" or the pathetic "foot and mouth crisis" in 2001 to create fear to distract people from the manufactured economic meltdown and to create more fear so that people will give up more of their liberties and accept a "one world health authority"and "vaccination" to prevent a so called "pandemic" . One must also remember at another level, that fear feeds the entities behind the illuminati and the thoughtform behind them and nothing creates more fear than the threat about an epidemic...

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Israel, Iran and the big picture behind the New world Order or going where most researchers stop.


Just a brief post about the Anti-racism conference in Geneva. Again, There is massive complaint about a statement from the Iranian President who described Israel as a racist state. Well, in this blog, I want to shorly paint the big picture of all this. Firstly, The Israeli state is racist. When I say the state, I do not of course mean the Israeli people who like most human beings regarding their religion, nationality or skin colour want to live a peacefull life and have no agressivity whatsoever towards the palestinians or any other people. What I mean is the Israeli government... Bombing Lebenon with white phosphorus weapons and then Killing thousands of palestinians in the Gaza strip are for me acts of pure racism and not self defence. Treating Arab Israeli's like third class citizens is for me a racist act. The same is true about Ethiopian Jews. They are treated abominably by the authorities just because of their skin colour. One must also remember that Israel was supporting by arms selling the savage apartheid regime in South Africa because the Israeli leaders want basically any palestinian state to become a Bantoustan: in other words a reservoir for cheap labour like there used to exist in South Africa. So all the outcry that happened after yesterday's declaration is another proof of how programmed and servile the so-called Western "free" press is. It also shows that Western diplomats are nothing more than stooges that follow the party line and political correctness the "Newspeak" of the New world Order. Would they of walked out if anybody would of said that Iran, or China were racist states. I doubt it. This shows the extent of the programming of the masses and of the so called journalists and politicians. However, as always in this blog, I want to show the bigger picture.

You see my friends, a lot of Five sense conspiracy researchers do not even attempt to look at the big picture. They will stop at the edge of the rabbit hole and will say that the conspiracy is the fruit of "The anglo-american establishement" "the zionist lobby(a political movement that has nothing to do with the jewish religion)" or "the vatican". Therefore anyone who opposes one of those three branches will be hailed a good person, or on the right side. However, one must bare in mind that the illuminati, the hybrid bloodlines that control the world control EVERY SYSTEM AND EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE IN EVERY COUNTRY. THEREFORE, THERE IS NO "ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT", "ZIONIST" OR "VATICAN" CONSPIRACY. THERE IS JUST AN ILLUMINATI SYSTEM. THE SYSTEM ITSELF IS THE CONSPIRACY. The "anglo-american establishment", the "zionists" and whatever political or religious group are just arms of the conspiracy they are not the conspiracy. Even the illuminati are just vehicules for the reptilian entities that control our reality. The reptilians themselves are just soulless beings that are guardians of the thoughtform of fear that constitutes our reality. The goal of the thoughtform, of the programm is to create a one world governement with a microchipped population in order to extract at will all our emotions. For that they need OUR CONSENT. In other words they need to create duality (opposition) so that people ASK for a solution (PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION as described by David Icke). If one goes further the thought-form came about because we gave our power away to others (duality). Therefore, all "opposing" sides are at the very top controlled by the SAME FORCES. They are masks on the same face. That is why I cringe when I hear so called researchers saying that because he opposes one faction of the New World Order, the Iranian president is hailed as someone against the Illuminati.... NO NO NO, he is just another faction of the New World Order, another mask on the same face, another puppet of the Illuminati and the forces that control them. The Israeli and american "governements" and the Iranian "government" are nothing more than two puppets controlled by the same force, the illuminati. It is no coincidence that the Ayatollah Khomeiny that was so called "opposed" to the british was in fact a ... British agent. Why? Because all sides are controlled by the same force. Full stop. It has been like that for thousands and thousands of years. As Matthew delooze shows so well in his work this force controls EVERY aspect of our life including our entertainment. It is this point that most Conspiracy researchers cannot comprehend because they are still stuck in 3D reality (the thought-form). The goal of the thought form is to create a maximum of chaos so that people demand a one world governement with a microchip so that emotionnal energy can be extracted at will. The Chaos and the conflit are also excellent ways to extract energy through the suffering and fear they generate. So what can be done? Well first of all we must stop all collaboration with the system regardless of our race, religion or nationality. Remember those three things are just illusions to create division. We are ALL infinite beings and all powerfull but we have forgotten our true nature and the first step to reclaim it is by refusing the system in a PEACEFULL WAY. We can for exemple refuse to vote, to join the army to be poisoned through vaccination. Without our support, the thoughtform is nothing, it collapses. The second thing to do is to just BE OURSELVES INFINITE BEINGS regardless of what people think. Third of all realise that all that we see in the media is nothing more than a punch and Judy show with one force pulling the strings (the reptilians and what controls them). Only by seeing the big picture can we save ourselves.

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Friday, 17 April 2009

Really good websites that show the big picture of things!

Just a short one to present Four great websites that are among the only ones to show the big picture of the new world order without being limited by mental, political and religious conditioning

The Matthew Delooze and Oneball radio sites that are put up by Matthew delooze who is my opinion one of the best and most open minded researcher in the field. A real truth seeker...

Montalk by Tom that explores the big picture behind aliens and the new world order. Well worth a read.

Check the Evidence. A very good website by Andrew Johnson that reveals the big picture behind 911 and the technologies behind that event. This site also reveals the seamy side of the five sense 9/11 truthseekers who often in my opinion serve the cause of the illuminati and the entities that control them by refusing to see the big picture( energy harvesting and exotic technologies) behind 9/11.
I am currently working on an article on the big picture behind the global warming hysteria and will post it as soon as possible...

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Monday, 6 April 2009

North Korea, the new world order and political correctness


On Sunday the 5th of April, the world was shocked by the fact that the Stalinist state North Korea fired a long range missile. In this article I will try and re-establish the balance of things on both sides. It is a sad fact the masses through the servile press and a good many 5 sense conspiracy researchers are being dupped... What is causing them to be dupped is in my point of view "belief" in preconceived ideas and that old inquisitor called "political correctness". On the one side you have the masses that are sleeping along and buying into the ridiculous film woven by the servile press that North Korea is a "rogue" state and that it poses a danger to the world. Indeed, on a five sense level North Korea is a nightmare state where it is even illegal for people to own a radio set and where over 200000 thousand people are imprisonned in work camps. However, the point I want to make clear is that all the so called democraties and "free press organisations" that are shouting "rogue state", "rogue state" to North Korea are just as much a danger to the World than the stalinist country.

  • The US and "Western democraties" through the corrupt UN where responsible for the death of over 1 million Iraqui children through the sanctions imposed on their stooge Saddam Hussain.

  • The US and "Westen democraties" where responsible of the deaths of many thousands of innocent Serbian victims through their savage Bombing campain to "bring back peace" to Kosovo... Bombing the shit out of innocent civilians to bring back peace... I don't quite get it... But I am after all just a mad person with mad ideas.

  • The US and "Western democraties" have butchered 1 million civilians in Irak and another million in Afghanistan to restore "democracy" and "freedom"and for "self defence" against a bearded phantom man living in a cave in Afghanistan... Or as I think, a photoshop creation. Click here for a film on the reality of the war in Irak. The second half is especially disturbing.

  • Israel has murdered thousands of civilians in Gaza and southern Lebenon and has many nuclear weapons. But, for the pathetic media it is self defense...

Now I might sound stupid but all that is just as much a danger to the world as North Korea. But does the pathetic media, or anybody say a word... Well I have not heard much. At the most, people will protest for one day against one war but will not be against WAR. Did anybody say anything against the invasion of Afghanistan and the bombing of Serbia... NO. Does the media critisize when the US, Western European countries or Israel use white phosphorus bombs against civilians... NO. Well those white phosphorus bombs are chemical weapons that are "weapons of mass destruction" but you see they are used by "democraties" so nobody says a word.

Click here for an article about phosphorus bombs

But here comes the truth: people are not prepared to see the farce that is played in front of their eyes for fear of being politically incorrect and being judged by their work colleges, their family and their friends: "Oh, peter does not support the war on terror, he must be stupid!" "John is against the war in Gaza he must be an antisemite!" (Which is totally false as most jewish people are against the war in Gaza and just want to live in peace with the palestinians).

People are also not ready to come to terms with the fact that democracy does not exist and HAS NEVER EXISTED. Democracy is a creation of the secret society network controlled by the illuminati bloodlines to give the people the impresion of being free when in reality they are imprisonned in a physical and spiritual prison. Political correctness and fear of judgement are the best guards for the spiritual part of the prison.It creates the concept one law for one and one law for another that is plainly visible in the completely manufactured "North Korean Crisis". In reality all states, be it the US, Britain, France, China or North Korea act in the same barbaric way because they are controlled by the same forces the illuminati that are ultimately the tools of soulless interdimentionnal beings that feed of human energy. These beings are just programms that emanate from a thought form that feeds off fear and human emotions. Keep this in mind for the rest of the article.

However, I now want to stress an important point. Many 5 sense "conspiracy" researchers have understood that "Western democraties" are not democraties and that events are manipulated. This is already a good think as it takes courage to even begin to ask the right questions but they fall into the trap of saying that anything that is not Western is Good. It is in my opinion a type of "conspiracy research political correctness". I Have heard a number of researchers saying that China, Russia, Japan, North Korea, Venezuela, ... are opposed to the New world Order. Nothing can be further from the Truth. These countries are just a different mask on the same face. They have always be controlled by the reptilian/extradimentionnel alien beings that are behind the illuminati bloodlines... Remember, the Chinese and Japanese imperial families said that they descended from the Dragon. The Dragon= reptilian. China, Japan and south america were through the opium wars, the second world war and colonisation completely infiltrated by the illuminati (Babylonian) bloodlines that eliminated the native aristocratic bloodlines that where like the illuminati controlled by the reptilians/extradimentionnal beings... Remember the Aztec Emperors used to be called descendants of the Great feathered Serpent for exemple. The illuminati were bloodlines that came from Babylon and that were/are controlled by the same non- human forces as the bloodlines they eliminated. Simply, they were programmed by their masters to take over the other bloodlines after the colonisation process. The take over was programmed to cause as much suffering as possible in order to feed the entities and the fear thought form that controls the illuminati and all the other hybrid Bloodlines.

Anyway, if one looks at Chinese or Russian society one can clearly see the mark of the Illuminati. According to many sources, former Russian president Vladimir Putin was a double agent KGB/MI5

Click here for an intelligent article on Putin

If one goes high enough, one realises that MI5, KGB,CIA, Mossad and all secret services all fuse into one: the illuminati secret services. The Chinese society, and North Korean society are the dream of the entities behind the illuminati. Basically, they consist of 10% of the population living correctly provided they do not dare to question the system and 90% of the population serving as slaves to the the system. They have no freedom whatsoever and live in appaling conditions exactly like in a hive. This type of society is the blueprint for the New world Order. The Maoist revolution in China was completely organised by the illuminati and according to a number of sources, Mao even had family ties with those bloodlines. It is Henry Kissinger that officialy re-opened ties with Red China... And it was not a coincidence, he knew exactly the role China would latter play in the New World Order. The rivalry between the West and China in Africa over Darfour for exemple where the Chinese arm and finance the Janjawid that have massacred hundreds of thousands of civilians is at a very high level stagged in order to create at a five sense level a conflict or at least tension between The West and China/Russia/ and the Moslem world. The North Korean crisis is in my opinion just another excuse to create tension between the West and China. In other words, it is completely stagged, just like the 9/11 attacks, the 7/7 bombings and the financial crisis. Venezuela, that is often cited by the "politically correct conspiracy researchers" as against the New World Order has just called for (with China)... A one world Currency.

Click here to read.

You see my friends, the Illuminati and the forces behind them control every aspect of our live and EVERY country in the world. Everything that occurs on the five sense political scene is stagged... The French conspiracy researchers also make me laugh when they say that everyone who opposes the actual french government is against the New world order. All I can say is that ALL the pathetic French opposition parties are controlled by the same forces as the actual government basically, at a purely five sense level, the Three principal candidates at the last French elections were pawns of the CFR (council of foreign relations) that is an illuminati think tank. That situation (controlled opposition) is the same in every country in the world...

So what is the goal behind all this? The goal is at one level to put into place the One World Governement through the Problem-reaction-solution principal very well described by David Icke. You create a problem (conflict between the East and the West) by manipulating the two sides, so the manipulation works you install political correctness so that every person polices everyone else. You controll all potential opposition through that tool. And you offer the solution: A one world governement with a microchipped population. On a spiritual level, the conflicts that through symbolism have the signature of the illuminati act as way to capture spiritual energy of fear, hate and death. This energy feeds the entities and the thought forms behind the illuminati. The microchip more than a tracking device will serve as a way to capture at will spiritual energy from humans by creating artificial emotions. The goal for the illuminati is to undermine so much people's moral so that they will ask (CONSENT) to be implanted with themicrochip as it seems that energy transfers can only occur through if the person consents to give his energy away. It is only if this spiritual part is understood that we can stop the New world OrderThe first thing to understand is that the entities behind the illuminati control every part of the system and every country in the world.

This picture is an extraordinary illustration of the point I am making. The puppet master represents the high level illuminati and the entities behind them. The puppets are the lower level illuminati and our pathetic "politicians". The pawns are us and the film we see on the news.

So it is only through peaceful non cooperation with the system that we can change all this. First of all, we must refuse political correctness and refuse to participate in the system by refusing to vote (giving our power away), to join the army, to be vaccinated and by being tolerant, that is accepting every person's right to express their opinion and by refusing duality and violence: there is no good or bad side: there is just infinite consciousness and the forces that try to suppress it. In other words we must re-claim our humanity. We must also give all the information we have without fear and self censorship through imposed belief. It is in my opinion a fact that knowledge is the first step to be free...

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Videos and a few reflections on 9/11

Hello all,

Just a few interesting videos on the technologies behind 9/11. First of all it is not the product of the photoshop Oussama Ben laden and his "phantom menace" network Al quaeda. It is in my opinion an pure inside job that has many levels...

A physical level, with the Neo"nazi"cons and the need to create a new Pearl Harbour as stated in the PNAC document.Therefore, 9/11 was planned by the men behind George Bush using conventionnal technology on one level. That would explain the numerous reports of a drone seen hitting the pentagon.

At another level however, the research of doctor Judith wood has shown that 9/11 was planned using non conventionnal "exotic" technology. This is a signature of the lower level branches of the illuminati that have access to technology that is many many hundreds of years ahead of what is seen in the pathetic mainstream press.

Click here for part 1 of Judith Wood's presentation;

Click here for part 2 of Judith Wood's presentation.

However, on a another level all the symbolism in 9/11, the whay it was planned, the fact that is was "predicted" in different films and even on the tarot card deck shows that behind 9/11, there are forces that are "extra-dimentionnal", "extraterrestrial" that control the high level illuminati and basically every country in the world, every belief system and every political party. But they in turn are just pawns of a thought form based on fear that is called the matrix, the devil or Ahriman depending on what you call it... This is the level you must look at if you want to comprehend the way the system works... All the following photographs show that 9/11 was part of the thought form, the programm for centuries and centuries and that in the illusory film we call reality, it was programmed from the start. However, this part of the game is only understood by the very high level illuminati and their non terrestrial controllers...

Tarot cart centuries old that is depicts eerily familiar 9/11 scenes.

Mario Bros film made in the early 90's showing the two towers burnt down.

9/11 on 20 dollar bill issue years before the event

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

G20 Symbolism

Here is a picture of the G20 summit official logo. Notice the Sun rising behind the Earth. It represents the Illuminati Bloodlines and their masters the reptilians that are assimilated to the sun The sun rising is the symbol of the final stages for the new world order. Symbolicaly it shows that the G20"leaders" are nothing more than stooges of the illuminati and the reptilians behind them. At another level, the G20 is nothing more than an energy extraction satanic (babylonian) ritual. The energy of love and of hate that goes towards those "leaders" or illuminati stooges from the sleeping masses is extracted through the symbolic signature represented by the rising sun. It feeds the reptilian forces that control them and ultimately enslave us. We feed our own prison by not knowing what lies beneath all that symbolism.

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Voici le Logo du G20: il représente un soleil se levant derrière la Terre. Le soleil est le symbole des illuminatis et de leurs maîtres les reptiliens. Le soleil émergeant derrière la terre représente les derniers stages de la mise en place du nouvel ordre mondial. Symboliquement, cela montre également que les "leaders" du G20 se placent sous la coupe des illuminatis et leur font allégeance. Ce ne sont que des laquais obeissant servilement aux illuminatis et à leurs maîtres extraterrestres. A un autre niveau, le symbole joue le rôle de signature subliminale des illuminatis et extrait l'énergie émotionnelles des masses inconscientes.Le G20 n'est ainsi qu'un gigantesque rituel satanique (babylonnien) d'extraction d'énergie. Ainsi, toutes les énergies d'amour et de haine envoyés à ces "dirigeants" ou plutôt ces laquais nourrit leurs maîtres les illuminatis et surtout les entités reptiliennes et l'égrégore de peur qui controlent les illuminatis. En d'autre termes les masses nourrissent leur propre prison en ignorant ce qui se cache derrière les symboles.

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Friday, 3 April 2009

Nouvel ordre mondial.


Ce matin, le sommet du G20 c'est terminé par un appel à un "Nouvel Ordre Mondial". Le NOM n'est rien de plus que la mise en place d'un gouvernement mondial et d'un état mondial unique avec la perte de toute souveraineté nationale. C'est ce qui explique que tous les dirigeants (ou plutôt les laquais des illuminatis) appellent à "des régulations internationales" pour lutter contre la crise. Or, qui dit régulation internationale dit "pas de plus" vers le NOM. Or, le NOM c'est non seulement la perte de l'identité nationale: c'est également la perte de notre humanité, de notre individualité. Le but du NOM dirigé par les illuminatis et les entités derrière les illuminatis (entités reptiliennes) est la mise en place d'une société pucée. Or la puce n'est pas seulement un objet de surveillance, c'est aussi un objet destiné à extraire les émotions de l'humain pour nourir les reptiliens et l'égrégore de peur qui contrôle les êtres humains... En d'autres termes il s'agit de transformer les êtres humains en piles électriques. Or, la situation actuelle est telle que les principaux dirigeants ne cachent même plus leur volonté de mise en place du NOM.

Cliquez ici pour écouter...

En effet, les gens sont tellement programmés par le systême et le quotidien qu'ils ne font même plus attention à ce qui se passe autour d'eux. Ainsi, combien d'entre nous ont même entendu Gordon Brown évoquer ce matin le "nouvel Ordre mondial"

Cliquez ici pour écouter (en Anglais)

Ce ne sont certainement pas les manifestant anti-mondialiste qui d'ailleurs ne comprennent pas contre quelles forces ils luttent tant ils sont manipulés et programmés par les mêmes forces que celles contre lesquelles ils sont sensés lutter. Ainsi, un des principaux leader altermondialiste français est selon un avocat parisien un agent de la CIA est qui n'est qu'une branche du Mossad et du MI6. D'ailleurs, si l'on monte assez haut, il n'y a qu'un service secret, le service secret des illuminatis. Les manifestations des altermondialistes, qui sont souvent violentes ne font que renforcer cette dualité, à l'origine de l'égrégore de peur controlant les reptiliens qui eux même controlent les illuminatis. De plus ils sont manipulés par les règles du politiquement correct et crient au "fascisme" si on leur parle de complot... Pour eux, la crise actuelle est due aux requins de la finance.... Ce qui est complètement faux. La crise actuelle est crée de toute pièce par les illuminatis pour faire avancer le NOM, les plans de relance ont comme seul but d'endetter le peuple par plus de taxe et les solutions globales ont pour but de rendre les pays dépendant les uns des autres pour que le peuple demande la solution au illuminatis... Un gouvernement mondial qui ne sera rien de plus qu'une prison a ciel ouvert ou les "indésirables" aux yeux des illuminatis n'auront pas leur place... Un cauchemar qui arrive a grand pas. Or, les altermondialistes demandent comme solution à la crise... "Un gouvernement mondial élu démocratiquement". Non, ce n'est pas une blague. Ce sont des exemples frappant d'opposition controlée. La seule solution pour nous est de refuser de collaborer de façon pacifique au systême. Comment? En refusant de voter, en refusant la vaccination qui empoisonne, en refusant de rentrer dans l'armée ... D'ailleurs, il faut récupérer notre pouvoir car à l'origine, nous sommes des êtres divins qui n'ont pas besoin d'être dirigés: simplement nous avons oublié qui nous sommes vraiment. Pour changer le systême la meilleure solution est de changer notre perception de nous même et surtout d'informer les gens sur ce qui se passe autour de nous...

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New world order ahead!

Just a very short article to say that the stooges of the illuminati that met in London at the G20 have called for a "New world Order".
Click here to listen to Gordon Brown's speech at the end of the G20. The five sense level plan, is in part to eliminate all national soveregnty and make all countries dependant on one another. Hence the introduction of "international regulations", "international law". The goal is also to make the people (you and me) so bogged down in taxes that the economy will collapse. This explains the trillions of dollars unblocked to "save the world". It is all bollux. The crisis is manufactured by the illuminati in order to create a one world government through international regulation. The point I want to make is that all this is now so obvious to the point where the heads of state of the G20, that are no more than pawns manipulated by the illuminati and the extradimensional entities that control the illuminati are not even hidding their objectives of creating a "new world". In other terms, that means a one world state where individuality, originality and everything that makes us human will not have its place. But at a deeper level, a one world state means a microchipped population where the people will be marked with a microchip. It will not only be a surveillance device but an energy extracting device in order to feed the entities behind the reptilians and the "thought form" that ultimately controls them. Humans will be no more than mere batteries. The pathetic demonstrations of the anticapitalists and anti-globalists will change absolutely nothing as most so called anti-globalist groups are controlled by the same forces they oppose. A prominent French lawyer told me that one of the main french anti-globalists is a CIA agent. And the CIA is nothing more than a branch of Mossad and MI6 who are nothing more than the secret services of the illuminati families. The paradox is that most anti-globalist call for... a "world government elected democraticaly". The anti globalists are used by forces that that they do not even begin to comprehend. They are manipulated through political correctness and thinking that there is no conspiracy but just financial greed. They are the first to scoff and call you a "fascist" if you tell them that all the events are organised to bring about a one world government and that the powers behind it are ultimately after our spiritual and emotional energy... The only solution we have left is to reclaim our power by refusing to go with the system in a peacefull way. Violence that is often present in demonstrations is nothing more than another expression of the duality and low vibrating energy of the "people" that the demonstrators say they oppose. How can we peacefully refuse the system? By informing people about the truth through the web, conferences and simply word and mouth. By refusing to collaborate with the system and that simply means by refusing to vote, refusing vaccination that is there to block our awareness, refusing to demonstrate as it does not lead anywhere. The solution is to be ourselves, the infinite and powerfull being we are and always will be and not be the miserable, feeble being the system, religion and education (brainwashing) has always taught us to be and the other solution is to understand that all this reality is illusory: it is a thoughtform that we have brought on to ourselves by refusing our real power and by refusing oneness. We are infinite beings that do not need and never will need leaders. How can we? we are infinite.Therefore it is time to take back our power and lead our own lives and not be lead by the system...

See you soon!