Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The 33 Chilean miners rescue: a mega illuminati ritual.


 Due to various problems, I have not been on the internet very much in recent times. However my attention has been sparked by what happened in Chile and the “saving” of the 33 miners. Almost as soon as the event took place, I knew that there was some kind of ritual behind it… It just didn’t sound right… Now, I am not saying that the miners where not trapped under the ground or that they did not suffer during their ordeal. However, what I am saying is that the situation was used in a way, that it became a mega ritual on the world stage. A ritual designed to harness all the emotional energy of the millions of people watching the rescue. To understand this we must go back to the nature of our physical reality. We live in a world of illusion akin to a thought-form that has taken us prisoner. This thought-form thrives of the fear we give out. However, in our world the vast vast vast majority of our emotions are based on fear. In our dimension, the state of happiness is inexistent. When people say they are happy it means that they are less unhappy. All day long we have our emotions harnessed to feed the thought-form. Wars, demonstrations, feast days like Christmas, Easter or Ramadan are nothing more than mega rituals designed to extract our energy to feed the thought-form/matrix that constitutes our world. This process is done through subliminal signature, symbolism and the use of the subconscious. As I pointed out in an earlier article, the subconscious, that was created by the soulless entities that are nothing more than extents of the thought-form is capable of distinguishing between all symbols of the thought-form/soulless beings/illuminati (human bloodlines that contain more soulless being genes than other humans and that are the controllers off all world events at the five sense level). These symbols act like subliminal signatures that channel the percipients energy towards the thought-form and that is particularly true if the percipient is not conscious of the symbolism. Mainstream psychologists have shown that if a painter signs a painting and the percipient is unaware of the signature, the energy of the percipient goes straight to the person who has signed the painting. If the percipient is aware of the signature, the energy of the percipient goes straight to the painting. What is important to realize is that the subconscious works like a computer. It is so quick that it can detect even the infinitely small and it can also detect archetypal symbols without the conscious mind even being aware… The subconscious was created by the soulless beings (that are also known as the reptilians) in order for us to channel maximum fear towards the thought-form. It is the subconscious that is responsible for the “death at 100” program, the vast majority of our illnesses and the aging process.

In fact, it acts like a COMPUTER and can be programmed. That is why, in schools, religion and in the pathetic news media they repeat almost from the start that we are not eternal, that illness and suffering are part of life and that we must fight to survive. In other words the system is made to program our subconscious to make us unhappy.


Also, the pathetic campaigns saying that a certain percentage of the population will get cancer in their life time are from the manipulators perspectives not here to prevent cancer but to cause it by… Programming the subconscious that acts like a parasitic entity… Anyway, enough digressions and back to the 33 Miners.

The ordeal of the 33 miners began on the 5 of August 2010 in the San Jose Mine not far from the town of Copiapo. Already the Name of the mine San Jose evokes Saint Joseph the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus. Mary is the modern version of Semiramis/Isis the first illuminati queen that was made a goddess by the ancient Babylonians… Why were the first Babylonian (illuminati) kings made gods. Because they had, through their secret society networks and their (satanic) rituals contact with the reptilian/soulless “gods” that gave them technology and knowledge of different things in particular the hidden solar cycles. You see, the sun is according to cutting edge scientists such as the brilliant Georges Gallou of France a trigger for earthquakes and volcanism. That is why, if you know the esoteric cycles of the sun, you can predict natural disasters and exploit them.... Today, the illuminati have means to create natural disasters such as the Bam, Haiti and Chili earthquakes through directed energy weapons and secret technology such as Haarp. You see, you must realize that the so called elite possess technology that is many thousands of years ahead of what is portrayed by the mainstream media. In the secret laboratories of the illuminati, time travel, cloning, interstellar travels are all common occurrences…. And they are not used for the welfare of humanity. For the illuminati and the reptilians (soulless beings) humanity is nothing more than an energy source.

Even the mine (copper) where the miners were trapped has a profound occult significance. Cooper is a metal that I used very often in occult rituals. Most pendulums are made out of copper because this metal has the ability to conduct certain energies… But it does not stop here. In the Roman times, copper was associated with the Goddess Venus a variant of Semiramis and of the Virgin Mary… Also the atomic number of copper is 29 and 29 is 9+2=11! So even from the start, the type of mine was not innocent. Also symbolically, a mine is the entrance to the underworld where according to popular legend the reptilians dwell. The underworld is also the symbol of death… The number of miners 33 is also not innocent… 33 is the highest degree in freemasonry (an offshoot of the illuminati like all secret societies). 33 is also the age when Christ was crucified. Also 33 is 3X11. 11 years is the duration of a solar cycle. Now the sun plays an extremely important role in the Babylonian religion (illuminati religion=satanism). Why, because the Babylonian illuminati could control the masses through their knowledge of the sun and the perversion of the ancient solar cult. Also, the reptilians because of their slightly glowing skin where often assimilated to the sun. So the number 11 and all its multiples are symbolic of the sun. Now all this symbolism is recognized by the subconscious. It acts like a subliminal signature of the illuminati/reptilians. Therefore all the emotions that go into events associated with the number 11 go to the creators of the events (9/11, the 7/7 bombings, the 33 miners…). Therefore all the emotional energy that was sent to the Chilean miners by the millions of people following their rescue was going in reality to the illuminati/the reptilians and the thought-form and that through our subconscious and the subliminal signature of the illuminati… Do you understand why this event was so hyped up…? It was a gigantic death rebirth ritual on a planetary scale to feed the illusory reality in which we are trapped. At the moment I am writing at least twenty miners are stuck in a Chinese mine. Why is nobody talking about it? The answer is simple: because the event is not meant to be ritualized… Anyway there are many other ritual aspects with the Chilean miners Saga. The coat of arms of the town of Copiapo is the cornucopia that has a profound occult significance.

The cornucopia or horn of plenty is associated with Amalthea the goat that raised Zeus (the Greek version of Nemrod/Tamnuz the first hybrid (illuminati) king of Babylon). The Goat is associated with Baphomet and the Babylonian religion (Satanism) in fact, it is one of the most blatant illuminati symbol. But it does not stop here, the cornucopia is also associated with Fortuna one of the many Roman versions of Isis. Also, in some traditions the Cornucopia is associated with the Antichrist (Satan, demon or the reptilians)… This symbol is another subliminal signature that is picked up by the subconscious enabling the channeling of emotional energy towards the thought-form… But things do not stop here… The miners received statues of the Virgin Mary, the modern equivalent of semiramis.

The Machine used to save the minors was called fenix or Phoenix… Now the Phoenix is associated with the sun and is the symbol of death and rebirth… And the sun is associated with the reptilians and the illuminati so, just the name of the machine the phoenix subliminal signature of the controllers.

Also the miners received Rosaries from the pope and statues of the Virgin Mary the equivalent of queen Semiramis the first illuminati queen of Babylon. With the intervention of the pope we can clearly see the hand of the Jesuits, a very important secret societies with ties to the Nazis that never disappeared after the “defeat” of the third Reich. The Jesuit order is with the knights of Malta and the Opus Dei one of the most powerful illuminati secret societies it is often neglected by so called researchers but its power is very strong and lies within its secrecy.

The miners were discovered to be alive on the 22 of august. 22=2X11 another signature of the Illuminati. The miners were told on the 9th of October that Rescue operations would begin within a few days. That is after 66 days in captivity. Now 66 is a multiple of 11 but 6 is also the key number of our illusory reality. You see dear readers, the thought-form works like a computer that is 6 based. There are 6 electrons around the atom of carbon that is the key to all life. The numbers of bones in the human body is also a multiple of 6 if we exclude the bones that have fused. A snowflake will also have always 6 branches whatever the circumstances. The number 6 is even present in time cycles of the solar system, distances… That is why time (one of the keys of the thought-form/matrix) is based on the number 6… There are 60s in a 1minute, 60 minutes in an hour…. The whole thought-form is 6 based. So the number 6 acts like a subliminal signature of the thought-form. It is recognized by the subconscious enabling all the emotional energy to be channeled towards the thought-form. Thus, the millions of onlookers of the events were unwittingly playing the role of batteries to power the very though-form that enslaves them.

The Miners where all pulled out on the 13 of October 2010. That is a typical example of reverse symbolism. You see, the 13 of October is the reverse of the 31st of October that is the feast of Halloween that is associated with festival of the dead or the festival Samhain which means the end of summer. Symbolically the death of the Sun… Therefore with the reverse symbolism the rescue of the miners is actually associated with the death and rebirth of the sun… Do you now understand why the machine made to save the miners was called the phoenix? All this reverse symbolism is picked up by the subconscious that can decode information extremely quickly and both ways. That is why the phenomenon of reverse speech is often used in advertising and political campaign… It is all set up to be picked up by the subconscious in order for us to give up our energy to the thought-form. In advertising, the reverse symbolism also pushes the subconscious into buying mode by triggering this or that program and making the consumer buy. Going back to the miners, the reverse symbolism was all picked up by the subconscious of the masses who then gave all their energy to the organizers or at least the exploiters of this event: the illuminati bloodlines and their masters the reptilians/soulless beings.


Even at a five sense level things are not quite what they seem. The miners where at the exit greeted by Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is an extremely rich man who made his fortune under the savage US backed regime of General Pinochet. He is the controller of a good proportion of the Chilean mining industry whose conditions are so bad that they are responsible for the death of dozens of miners every year. He has been convicted of insider trading. He was educated at the pontifical catholic university of Chile (Vatican/Jesuit owned). This university is linked to the Stanford University that is famous for its research on mind control. Many senior Chilean figures come from that university like Oxbridge in England or the pathetic ENA in France. You see my friends IN EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD LEADERS ARE CHOSEN BECAUSE THEY BELONG TO ILLUMINATI BLOODLINES OR BECAUSE THEY ARE PAWNS OF THOSE BLOODLINES… DEMOCRACY HAS NEVER EXISTED. ALL “ELECTED” POLITICIANS ARE MINER PLAYERS IN THE POWER GAME. THE REAL POWER AT A FIVE SENSE LEVEL IS TOTALLY INVISIBLE AND IS IN THE HAND OF “ADVISORS” WHOSE NAME NEVER GETS HEARD”…

What I wanted to show in this article was that we are no more than psychic batteries for a system that we created ourselves through fear and duality (hierarchy)… The sad thing is, we are divine infinite beings that have been conned by an illusory though-form that is our own creation. We are like the human batteries in the film matrix. The reptilians that are soulless extensions of the thought-form have transformed us into even more efficient batteries by genetic modification and the creation of the subconscious. Through the ritualization of events our energy is sucked from us to feed the thought-form all this through the use of symbolism and subliminals that are recognized by our subconscious… All this is to lead to the next cycle of the thought-form a micro-chipped society that spells the end of humanity. The microchip is not just for surveillance. It to milk our emotional energy at will to feed the thought-form. Once we are micro-chipped we are not ourselves just biological robots. The next few years are crucial that is why we must become conscious that the goal of the thought-form/illuminati/new world order is to extract our energy to reinforce the though-form so that it can pass into its next cycle… We are at a moment where we have the power to say no. The first thing is to be conscious of the ritualization of events. Even if we do not know the symbols or perceive the subliminals there grip becomes much WEAKER ONCE WE KNOW THAT THEY ARE THERE… That is because once we know they are here, we can turn down the subconscious and be guided by our consciousness and refuse consciously to give our energy to the system that enslaves us… Always be wary when an event is hyped up by the media and in whatever case always remember that there is the possibility of subliminal signature… The solution of our plight is to become conscious and remember who we really are infinite beings.


Paul (pen name: Leo Noury)


Anonymous said...

It is also important to remember the miners' chant after they emerged: "chi chi chi, le le le". Chi chi chi=XXX=666; le le le, 'El' is Hebrew for God.

Anonymous said...

wow the only thing that struck me at first was the 33, but there is more to the scheme that i need to be aware of......fuck the darkside

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leo!

As soon as I heard the capsule being called the Pheonix I started laughing so I did a search a while later and found you'd done the work for me. Appreciated.

Anonymous said...

So the reptilians are energy vampires.