Monday, 27 April 2009

The swine flu, latest scam of the New world order?

Just an extremely short post on the Swine flu. In my opinion, it is a disease that is a hundred percent an illuminati creation. First of all, it is composed of three different viruses (pig, bird and human) and that is extremely unlikely to happen naturally. Secondly a British researcher sent me this information that is extremely important

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It shows the implication of big pharma a very powerfull and evil hand of the illuminati and the forces that control them. So there is a possibility that the "Swine flu" will be one of the factors used to reduce the world population.
However one must also bare in mind that the "Swine flu" could be hyped up like the "avian flu" or the pathetic "foot and mouth crisis" in 2001 to create fear to distract people from the manufactured economic meltdown and to create more fear so that people will give up more of their liberties and accept a "one world health authority"and "vaccination" to prevent a so called "pandemic" . One must also remember at another level, that fear feeds the entities behind the illuminati and the thoughtform behind them and nothing creates more fear than the threat about an epidemic...

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