Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The 33 Chilean miners rescue: a mega illuminati ritual.


 Due to various problems, I have not been on the internet very much in recent times. However my attention has been sparked by what happened in Chile and the “saving” of the 33 miners. Almost as soon as the event took place, I knew that there was some kind of ritual behind it… It just didn’t sound right… Now, I am not saying that the miners where not trapped under the ground or that they did not suffer during their ordeal. However, what I am saying is that the situation was used in a way, that it became a mega ritual on the world stage. A ritual designed to harness all the emotional energy of the millions of people watching the rescue. To understand this we must go back to the nature of our physical reality. We live in a world of illusion akin to a thought-form that has taken us prisoner. This thought-form thrives of the fear we give out. However, in our world the vast vast vast majority of our emotions are based on fear. In our dimension, the state of happiness is inexistent. When people say they are happy it means that they are less unhappy. All day long we have our emotions harnessed to feed the thought-form. Wars, demonstrations, feast days like Christmas, Easter or Ramadan are nothing more than mega rituals designed to extract our energy to feed the thought-form/matrix that constitutes our world. This process is done through subliminal signature, symbolism and the use of the subconscious. As I pointed out in an earlier article, the subconscious, that was created by the soulless entities that are nothing more than extents of the thought-form is capable of distinguishing between all symbols of the thought-form/soulless beings/illuminati (human bloodlines that contain more soulless being genes than other humans and that are the controllers off all world events at the five sense level). These symbols act like subliminal signatures that channel the percipients energy towards the thought-form and that is particularly true if the percipient is not conscious of the symbolism. Mainstream psychologists have shown that if a painter signs a painting and the percipient is unaware of the signature, the energy of the percipient goes straight to the person who has signed the painting. If the percipient is aware of the signature, the energy of the percipient goes straight to the painting. What is important to realize is that the subconscious works like a computer. It is so quick that it can detect even the infinitely small and it can also detect archetypal symbols without the conscious mind even being aware… The subconscious was created by the soulless beings (that are also known as the reptilians) in order for us to channel maximum fear towards the thought-form. It is the subconscious that is responsible for the “death at 100” program, the vast majority of our illnesses and the aging process.

In fact, it acts like a COMPUTER and can be programmed. That is why, in schools, religion and in the pathetic news media they repeat almost from the start that we are not eternal, that illness and suffering are part of life and that we must fight to survive. In other words the system is made to program our subconscious to make us unhappy.


Also, the pathetic campaigns saying that a certain percentage of the population will get cancer in their life time are from the manipulators perspectives not here to prevent cancer but to cause it by… Programming the subconscious that acts like a parasitic entity… Anyway, enough digressions and back to the 33 Miners.

The ordeal of the 33 miners began on the 5 of August 2010 in the San Jose Mine not far from the town of Copiapo. Already the Name of the mine San Jose evokes Saint Joseph the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus. Mary is the modern version of Semiramis/Isis the first illuminati queen that was made a goddess by the ancient Babylonians… Why were the first Babylonian (illuminati) kings made gods. Because they had, through their secret society networks and their (satanic) rituals contact with the reptilian/soulless “gods” that gave them technology and knowledge of different things in particular the hidden solar cycles. You see, the sun is according to cutting edge scientists such as the brilliant Georges Gallou of France a trigger for earthquakes and volcanism. That is why, if you know the esoteric cycles of the sun, you can predict natural disasters and exploit them.... Today, the illuminati have means to create natural disasters such as the Bam, Haiti and Chili earthquakes through directed energy weapons and secret technology such as Haarp. You see, you must realize that the so called elite possess technology that is many thousands of years ahead of what is portrayed by the mainstream media. In the secret laboratories of the illuminati, time travel, cloning, interstellar travels are all common occurrences…. And they are not used for the welfare of humanity. For the illuminati and the reptilians (soulless beings) humanity is nothing more than an energy source.

Even the mine (copper) where the miners were trapped has a profound occult significance. Cooper is a metal that I used very often in occult rituals. Most pendulums are made out of copper because this metal has the ability to conduct certain energies… But it does not stop here. In the Roman times, copper was associated with the Goddess Venus a variant of Semiramis and of the Virgin Mary… Also the atomic number of copper is 29 and 29 is 9+2=11! So even from the start, the type of mine was not innocent. Also symbolically, a mine is the entrance to the underworld where according to popular legend the reptilians dwell. The underworld is also the symbol of death… The number of miners 33 is also not innocent… 33 is the highest degree in freemasonry (an offshoot of the illuminati like all secret societies). 33 is also the age when Christ was crucified. Also 33 is 3X11. 11 years is the duration of a solar cycle. Now the sun plays an extremely important role in the Babylonian religion (illuminati religion=satanism). Why, because the Babylonian illuminati could control the masses through their knowledge of the sun and the perversion of the ancient solar cult. Also, the reptilians because of their slightly glowing skin where often assimilated to the sun. So the number 11 and all its multiples are symbolic of the sun. Now all this symbolism is recognized by the subconscious. It acts like a subliminal signature of the illuminati/reptilians. Therefore all the emotions that go into events associated with the number 11 go to the creators of the events (9/11, the 7/7 bombings, the 33 miners…). Therefore all the emotional energy that was sent to the Chilean miners by the millions of people following their rescue was going in reality to the illuminati/the reptilians and the thought-form and that through our subconscious and the subliminal signature of the illuminati… Do you understand why this event was so hyped up…? It was a gigantic death rebirth ritual on a planetary scale to feed the illusory reality in which we are trapped. At the moment I am writing at least twenty miners are stuck in a Chinese mine. Why is nobody talking about it? The answer is simple: because the event is not meant to be ritualized… Anyway there are many other ritual aspects with the Chilean miners Saga. The coat of arms of the town of Copiapo is the cornucopia that has a profound occult significance.

The cornucopia or horn of plenty is associated with Amalthea the goat that raised Zeus (the Greek version of Nemrod/Tamnuz the first hybrid (illuminati) king of Babylon). The Goat is associated with Baphomet and the Babylonian religion (Satanism) in fact, it is one of the most blatant illuminati symbol. But it does not stop here, the cornucopia is also associated with Fortuna one of the many Roman versions of Isis. Also, in some traditions the Cornucopia is associated with the Antichrist (Satan, demon or the reptilians)… This symbol is another subliminal signature that is picked up by the subconscious enabling the channeling of emotional energy towards the thought-form… But things do not stop here… The miners received statues of the Virgin Mary, the modern equivalent of semiramis.

The Machine used to save the minors was called fenix or Phoenix… Now the Phoenix is associated with the sun and is the symbol of death and rebirth… And the sun is associated with the reptilians and the illuminati so, just the name of the machine the phoenix subliminal signature of the controllers.

Also the miners received Rosaries from the pope and statues of the Virgin Mary the equivalent of queen Semiramis the first illuminati queen of Babylon. With the intervention of the pope we can clearly see the hand of the Jesuits, a very important secret societies with ties to the Nazis that never disappeared after the “defeat” of the third Reich. The Jesuit order is with the knights of Malta and the Opus Dei one of the most powerful illuminati secret societies it is often neglected by so called researchers but its power is very strong and lies within its secrecy.

The miners were discovered to be alive on the 22 of august. 22=2X11 another signature of the Illuminati. The miners were told on the 9th of October that Rescue operations would begin within a few days. That is after 66 days in captivity. Now 66 is a multiple of 11 but 6 is also the key number of our illusory reality. You see dear readers, the thought-form works like a computer that is 6 based. There are 6 electrons around the atom of carbon that is the key to all life. The numbers of bones in the human body is also a multiple of 6 if we exclude the bones that have fused. A snowflake will also have always 6 branches whatever the circumstances. The number 6 is even present in time cycles of the solar system, distances… That is why time (one of the keys of the thought-form/matrix) is based on the number 6… There are 60s in a 1minute, 60 minutes in an hour…. The whole thought-form is 6 based. So the number 6 acts like a subliminal signature of the thought-form. It is recognized by the subconscious enabling all the emotional energy to be channeled towards the thought-form. Thus, the millions of onlookers of the events were unwittingly playing the role of batteries to power the very though-form that enslaves them.

The Miners where all pulled out on the 13 of October 2010. That is a typical example of reverse symbolism. You see, the 13 of October is the reverse of the 31st of October that is the feast of Halloween that is associated with festival of the dead or the festival Samhain which means the end of summer. Symbolically the death of the Sun… Therefore with the reverse symbolism the rescue of the miners is actually associated with the death and rebirth of the sun… Do you now understand why the machine made to save the miners was called the phoenix? All this reverse symbolism is picked up by the subconscious that can decode information extremely quickly and both ways. That is why the phenomenon of reverse speech is often used in advertising and political campaign… It is all set up to be picked up by the subconscious in order for us to give up our energy to the thought-form. In advertising, the reverse symbolism also pushes the subconscious into buying mode by triggering this or that program and making the consumer buy. Going back to the miners, the reverse symbolism was all picked up by the subconscious of the masses who then gave all their energy to the organizers or at least the exploiters of this event: the illuminati bloodlines and their masters the reptilians/soulless beings.


Even at a five sense level things are not quite what they seem. The miners where at the exit greeted by Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is an extremely rich man who made his fortune under the savage US backed regime of General Pinochet. He is the controller of a good proportion of the Chilean mining industry whose conditions are so bad that they are responsible for the death of dozens of miners every year. He has been convicted of insider trading. He was educated at the pontifical catholic university of Chile (Vatican/Jesuit owned). This university is linked to the Stanford University that is famous for its research on mind control. Many senior Chilean figures come from that university like Oxbridge in England or the pathetic ENA in France. You see my friends IN EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD LEADERS ARE CHOSEN BECAUSE THEY BELONG TO ILLUMINATI BLOODLINES OR BECAUSE THEY ARE PAWNS OF THOSE BLOODLINES… DEMOCRACY HAS NEVER EXISTED. ALL “ELECTED” POLITICIANS ARE MINER PLAYERS IN THE POWER GAME. THE REAL POWER AT A FIVE SENSE LEVEL IS TOTALLY INVISIBLE AND IS IN THE HAND OF “ADVISORS” WHOSE NAME NEVER GETS HEARD”…

What I wanted to show in this article was that we are no more than psychic batteries for a system that we created ourselves through fear and duality (hierarchy)… The sad thing is, we are divine infinite beings that have been conned by an illusory though-form that is our own creation. We are like the human batteries in the film matrix. The reptilians that are soulless extensions of the thought-form have transformed us into even more efficient batteries by genetic modification and the creation of the subconscious. Through the ritualization of events our energy is sucked from us to feed the thought-form all this through the use of symbolism and subliminals that are recognized by our subconscious… All this is to lead to the next cycle of the thought-form a micro-chipped society that spells the end of humanity. The microchip is not just for surveillance. It to milk our emotional energy at will to feed the thought-form. Once we are micro-chipped we are not ourselves just biological robots. The next few years are crucial that is why we must become conscious that the goal of the thought-form/illuminati/new world order is to extract our energy to reinforce the though-form so that it can pass into its next cycle… We are at a moment where we have the power to say no. The first thing is to be conscious of the ritualization of events. Even if we do not know the symbols or perceive the subliminals there grip becomes much WEAKER ONCE WE KNOW THAT THEY ARE THERE… That is because once we know they are here, we can turn down the subconscious and be guided by our consciousness and refuse consciously to give our energy to the system that enslaves us… Always be wary when an event is hyped up by the media and in whatever case always remember that there is the possibility of subliminal signature… The solution of our plight is to become conscious and remember who we really are infinite beings.


Paul (pen name: Leo Noury)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Satanic Ritual abuse and the hidden genocide against humanity. The big picture


I have been studying the way the world works almost full time in the past years, and I have noticed that there are taboo subjects that are not even touched upon by the so called awakened people (or others). As I have pointed out in a lot of articles before the subconscious is so programmed through religion, the educational system, mind altering drugs such as antidepressants, chemtrails and EM waves that many so called truth seekers live in world governed by the subconscious (thought-form) without even realising it. That is why, many so called awakened people will say they are not in the system but will jump back into it as soon as something is too challenging for them. How many people have I met who condemn allopathic medicine and then go and take it as soon as their doctor (usually a puppet of big pharma) tells them to “not to take any risks”. How many people have I met who condemn the secret societies and bloodlines that control politics but go to vote for any “opposition” party at any elections because the opposition is not “Bush”, “Brown” “Obama” or “Sarkozy”. These people are still under the control of their subconscious and actually thrive on duality: through voting they literally allow symbolically the illuminati/thoughtform/soulless beings to control them. You see in every major election, ALL THE MAJOR CANDIDATES ARE ILLUMINATI STOOGES OR THEY WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO EVEN PARTICIPATE IN AN ELECTION. In fact, the whole process of voting is a way to feed the thought-form through duality. After all, we are divine beings and divine beings need nobody to rule them… Many so-called researchers will also stop at a certain point and will refuse to open their mind any further.


Because their subconscious (matrix programming) will quick in and tell them that “it cannot be possible” and that it cannot be. That is why that the notion of non-human soulless beings running the show is ridiculed by so many researchers. In their mind frame, these cannot exist. They will admit that there is a “bankers, Zionists, Masonic, Bilderberger conspiracy” but will not conceive that it is run by non-human soulless beings. Why? Because their subconscious literally tells them that non human beings cannot exist, you see friends; the subconscious is totally programmed by the indoctrination received through society. At birth, Children have the ability to see and conceive into other levels of the illusion but through the educational processes these capacities are closed up. That is why most people cannot see or even conceive the existence of other levels of the matrix; their perception has literally been blocked… Those people, even if they begin to understand that we live in an illusion will stop at the 5-sense level of it…

Also, the subconscious functions in a way that it stops people from accepting what is too negative towards the thought-form. You see as I have said in previous articles, the subconscious is literally the thought-form within us. It was created so that we experience fear and duality (hierarchy) in order to feed the thought-form/matrix that is based entirely on our fear… In other words, the subconscious can almost be defined as a parasitic entity that has taken over us. It is linked to the thought-form, and its goal is to perpetrate the thought-form of fear in order to continue its existence. That is why, when the most negative aspects of the thought-form are uncovered, the subconscious interferes in a vast vast vast majority of people and tells them that it can’t be true and that is the primary reason why topics like satanic ritual abuse (SRA) remains a taboo among most so called open researchers…

Many “five sense researchers” will do a very good job uncovering government conspiracies, involving war, money and drugs but will stop dead in their tracks when they fall on the SRA subject. How many 9/11 trutheers have dared to even mention SRA. None that I know of… The two subjects are completely linked, as ultimately they are here to feed the thought-form and the soulless beings through the energies of fear that they create. SRA, War, 911 are all part of the matrix program.

At the other extreme, the “fluffy bunny” new-agers will also never talk about SRA, because “such evil is impossible” or “our elite might be here only to gain material wealth but they would never sacrifice people”.

These two extremes show how programmed people are and how the subconscious stops them from seeing what the system really is. Well, the system is nothing but fear, death and suffering. In fact our whole reality is based on all that. Just look at the cruelty of nature, just look at the cruelty of people amongst themselves to realise what the system is… That is why wars, genocide, illness and death exist: these are the program/system. One of the extremes of the system is satanic ritual abuse, where babies, children, adults and animals are sacrificed after suffering extreme torture and abuse in satanic rituals. SRA is a cancer that is particularly prevalent among the elites of every country in the world… Contrary to what the pathetic false memory syndrome association says, SRA is not a myth, it has existed for many thousands of years, in every culture in the world.

· In the Babylonian era, thousands of children were sacrificed to Nimrod, and to the owl that was a representation of Nimrod

· In the Greek and Roman times many many thousands of children were sacrificed to the gods

· Most of the kings of the middle ages where practising Satanists (Henri the 8th and Louis the fourteenth and Elizabeth the first are just three examples of satanic kings. Most of their witches and warlocks where descendants of the Babylonian Illuminati and where the real rulers, they later resurfaced as the big families of international banking).

· In China and Tibet, they are many representations of people being eaten by the dragon. The dragon symbolises the Hybrid bloodlines (half reptilian/soulless beings, half humans) that have always controlled us and whose ultimate goal is to create war and suffering to extract our fear based energy to feed the thought-form.

· In Easter Island, there existed a cult called the cult of the Birdman that consisted in the sacrifice and consumption of humans by a drawing of a birdman. This cult is reminiscent of the cult of the owl in ancient Babylon and just shows how the Babylonian secret societies penetrated every place in the world

· Today, Satanic Ritual Abuse and human sacrifice is extremely widespread amongst the global elite everywhere in the world. The Hollie Greig case that has received much publicity in the last few months due to the efforts of Robert Green is just the tip of an extremely sinister iceberg.

In France, according to a France 3 documentary  (in french) that is one of the only ones that cannot be accessed in the archives of the television, there is widespread ritual abuse and human sacrifice going among the corrupted Parisian elite. In fact, according to an official interviewed in that program there are mass graves in the Paris region. The Allegre affair, well known in the French mainstream press was much more than a lone serial killer. According to Charles Louis Roche, (again in French) the Affaire Allegre involves a Satanic (Babylonian) cult that pervades a good proportion of “top” French politicians, Business men, lawyers, judges… This cult practices human sacrifice and atrocious rituals…I have spoken to a prominent Parisian Lawyer who told me that the whole French “justice” system is controlled by a satanic cult. What is true in France is true IN EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD. The Dutroux affair is a cover story for a massive satanic ring involving Belgian politicians and a good proportion of the Belgian nobility.

Click here for a documentary on satanic rings in the USA that was made for British TV and never broadcast.

Yes, that is the type of people that run every country of the world and their level of evil is nothing compared to their masters on the five-sense level. These people are responsible for a massive genocide of men, women and Children. The figures are staggering. According to Dianne Core a proper social worker, a woman dedicated to helping children confronted by SRA (Yes, the majority of social workers are so corrupted that they turn a blind eye to the evil of SRA and actually contribute to transforming the victims into liars… In fact, social workers are programmed to turn a blind eye to SRA, while harassing parents that refuse to poison their children with mercury filled vaccines. That is the sick way our society works) more than 4000 people are sacrificed during satanic rituals in the UK alone. In the US these figures reach a sickening 20000 and that is just the tip of the iceberg as many people sacrificed in satanic rituals are snatched from the streets in third world countries. Also, a good proportion of the transplant business involves people from the third world that are murdered in satanic rituals… Yes, friends there is whole business in human organ trafficking that involves the top of the Illuminati pyramid.

The Haiti earthquake, that was a satanic ritual destined to feed the thought-form has in my opinion been an opportunity for the Illuminati to kidnap many children under the guise of “adoption” in order to use them for satanic rituals… Yes, that is the mentality of the “people” that control us.

Also, the satanic seem to have many “breeders” that produce children to be sacrificed. It is also my opinion that many rituals are carried out on aborted foetuses. The level of control these bloodlines have at a local, national and international level is absolutely staggering for someone who has never studied the subject… There is a book by Judith Spencer: “Satan’s High Priest” that shows how the Illuminati bloodlines control many major members of local community through blackmail, drugs, money and mind control…

The visible top of the illuminati bloodlines are the top politicians, lawyers, doctors, priests, bishops and so on… The invisible illuminati, the ones who control the game at the physical level are the advisors, executives and “brains” of the visible top. They are never heard of, but they control the whole illuminati pyramid. They are what we would call “sorcerers”, in other words they have knowledge about the actual illusion we call reality, they are capable of editing the thought-form at a limited level and they have partial control of space and time that are nothing more than illusion of the thought-form. These “people” are absolutely soulless and are possessed by other soulless beings. I think that all secret societies are ultimately controlled AT THE TOP LEVEL BY THE TOP ILLUMINATI SATANISTS. THAT IS WHY THERE ARE NO “GOOD” SECRET SOCIETIES. THEY ARE ALL TOOLS OF THE ILLUMINATI.

All Satanists that are found like the ones in Jersey are just low level players that are deliberately given away by their masters to test people’s reaction and make sure that people are still asleep by not trying to find out the big picture. Also, as Matthew Delooze pointed out, the rare people stopped in connection to ritual crime are stopped to create a ritual within a ritual. The emotion caused by the Dutroux affair was an enormous source of food for the thought-form and the reptilians that control the illuminati. Through the action of the corrupted media and authorities, the real perpetrators (the masters of Marc Dutroux) where never worried…

As I have pointed out in my previous article, the whole system is based on duality and the only people that have really made an effort to expose the evil of ritual abuse are… Fundamentalist Christians that are ultimately controlled by… The illuminati that they are “exposing”…

You see, all religions are based on the Babylonian religion that is a mixture of perverted sun worship, reptilian worship and worship of the first Babylonian kings. Today, it is well known that the top of the Illuminati families had/have, from the Babylonian times access to technology that is many many many thousands of years ahead of what common man knew. Hence they had access to the occult influence of the sun on our behaviour, on our weather (THE SUN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SO CALLED MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING. FULL STOP) and on the economy. I have spoken with a REAL SCIENTIST AND PHYSICIST who told me that most economic booms are associated with high solar activity, and most economic busts with low solar activity. This man also said that project HAARP CAN MANIPULATE SOLAR ENERGIES TO CREATE EARTHQUAKES LIKE THE ONE IN HAITI. Do you understand now why the solar worship was pushed and perverted… By understanding the sun, the Illuminati could/can predict human behaviour hence be considered as “saviours”. Also, the soulless beings, or reptilians because of their shinning skin were associated with the sun. That is why solar worship is in reality (in its perverted form) reptilian worship. Also, the first Babylonian “sovereigns” (reptilian possessed hybrids) where divinized and where included in the Babylonian religion that was based on human sacrifice and cannibalism and is basically a religion of fear to feed the thought-form and a to control the masses.


All religions were made to create barriers so that we did not understand our true nature (infinity), to create duality (giving our power away to a sun god) and to create fear (fear of eternal damnation) to feed the thought-form. Now, I do not condemn fundamentalist Christians like Fritz Springmeier or Texe Marrs who have given all they have, including their freedom to expose the satanic (Hybrid/Babylonian) cults that have always controlled humanity. On the contrary, I think they are amongst the only ones who have the balls to expose the true horrific nature of the control system. HOWEVER, BECAUSE OF THEIR BELIEFS, THEY BECOME NOTHING MORE THAN CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. TO THEM, EXPOSING THE THOUGHT-FORM, the illusory nature of reality, and reclaiming our true selves (divine and infinite beings) is the work of the devil. Therefore, the people caught in the religious frequency of the thought-form are caught in the matrix and in the “little me”, “Baby Jesus saviour” of the program… Without realising it, they continue feeding through fear and duality the thought-form and the evil that they are fighting. You see my friends, the thought-form is the “devil” and the soulless beings its “demons”. Each time you give away your power to someone else, you feed the thought-form… When a Christian, or Muslim or Jew or “ascended master” fan prays to their god, they unwillingly, through the process of subliminal signature give their energy to the thought-form, the illuminati or the soulless beings. You see most people pray out of fear (fear of hell, fear of the future…) and through subliminal signature all that fear is channelled to the thought-form and its extensions…

The heads of all religions (visible and invisible) are ALL MEMBERS OF THE VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE ILLUMINATI AND  A BIG PROPORTION OF THEM PRACTICE SATANISM (SERPENT WORSHIP) IN ITS MOST VILE FORM…In fact, the heads of all major financial, religious, political and secret society groups all merge at the illuminati level. At that level, there is no opposition between Church and masonry, Jew and Muslim… All those low level oppositions are used to create divide and rule among the public and to create wars that lead to suffering and death that feeds the soulless beings and false people to consent to the new world order.

Essentially in the SRA cases, religion is used to control the people who awake to those terrible facts. Instead of making them realise that all this originates through duality and forgetting who we are, religion overemphasises the little me aspect and cons people to pray to Jesus (another version of the illuminati gods). By giving away their fear energy to a fake saviour (we are the only saviours. Full stop), they actually feed the thought-form that controls our reality and is ultimately behind all the evil in the universe. All the energy is channelled through Illuminati symbolism that is rife in every religion… In this article, I am not asking people to give up their religion I am just asking them to understand what lies behind the major religions and to understand that they are rife with subliminal symbolism to channel all the energy of fear. They act as controlled opposition in the SRA cases and in the conspiracy movement in general.

I would now like to go into what in my opinion is the big picture behind the satanic (Babylonian) rituals. As with everything in the thought-form there are many levels to all this.

At a five-sense level, the goal of those satanic rituals is to blackmail prominent politicians and other sick pillars of society… According to survivors of ritual abuse, all these sickening things are filmed. Hence, all prominent people that have participated in those rituals are made to do what the Illuminati want them to do… If a politician through a flash of human consciousness, or ego  and goes against the role he is made to play in the New World Order he is blackmailed into line (that is if he/she isn’t murdered off)… Yes, to the top Illuminati, most prominent people are nothing more than disposable pawns… That is why the overwhelming majority of prominent people will be too frightened to even challenge the illuminati policies.

These rituals are also used at on a very wide scale as ONE OF THE methods to create multiple personality in victims. A good number of so-called "mad lone gunmen" like are in fact born in intergenerational satanic family. Through Horrific abuse and torture their personality dissociates: hence, they can be programmed to carry out horrendous acts such as mass shootings. Why? To advance the agenda of the Illuminati. In fact, a good number of politicians in every country in the world suffer from dissociative identity disorder. They have literally tens of personalities programmed in them… That is one of the reasons (with possession) why most politicians have a totally empty look in their eyes… Most are nothing more than programmed robots…

At an other levels, the satanic rituals are used to enable possession of a compatible person (USUALLY BUT NOT ALWAYS FROM AN ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE) by a soulless beings. The words used by Satanists, but also the area where the rituals take place are all chosen, in my opinion to create a specific vibration that literally opens the gates between worlds… Enabling soulless (reptilian) beings to enter this world is symbolically a consent to be taken over… Satanic rituals are the most extreme and evil ways for “people” to invite those beings in. Satanic Rituals are literally designed to “activate” certain bloodline members. They are also ways for the so-called elite to communicate with the soulless beings that have always farmed humanity… Secret society initiation ceremonies are less extreme ways to begin the activation (possession and programming) of certain individuals. ALL SECRET SOCIETY INITIATION CEREMONIES ARE CONNECTED TO THE BABYLONIAN RELIGION AND ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AS THEY OPEN CERTAIN DORWAYS THAT LET IN SOULLESS BEINGS THAT HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE UNDER PARTIAL CONTROL OF THE SOULLESS BEINGS…

At another level, satanic rituals, through their sheer horror are ways of feeding through fear the soulless beings and reinforcing the matrix that is based entirely on fear. The terrible fears that suffer the victims of those sick rituals feed the soulless beings and the thought-form. Hence, our illusory reality becomes denser and denser and at each satanic ritual all of humanity is more and more cut off from its true self: infinity… Satanic rituals literally reinforce the matrix program and reinforce the frequency of the thought-form that creates the most fear. It is my belief that these rituals can be used to partially reprogram the thought-form to create extremely fearful timelines… You see, the top illuminati seem to be, with the soulless beings able to modify, at least in a partial way the thought-form. They could be considered like soulless black magicians…

But there is a twist to all this and it is Matthew Delooze who triggered me to understand this unknown aspect of satanic ritual abuse… This aspect is so evident but very, very very few researchers have noticed it: certain satanic ritual abuse cases are let out in the press by the illuminati to feed the thought-form by the emotion they create in the general public… The Dutroux Affair was made public on the 15th of august 1996 when Dutroux confessed his murders. Well in the Catholic religion, the 15th of August is the Day that the Virgin Mary went to heaven… Well, the Virgin Mary is the Christian Version of Isis/Semiramis, the first illuminati queen (hybrid)… That date is perceived by the subconscious as a subliminal signature of the illuminati. As I have pointed out, in my earlier articles, the subconscious is nothing more than a Trojan horse, the program, the thought-form within us. It perceives all the subliminal symbolism of the thought-form and through the perception of the subliminal symbols channels all the emotional energy towards the thought-form…

Hence all the grief that the masses felt after the Dutroux affair was channelled to the illuminati, the soulless being and the thought-form… Of course, in that affair the real perpetrators, the powers behind Mark Dutroux where never bothered… Mark Dutroux in other words was used and then made to be found by the illuminati in order to create a ritual within a ritual and reinforce the thought-form. The same is true with the 2008 Jersey scandal…

In this article, I have shown the depths of the evil of the system…Sadly that is what the thought-form is: plain evil that goes far far far beyond the imposition of a one-world government. As with everything in this illusory reality there are many levels to SRA.

· A physical level to blackmail politicians and create Manchurian candidates.

· An extra-dimensional level to open a doorway to let in the soulless beings and activate certain Illuminati members

· A spiritual level to feed the thought-form through all the fear and suffering it produces

This study also showed me how the system controls everything: the Satanists, but also the majority people who expose them… That is how things work in the world of Duality and the thought-form. Also, it shows us again the level of control the PTB’s have on the mainstream media… In my opinion, everything that comes out in the mainstream is there because it serves the system and feeds the thought-form. That is why, it is absolutely urgent to stop collaborating with that evil and that is by refusing to give away our power to the system through voting (all elections are controlled by the illuminati in every country) or the medical mafia that is a major pillar of the illuminati… We must do all we can to expose this evil and that is why if we have knowledge we must give it. We must also be aware of the subliminal energy pumps that surround us and that are picked up by our subconscious.




Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bluebeam/illuminati propaganda on the BBC


Here is an advert for a BBC program on the internet.

Click here for link

In Paris where I live, I have BBC world and it has been running very frequently. Although the advert is supposed to talk about the internet community, it clearly implies the presence of  God like Aliens that will come and save us from ourselves. As I have pointed out in many of my articles, all this is absolute bollux. There are many aliens in our skies but they are not our saviours in fact, most of them are like us, prisonner of various levels of the thoughtform of fear and duality... The only saviours we have are ourselves. Also, this advert insists a lot on environmentalism, another way to push people to consent to form a world government and another excuse of the illuminati to reduce the population.
There is a good chance that the alien"saviour" or "invasion" card will be used at some point to get people to consent to a one world government/microchipped society and the sadness of all this is the fact that we have been for thousands years slaves of soulless alien beings that pull the strings behind every governement in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. That WHY I VIEW WITH THE GREATEST CAUTION ALL OFFICIAL NEWS (AND A GOD PORTION OF ALTERNATIVE NEWS) REGARDING ALIENS. The goal of the soulless beings is to feed the thoughtform they depend on through the fear they generate via stagged wars, satanic rituals, fake science and the sick pharmaceutical cartel...
The only way to save ourselves is to stop collaborating with all this and to stop giving our power away to others be they government, religion, aliens or beings of light. In other words to become humans: Infinite beings that we were always meant to be



Friday, 5 March 2010

The awakening process, the subconscious, editing reality or why the awakening process is so difficult.


Recently I have come across a number of blogs whose authors have decided either to take a break , or to stop researching totally. This again shows us how difficult the awakening process can be. I myself have experienced and am still experiencing a difficult spiritual awakening where all past certainties are crumbling apart. That is why, I wanted to write and article on the awakening process and on the methods used by the thought6form/matrix to destroy the process. These methods target the individual and they are extremely varied… But before going there I would like to talk about the awakening process itself… The experience is different for everyone so I can only talk about my own experience… Awakening is contrary to what the vast vast vast majority of people think not just realising that “9/11 was an inside job”, or “that the medical mafia” is the biggest killer in the world… Real awakening comes from within and for me, it started with the feeling that something was not quite right with the world. It is indescribable just a feeling that something is wrong. Gradually the feeling grew and I felt compelled to buy as many books possible on secret societies, politics, after a while, I began to realise that we were living in a world of lies, deceit and evil. As soon as 9/11 happened I new in my very heart that the whole event was nothing more than a bunch of lies during the process, I stumbled along a lot of people books and websites that acted as triggers that seemed to wake up something that had always been inside me but that was hidden by a glass window. I also began to frequent alternative political, truth and new age movements… However, I began to realise as I have pointed out in lot of articles before this one that all those so called independent groups where nothing more than deluxe prisons (thought-forms within thoughtforms) to keep the awakening people in the thought-form… Like the thought-form those so-called free movements have “rules”, “regulations” and a hierarchy (duality) and they act as doorkeepers that crush shamelessly all people that wake up beyond a border. The so called mainstream 9/11 truth movement is nothing more than a system totally infiltrated by the Illuminati to herd people that are waking up and keep them in a five sense trap… They just laugh at researchers like doctor Judy Wood that demonstrate in a scientific fashion that 9/11 was created by a directed energy beam that is akin to the Hutchinson effect? Not only that but there is a deliberate attempt by the so-called truth movement (an Illuminati trap at least in part) to discredit Dr Judy Wood. Why? Because her work touches at the very core of the conspiracy: the existence of free energy that can be used either to destroy, as it was the case on 9/11 or to reduce in no time all poverty in the world. 9/11 as I have said many times goes much further than Neo Nazi cons and bankers. These were only the front-men, the real people pulling the strings where the illuminati and their non human handlers. Full stop. And they possess technology thousands of years ahead of what we can even imagine. In my own experiences, when I attended a film projected by the French reopen911, we were told by the organisers not to mention the “Bildebergers” or the “Illuminati”. We were actually threatened to be turned out of the room if we did… And those same people where then pontificating about the lack of freedom of speech… Hypocrisy to the extreme.
In France, official 9/11 Truth is linked to far left and far right groups that basically hail all that is not Sarkozy or Neo Nazi con. What they forget to mention is that all the pathetic politicians in positions of power EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD are all tools of the Illuminati and the soulless entities that guard the matrix. How could they not be? They would be bonked off as soon as they stopped playing the role given to them by the powers that be… Also, it the nature of politics itself that functions like a thought-form within a thought-form, the thoughtform of politics (control) basically reprograms the subconscious mind of almost anybody that passes a certain level in politics and they become prisoner of it… That is one of the reasons why an enormous majority of senior politicians become nothing more than soulless vampires…
So called opposed politicians like Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Obama are nothing more than puppets controlled by the Illuminati and they are just playing their role. Sadly most 5sense conspiracy fanatics have not understood that… Also the five sense conspiracy crowd are acting more and more like political parties with a Hierarchy, gurus and the movement basically becomes another thought-form that is based of fear and duality and that is a tool of the larger thought-form… While that movement is useful to show that we are being lied to it quickly becomes through its structure a prison within a prison… Most people in the five-sense conspiracy are far from awake. A couple of year ago, I was speaking to one of these people who started hailing the Chirac administration as an administration of peace opposed to the new world order. Well, the “peace administration” is co responsible with the Clinton-Blair scam of the massacre of many hundred of innocent Serbs in the 1999 Balkans war… The “Peace administration” was responsible for the sell out of what remained of France to the fascist/communist European union, the peace administration continued the sell of France to the Zionists, the peace administration was like all administrations massively involved in Satanism and the affaire Allegre that was then totally covered up also that peace administration was massively involved in the 2004 overthrow of the democratically elected Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide… Not being Bush/Blair/Obama/Sarkozy DOES NOT MEAN NOT BEING A TOOL OF THE ILLUMINATI.

An illustration that shows what the majority of prominent world politicains are

In fact many of the five sense conspiracy theorists are the worst inquisitors as soon as one starts talking about the spiritual/ET nature of the conspiracy. I am not saying that the five sensors are all asleep but most are…
During my journey I also got involved in the new age/spiritual movement but rapidly discovered that it was also a tool to subvert the people waking up… While many concepts spoken about by the new age are an absolute certainty, such as the existence of multiple dimensions, the presence of Ets, the continuation of life after the illusion of physical death… Those universal truths are being used by the powers that be to create a new belief system complete with duality, fear and Gurus…
A good proportion of new age gurus tell the audience that they are chosen by beings of light and that they are on a divine mission… Well sorry to disappoint them but there are new chosen people, no divine missions, just divine infinite beings who have forgotten who they are (all of us). I have come to the conclusion that most gurus and new-agers are actually at best being conned or at worst being possessed by entities that are equivalent to the reptilian entities: soulless extensions of the thought-form. I have met many new-agers who are clearly not in control of their thoughts. Through certain exercises that are codified by certain gurus, they seem to me to have invited in (unconsciously) certain entities hence, they become totally possessed, not only by their own subconscious (more about that later) but also by soulless entities. You see, in the world of the thought-form, there are many soulless entities that are there only to survive of our emotional and fear based energy… Most New-agers are not awake. In fact, they are prisoner of another version of the thought-form. How many people have told me not to resist against the world situation because it is part of the divine plan and that in 2012 “beings of light” will come and save us…
The thought-form is no divine plan: it is our OWN creation through duality (hierarchy) and fear. The thought-form is anything but divine in fact; it is more akin to the demonic although I hate using this terminology as it is associated with the Judeo-Christian (Babylonian) religion. The only goal of the thought-form is to keep us its prisoners to feed off us.
There is a good possibility that the New age religion of ascended masters, beings of light will be used by the Illuminati as a world religion once the New World Order is officially implemented.
Religion=external god=duality=giving away our energy whatever form the religion takes. So, most of the new agers are not awake or are not even at the beginning of the waking up process. They have swapped one part of the matrix for another.
The same is true of the “anti-globalist” movement that was created to catch people that were beginning to reconnect with their real selves. In France José Bové the Hero of the anti-globalist is according to a famous Paris lawyer a CIA agent…

I have found by experience that a large proportion of alternative movements exist because the Illuminati let them exist because they serve the agenda. Contrary to what most people exist being part of an alternative movement is not being awake. Waking up is from within, not from outside…

The real face of the alternative movement

In fact, the number of people awake on this planet is extremely limited. I do not define myself as awake. I am maybe in an awakening process but I am not awake… far from it. The vast majority of people who claim to be awake are not. They are in fact in a deeper slumber than the bogged down masses. So called awakened people are the first ones to vote “for the least bad candidate”, to block “the neo nazi cons, to “honour the people who lost their lives to obtain the right to vote”… How hypocritical. To vote is to give ones power to an exterior authority. To vote is to feed the system by creating duality. Who after all has the right to order and command divine beings that we all are.
The so-called awakened people will be the first to criticize (an very rightly) big pharma but will be the first to run to see their mainstream doctor when they are ill… I know I might sound provocative and might shock certain people but I do not care… All I say is that using big pharma is feeding the system and making it exist… Just look around, there are many natural remedies that have been viciously suppressed by big pharma and the medical mafia the biggest serial killers of our time.
The so called awakened people will be waiting for a researcher to produce work and will be the first to complain if the work doesn’t arrive however, very few awakened people have the guts to even bother to give the information they have. One so called French UFO researcher actually said that he only did his research to pass time and if he could he would have created a bridge club… And these people say they are awake…

I think that waking up, is a least putting into practice what you tell other people to do… But why are they so few people that do that…. Well the answer lies in the subconscious and in the permanent mind control that we are submitted to. As I have pointed out in previous articles, the subconscious mind is actually the thought-form within us… It does not belong to us and I think it was created many years ago by the soulless beings that are the guardians of the thoughtform… No only does it work like a computer but it is always in control of our thoughts… It is the subconscious that is in my opinion responsible for physical “death” of the body and I am sure that the subconscious programming follows us into “future lives” illusions of the thought-form.

The subconscious is totally linked to the matrix, in our holographic universe; it is the matrix within us. The thought-form goes, our subconscious disappears. You see the only goal of the subconscious is its own survival and it is linked to the matrix/thought-form of fear/duality. Anything that has the capability to destroy the thought-form is targeted by the subconscious. The great problem with society is that the vast majority of people are under the total influence of their subconscious, many people that are on the surface nice and decent people are in fact total automatons of their subconscious… That is why many people are hostile just to hear about how the world truly works. Knowledge is power and becoming conscious is the end of the subconscious. So when the subconscious hears about something that can put it in jeopardy, it instantly triggers the reptilian brain to become hostile. That is why I have encountered sheer nastiness and mockery by just mentioning to family members that the swine flu vaccine is a sham (LIKE ALL THE MEDICAL SYSTEM THAT HAS NO INTENTION OF CURING PEOPLE)… As soon as it hears an info that can put it in jeopardy, the subconscious kicks in and triggers the reptilian brain. That is why there is so much hostility to the awakening process in the general masses. Also, you must remember that the subconscious is totally programmed to follow the system through the programming it receives from the family, religion (all Babylonian), education (brainwashing) and mind control (TV, HAARP and everything else). It is the subconscious that is responsible of the process of cognitive dissonance that affects many people including so called awakened people…People have a tendency to edit information that does not fit their programming. For example a rocket that makes a small hole in the ground in Israel is called terrorism, but to bomb the whole Gaza strip down to the ground and to kill hundreds of men, women and children is called “self defence”. A doctor that poisons somebody with Chemotherapy is labelled a hero. A doctor who cures people with natural means is labelled a “charlatan” because he has not followed the programming of the system…
The editing of information by the subconscious is one reason why so few researchers grasp the big picture of events. In France there is only one prominent researcher that has spoke publicly about the satanic ritual abuse aspect of the conspiracy. That part, which is the most sickening of the whole system, is a real genocide against children and in my opinion it has to be exposed if we want any chance of escaping from the thought-form… Most researchers will do a great job in exposing the new world order but will ridicule others who dare even say that ritual abuse is a cancer that affects the elite of every country worldwide. That is because their subconscious programming stops them from going beyond a certain point… The same is true with the alien connection that is vital to understand if we want to know the real aspect of the conspiracy. Well unfortunately extremely few researchers want to study that aspect or if they do, they consider the aliens like gods or saviours. Sadly, they are in delusion. We are the only saviours. Full stop. All the beings that use space ships are prisoner of the thought-form just like us. Even the beings of light are still prisoner of the thought-form (albeit at a less dense level). Until you are not oneness unity in fact you are still in the thought-form.
Making gods and saviours out of aliens and politicians is also a strategy of the subconscious to keep us in the illusion of duality and fundamentally, this is how it manipulates a good proportion of the new age community.

If we manage to get past that point and see the big picture and more importantly begin to act out then something else happens and that is especially true at the beginning of the waking up process. Our own subconscious literally begins to attack us by creating situations, thoughts and even illness that push us to the extreme. Once that happens turmoil literally sets in, relationships, friendships and all the rest seem to collapse. Also the subconscious creates situations that push the person to his or her limits… How many people in the awakening process has fallen victims of illnesses and then have gone for help to the medical mafia because of the influence of the subconscious who probably created the illness in the first place. Also awakening creates a situation where you cannot function in the real world. You are not part of it anymore. I have set up my own business because I just could not function in an office environment where the conversations are about the latest “big brother”, the grades of your kids at school or the latest fake terror threat… All this creates a lot of suffering within us and around us. The suffering is mainly due to the enormous gap between the subconscious and the true self that is beginning to emerge… I can tell you that waking up implies a lot of suffering and that suffering stops many people in their tracks. However that suffering is nothing more than the subconscious that is trying to keep its grip on us. Once you understand that, the suffering is greatly reduced. Also, I am persuaded that when we wake up we are also attacked by certain entities that are guardians of the thought-form. They are different from the reptilians but remain soulless beings that feed of our fear and duality so, if we escape from the thought-form they start attacking us physically and mentally. I am sure that this is one of the reasons why the waking process is often followed by extreme depression, nightmares, insomnia and sickness. That is one of the reasons why people stop. It is just too much to bare. Also, I was told by a friend who has very deep knowledge that there are systems that can detect the brain waves of people who are waking up. Therefore they receive very strong EM harassment… A man who I know in eastern France was actually given constant nightmares through these processes. Another lady had a constant clicking noise. Also, according to Mark Rich, in his book the Hidden Evil there is a program of physical harassment of people that are weights for the illuminati and I am certain that people in the waking process have been physically harassed by the powers that be. In fact that physical harassment is my opinion responsible for many “unexplained” deaths of researchers. In fact, I am preparing in the next few months an article on the mysterious deaths of researchers as all the control system must be exposed if we want to break out of the matrix.

However there is a way to attenuate all of this. Like with everything in the thought-form, the subconscious, hates to be found out. Exposure limits its power, that is why we must be conscious of the subconscious. There is a time when you begin (very briefly) to actually feel the subconscious and see it as separate entity from the true self. It is an indescribable feeling but it has happened to me on a number of occasions: you visualise yourself from a birds view and you can actually feel the subconscious thinking. However this is very brief as the programming soon kicks in but at least this helps us to know what we are dealing with. I think that the best solution is to try and progressively let go off each subconscious (programmed) idea. This is extremely difficult (I myself am just in starting process) but I think it is a vital step if we want to reclaim our true selves… But for this there is no guru, no magic solution it is just to do what you know is right and not what is programmed by the system. Also, the best thing is to inform people as I think we are all acting as triggers for one another. I also think that we must stop feeding the thought-form that generates the subconscious by being aware of the subliminal and symbolic signatures of the thought-form that are all around us and above all by stopping giving our power away to other people through things like the vote, vaccines, conventional medicine religion and all those traps

See you soon


Monday, 25 January 2010

Haiti earthquake, the HAARP,satanic connection

Hello all of you,

The 12th of January, the small Caribbean Island of Haiti, suffered the worst earthquake in its history. As time passes it is becoming clearer and clearer that this earthquake is not natural and there is definitely the technology available to the powers that be to engineer such a tragedy… You see friends, the Illuminati even at the lowest levels have technology that is many many many years ahead of what is in the mainstream… I will not go into the technologies involved as many researches have studied them much better than I would. However, they are linked to the HAARP project, the use of certain direct energy weapons (weapons using the Hutchinson effect that can create hurricanes and that where most certainly responsible for 9/11) and Tesla technology…
Today, there is reason to believe that major events like the Bam earthquake in Iran on the 26 of December 2003, The Tsunami a year later, hurricane Katrina and the Sichuan earthquake of 2008 where in fact artificial, Illuminati engineered disasters. Did you know that the Sichuan earthquake was preceded by strange multicoloured lights in the sky that are a consequence of the HAARP effects on the ionosphere?

Click here to watch

Did you know that the Sichuan earthquake occurred 88 days before the Olympics in Beijing that begun on the 8th of August 2008 (8/8/8) and that is magnitude was …8. (We will talk more about the numerological aspects latter on)?

Did you know that a lot of the East Asian tsunami survivors suffered from radiation poisoning? Did you know that the American-French and British military ships where present in the Burmese waters ONE DAY after Hurricane Nargis struck. In usual circumstance, the ships would take at least two weeks to reach Burmese waters…

All this seems to point to the facts that those disasters were engineered artificially. We will see that there are many reasons why these are created… To get the big picture we must as always go beyond the five-sense level of things and study the spiritual sides…
In Haiti, there is evidence to show that the use of exotic technology is a very big possibility. First of all, there is evidence that unusual clouds were spotted just after the Earthquake, and, according to HAARP experts strange clouds can be an indicator of HAARP technology.

Click here to watch

Also, Haiti is situated near the Island of Puerto Rico where an important HAARP facility is situated. In Haiti, there were also an enormous number of after shocks that reached 6,1 on the Richter scale. After shocks of that magnitude are rare with natural earthquakes.
Also this earthquake is an excellent pretext for foreign nations to take over the sovereign country of Haiti…
But, if the Earthquake is artificial, what would be the reason for such a mass murder and takeover. Well, at a five sense level Haiti is at a strategic position between North and South America. Secondly, according to a Haitian Geologist, the country is extremely oil rich. In fact it has more oil than countries like Venezuela. Therefore, this artificial disaster can be at one level interpreted as a move by Western Illuminati factions to take over the Haitian Oil.

Click here for article on Haiti Oil (in French)

You see my friends at the lower levels of the Illuminati, there is a lot of infighting for the takeover of the maximum piece of our resources… And these lower factions have access to a good proportion (but by no means all) of the exotic technology. However, these lower factions are just pawns in the game of the higher Illuminati that have controlled the world for many thousands of years. The anglo-zionist-european and Russian/Chinese factions of the Illuminati that are at one level opposed are at a higher level all controlled by the same force. It is my belief that all conflicts are engineered years in advance to con people in demanding a solution that is in reality the advancement of the New World Order agenda. As I have pointed out in many of my articles there seems to be a universal lore that is that for an agenda to be advanced, it must receive the consent of the people. And that consent is obtained by deceit from the New World Order. The fascist European Union was not created because of the two world wars, the two world wars were created so that the people would be duped to consent to the European union. At another level, wars and conflicts are created as satanic rituals to feed the soulless entities that control the Illuminati and all aspects of our life.
But to go back to Haiti, this earthquake, if it is artificial can be viewed at another level as an attempt to cull the population of Haiti. You see, there is a plan to cull the human population with the creation of the New World Order (one world government and micro-chipped population). I hear a lot of people saying that the Illuminati will create an artificial pandemic or a nuclear war to eliminate the people that are no use to the agenda… But these beings are much more subtle than that… Rather than eliminating great chunks of the population they prefer to eliminate people through creating localised natural disasters, through vaccination campaigns, fluoridation of the water and downright starving of entire countries…Therefore they act with stealth and eliminate us without the sleeping masses even noticing that anything is wrong… Do you think that the pathetic health systems owned by big pharma (founded by Nazis) are there to help us…NO. They are there, through the use of drugs and vaccines to destroy our immune systems in order to make us into chronically ill people. Therefore chronically sick people do not have children and through their suffering give their money to big pharma and feed the soulless beings that control the Illuminati and that feed of fear and suffering. The Haiti Earthquake has according to figures killed at least Two hundred thousand people out of around 8,5 million inhabitants. Also, the epidemics that will follow will almost certainly be “treated” through massive vaccination campaigns that will turn millions into chronically sick people… That is the degree of evil and perversion behind the Illuminati. These beings can also use events like the Haiti quake to warn any country that steps out of line with the agenda what will happen. Many countries like Haiti, the former Yugoslavia and certain cities are used as experimental grounds for Illuminati technologies and technological warfare.
However when you understand that our reality is a prison and an illusion and that we are captives of a thought-form, that we have created and that thrives on our fear and emotions, then the events in Haiti take a completely different meaning. Basically, there is a good chance that the Haiti earthquake was created as a ritual to feed the thought-form and its extensions the soulless beings (reptilians) that control the Illuminati. I do not care if you think I am mad or a conspiracy nut, what you think of me will not change one thing. I have decided to explore every side of the thought-form matrix and I will.
To make energy extraction more efficient there is extremely often in different events a subliminal signature that is captured by the subconscious that is a part of the thought-form within us. Even if we do not see the subliminal/symbolic signature, it is seen by our subconscious. Hence the energy that we direct to an event goes not only to the event but to the creators of the event: the ones who have signed…
It is a bit like a picture: if the picture is not signed the emotional energy of seeing the picture goes to the picture. But if it is signed the emotional energy goes to the artist who has signed the picture especially IF THE SIGNATURE IS NOT CONSCIOUSLY PERCEIVED. That is why, many staged major events possess a subliminal/symbolic signature that evoques:

The Illuminati and the Babylonian religion that is based on perverted Sun worship and human sacrifice (another description of the Babylonian religion is Satanism)
The soulless beings or reptilians
The thought-form that is a 6 base computer. Hence, 666 is not the number of the beast but of the thought-form

That is why, in staged events the number 11 often comes out… 11 years is the duration of a solar cycle. Hence the date 9/11. On the day of that fake terrorist attack, the first “plane” to strike was according to the pathetic official version flight 11…. The flight that hit the pentagon was flight 77=7X11.

The Sichuan Earthquake occurred 88 days before the Olympics (a satanic/globalist /nazi ritual in their own right)… 88=8X11…The Olympics began in Beijing on the 8/8/08 (88) connection again. On the same day as the Olympics began, Georgia armed by Mossad (The Rothschild intelligence service) attacked a Russian enclave. The thought-form is based on duality and the illuminati often associate a “positive” event with a negative event to create duality to feed the thoughtform. That is why the staged 7/7 bombings occurred one day after London “won” the 2012 Olympic games.
Also, another signature of the Illuminati is the repetition of numbers… The Sichuan Earthquake began 88 days before the Olympics, its magnitude was 8 on the Richter scale and it happened on the 12/05/08= 1+2+5+8=8+8…

As I have shown in a previous article, it seems obvious to me that the Air France 447 disaster was also a blatant example of a satanic ritual.

But, are there any markers of this type of emotional energy extraction (satanic ritual) in the Haiti quake… Well, there are a few extremely suspicious signs. First of all: the epicentre of the earthquake happened at the town of Leogane that is one of the most important Voodoo towns of Haiti, it is the capital of Rara a Voodoo equivalent of a carnival (harvest/sun/Babylonian ritual)… But in the subconscious mind Voodoo is associated with Satanism. And it true that like all religions, Voodoo is derived from the sacrificial Babylonian religion that in its purest form can be considered the equivalent of Satanism. Leogane also contains the name Leo (no pun intended) that is associated with the lion and the lion symbolises the sun… That was associated in Babylonian times with the Illuminati and the reptilians but things do not stop there… The Haiti quake happened on the 12th of January the eve of January the 13th, the first day of the satanic New Year… All this tends to show that there is nothing natural about the Haiti disaster… You see, the thought-form that controls us feeds on our fear and on all emotions associated with fear and duality (hierarchy). All the suffering that occurred with this tragedy feeds the thought-form, the soulless beings and the Illuminati that are nothing more than extensions of the thought-form… Also, all the emotions that this tragedy bring fourth are channelled to the thought-form through the subliminal/symbolic signatures… We humans are no more than energy batteries that feed the thought-form matrix… Even if this tragedy is just a natural event (as it seems extremely unlikely) it has been ritualised (like the tsunami) to its extreme… The Hollywood telethon, organised by Illuminati stooges like Madonna was at one level a scam to steel the most money possible from the public. Do you think the money raised at such events goes to the people suffering on the group. You must be kidding. Most of it ends up in Swiss bank accounts and in the pockets of the Illuminati.
But, it goes much further than that. Through the symbolism displayed, all those events act as channels to harvest humanity’s emotional energy. Therefore all the emotional and legitimate sadness expressed by the masses is channelled to the thought-form and its extensions the Illuminati, reptilians and all the rest… That is why all disasters whether natural or artificial are “ritualised” through the pathetic media, in order to feed the thought-form/matrix.

Click here for an example of symbolism at the Haiti Telethon

For me, it is now certain that the Haiti earthquake was an artificially engineered satanic (energy stealing ritual). As I am writing this article, evidence is coming out that HAARP was active in the hours preceding the Haiti Quake.

Click here for info on the HAARP activity before the Haiti quake

Again, I might sound repetitive but all this goes much further than just a five sense bid for takeover by the New World Order…The ritual aspect in all this is done to feed the matrix with as much of energy of fear as possible. The symbols found in the Haitian earthquake act as subliminal signatures to channel all the fear and suffering to the creators of this tragedy: the Illuminati and their puppet masters the soulless beings. If we understand that we are dealing with powers that have technology thousands of years ahead of what we know about and that can manipulate space and time then we can understand that a great proportion of natural disaster are in fact not natural… The beings behind them are the same as those that are behind wars, events like 9/11, Satanism (Babylonian religion) that is responsible for the genocide of thousands of children each year in every countries of the world, the medical mafia that murders through poisoning millions of people each year…
Even the (relatively rare) real natural disasters are ritualised through the “charity events” that follow them… These “charity events” have nothing to do with charity. They are there to harvest the sadness and despair caused by disasters through the use of symbols and mind control… The emotions harvested then go directly to the thought-form. The movie stars that host them are often nothing more than mind controlled stooges that are there to attract people. This energy harvesting is in my opinion the main goal behind world events… Five sense aspects like oil, money or control certainly play a role but at the lower levels. At the higher levels, the goal is to feed off our energy and emotions… Yes, the beings and the thought-form that is behind our reality can be considered as super psychic vampires that feed off our fear. But what can we do against this? Well: a lot.

First of all we must realise that we are infinite beings that have created this thought-form by giving away our power to other people… In other words through Hierarchy and duality that are at the origin of all fear… Once we realise this we must stop giving away our power by taking control of our own life through peaceful non-collaboration with the system by refusing to participate in energy robbing processes such as politics and the pathetic medical system. Yes, we all have the power to heal ourselves and to control our own destiny. Secondly we must understand that a good proportion of our energy is extracted through subliminal means. Understand that there are subliminal signatures of the Illuminati in many aspects of your life and you can consciously refuse to give away your energy. (A subliminal stops working once the percipient it conscious of its presence).
I also think that it is vital that we give by any means possible all the information we have in order to expose the system… And that even if people will laugh and call us “mad”. It is time that we have the courage to act to reclaim our infinity. That is why I will continue to expose the system whatever the cost