Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bluebeam/illuminati propaganda on the BBC


Here is an advert for a BBC program on the internet.

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In Paris where I live, I have BBC world and it has been running very frequently. Although the advert is supposed to talk about the internet community, it clearly implies the presence of  God like Aliens that will come and save us from ourselves. As I have pointed out in many of my articles, all this is absolute bollux. There are many aliens in our skies but they are not our saviours in fact, most of them are like us, prisonner of various levels of the thoughtform of fear and duality... The only saviours we have are ourselves. Also, this advert insists a lot on environmentalism, another way to push people to consent to form a world government and another excuse of the illuminati to reduce the population.
There is a good chance that the alien"saviour" or "invasion" card will be used at some point to get people to consent to a one world government/microchipped society and the sadness of all this is the fact that we have been for thousands years slaves of soulless alien beings that pull the strings behind every governement in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. That WHY I VIEW WITH THE GREATEST CAUTION ALL OFFICIAL NEWS (AND A GOD PORTION OF ALTERNATIVE NEWS) REGARDING ALIENS. The goal of the soulless beings is to feed the thoughtform they depend on through the fear they generate via stagged wars, satanic rituals, fake science and the sick pharmaceutical cartel...
The only way to save ourselves is to stop collaborating with all this and to stop giving our power away to others be they government, religion, aliens or beings of light. In other words to become humans: Infinite beings that we were always meant to be



Friday, 5 March 2010

The awakening process, the subconscious, editing reality or why the awakening process is so difficult.


Recently I have come across a number of blogs whose authors have decided either to take a break , or to stop researching totally. This again shows us how difficult the awakening process can be. I myself have experienced and am still experiencing a difficult spiritual awakening where all past certainties are crumbling apart. That is why, I wanted to write and article on the awakening process and on the methods used by the thought6form/matrix to destroy the process. These methods target the individual and they are extremely varied… But before going there I would like to talk about the awakening process itself… The experience is different for everyone so I can only talk about my own experience… Awakening is contrary to what the vast vast vast majority of people think not just realising that “9/11 was an inside job”, or “that the medical mafia” is the biggest killer in the world… Real awakening comes from within and for me, it started with the feeling that something was not quite right with the world. It is indescribable just a feeling that something is wrong. Gradually the feeling grew and I felt compelled to buy as many books possible on secret societies, politics, after a while, I began to realise that we were living in a world of lies, deceit and evil. As soon as 9/11 happened I new in my very heart that the whole event was nothing more than a bunch of lies during the process, I stumbled along a lot of people books and websites that acted as triggers that seemed to wake up something that had always been inside me but that was hidden by a glass window. I also began to frequent alternative political, truth and new age movements… However, I began to realise as I have pointed out in lot of articles before this one that all those so called independent groups where nothing more than deluxe prisons (thought-forms within thoughtforms) to keep the awakening people in the thought-form… Like the thought-form those so-called free movements have “rules”, “regulations” and a hierarchy (duality) and they act as doorkeepers that crush shamelessly all people that wake up beyond a border. The so called mainstream 9/11 truth movement is nothing more than a system totally infiltrated by the Illuminati to herd people that are waking up and keep them in a five sense trap… They just laugh at researchers like doctor Judy Wood that demonstrate in a scientific fashion that 9/11 was created by a directed energy beam that is akin to the Hutchinson effect? Not only that but there is a deliberate attempt by the so-called truth movement (an Illuminati trap at least in part) to discredit Dr Judy Wood. Why? Because her work touches at the very core of the conspiracy: the existence of free energy that can be used either to destroy, as it was the case on 9/11 or to reduce in no time all poverty in the world. 9/11 as I have said many times goes much further than Neo Nazi cons and bankers. These were only the front-men, the real people pulling the strings where the illuminati and their non human handlers. Full stop. And they possess technology thousands of years ahead of what we can even imagine. In my own experiences, when I attended a film projected by the French reopen911, we were told by the organisers not to mention the “Bildebergers” or the “Illuminati”. We were actually threatened to be turned out of the room if we did… And those same people where then pontificating about the lack of freedom of speech… Hypocrisy to the extreme.
In France, official 9/11 Truth is linked to far left and far right groups that basically hail all that is not Sarkozy or Neo Nazi con. What they forget to mention is that all the pathetic politicians in positions of power EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD are all tools of the Illuminati and the soulless entities that guard the matrix. How could they not be? They would be bonked off as soon as they stopped playing the role given to them by the powers that be… Also, it the nature of politics itself that functions like a thought-form within a thought-form, the thoughtform of politics (control) basically reprograms the subconscious mind of almost anybody that passes a certain level in politics and they become prisoner of it… That is one of the reasons why an enormous majority of senior politicians become nothing more than soulless vampires…
So called opposed politicians like Ahmadinejad, Chavez and Obama are nothing more than puppets controlled by the Illuminati and they are just playing their role. Sadly most 5sense conspiracy fanatics have not understood that… Also the five sense conspiracy crowd are acting more and more like political parties with a Hierarchy, gurus and the movement basically becomes another thought-form that is based of fear and duality and that is a tool of the larger thought-form… While that movement is useful to show that we are being lied to it quickly becomes through its structure a prison within a prison… Most people in the five-sense conspiracy are far from awake. A couple of year ago, I was speaking to one of these people who started hailing the Chirac administration as an administration of peace opposed to the new world order. Well, the “peace administration” is co responsible with the Clinton-Blair scam of the massacre of many hundred of innocent Serbs in the 1999 Balkans war… The “Peace administration” was responsible for the sell out of what remained of France to the fascist/communist European union, the peace administration continued the sell of France to the Zionists, the peace administration was like all administrations massively involved in Satanism and the affaire Allegre that was then totally covered up also that peace administration was massively involved in the 2004 overthrow of the democratically elected Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide… Not being Bush/Blair/Obama/Sarkozy DOES NOT MEAN NOT BEING A TOOL OF THE ILLUMINATI.

An illustration that shows what the majority of prominent world politicains are

In fact many of the five sense conspiracy theorists are the worst inquisitors as soon as one starts talking about the spiritual/ET nature of the conspiracy. I am not saying that the five sensors are all asleep but most are…
During my journey I also got involved in the new age/spiritual movement but rapidly discovered that it was also a tool to subvert the people waking up… While many concepts spoken about by the new age are an absolute certainty, such as the existence of multiple dimensions, the presence of Ets, the continuation of life after the illusion of physical death… Those universal truths are being used by the powers that be to create a new belief system complete with duality, fear and Gurus…
A good proportion of new age gurus tell the audience that they are chosen by beings of light and that they are on a divine mission… Well sorry to disappoint them but there are new chosen people, no divine missions, just divine infinite beings who have forgotten who they are (all of us). I have come to the conclusion that most gurus and new-agers are actually at best being conned or at worst being possessed by entities that are equivalent to the reptilian entities: soulless extensions of the thought-form. I have met many new-agers who are clearly not in control of their thoughts. Through certain exercises that are codified by certain gurus, they seem to me to have invited in (unconsciously) certain entities hence, they become totally possessed, not only by their own subconscious (more about that later) but also by soulless entities. You see, in the world of the thought-form, there are many soulless entities that are there only to survive of our emotional and fear based energy… Most New-agers are not awake. In fact, they are prisoner of another version of the thought-form. How many people have told me not to resist against the world situation because it is part of the divine plan and that in 2012 “beings of light” will come and save us…
The thought-form is no divine plan: it is our OWN creation through duality (hierarchy) and fear. The thought-form is anything but divine in fact; it is more akin to the demonic although I hate using this terminology as it is associated with the Judeo-Christian (Babylonian) religion. The only goal of the thought-form is to keep us its prisoners to feed off us.
There is a good possibility that the New age religion of ascended masters, beings of light will be used by the Illuminati as a world religion once the New World Order is officially implemented.
Religion=external god=duality=giving away our energy whatever form the religion takes. So, most of the new agers are not awake or are not even at the beginning of the waking up process. They have swapped one part of the matrix for another.
The same is true of the “anti-globalist” movement that was created to catch people that were beginning to reconnect with their real selves. In France José Bové the Hero of the anti-globalist is according to a famous Paris lawyer a CIA agent…

I have found by experience that a large proportion of alternative movements exist because the Illuminati let them exist because they serve the agenda. Contrary to what most people exist being part of an alternative movement is not being awake. Waking up is from within, not from outside…

The real face of the alternative movement

In fact, the number of people awake on this planet is extremely limited. I do not define myself as awake. I am maybe in an awakening process but I am not awake… far from it. The vast majority of people who claim to be awake are not. They are in fact in a deeper slumber than the bogged down masses. So called awakened people are the first ones to vote “for the least bad candidate”, to block “the neo nazi cons, to “honour the people who lost their lives to obtain the right to vote”… How hypocritical. To vote is to give ones power to an exterior authority. To vote is to feed the system by creating duality. Who after all has the right to order and command divine beings that we all are.
The so-called awakened people will be the first to criticize (an very rightly) big pharma but will be the first to run to see their mainstream doctor when they are ill… I know I might sound provocative and might shock certain people but I do not care… All I say is that using big pharma is feeding the system and making it exist… Just look around, there are many natural remedies that have been viciously suppressed by big pharma and the medical mafia the biggest serial killers of our time.
The so called awakened people will be waiting for a researcher to produce work and will be the first to complain if the work doesn’t arrive however, very few awakened people have the guts to even bother to give the information they have. One so called French UFO researcher actually said that he only did his research to pass time and if he could he would have created a bridge club… And these people say they are awake…

I think that waking up, is a least putting into practice what you tell other people to do… But why are they so few people that do that…. Well the answer lies in the subconscious and in the permanent mind control that we are submitted to. As I have pointed out in previous articles, the subconscious mind is actually the thought-form within us… It does not belong to us and I think it was created many years ago by the soulless beings that are the guardians of the thoughtform… No only does it work like a computer but it is always in control of our thoughts… It is the subconscious that is in my opinion responsible for physical “death” of the body and I am sure that the subconscious programming follows us into “future lives” illusions of the thought-form.

The subconscious is totally linked to the matrix, in our holographic universe; it is the matrix within us. The thought-form goes, our subconscious disappears. You see the only goal of the subconscious is its own survival and it is linked to the matrix/thought-form of fear/duality. Anything that has the capability to destroy the thought-form is targeted by the subconscious. The great problem with society is that the vast majority of people are under the total influence of their subconscious, many people that are on the surface nice and decent people are in fact total automatons of their subconscious… That is why many people are hostile just to hear about how the world truly works. Knowledge is power and becoming conscious is the end of the subconscious. So when the subconscious hears about something that can put it in jeopardy, it instantly triggers the reptilian brain to become hostile. That is why I have encountered sheer nastiness and mockery by just mentioning to family members that the swine flu vaccine is a sham (LIKE ALL THE MEDICAL SYSTEM THAT HAS NO INTENTION OF CURING PEOPLE)… As soon as it hears an info that can put it in jeopardy, the subconscious kicks in and triggers the reptilian brain. That is why there is so much hostility to the awakening process in the general masses. Also, you must remember that the subconscious is totally programmed to follow the system through the programming it receives from the family, religion (all Babylonian), education (brainwashing) and mind control (TV, HAARP and everything else). It is the subconscious that is responsible of the process of cognitive dissonance that affects many people including so called awakened people…People have a tendency to edit information that does not fit their programming. For example a rocket that makes a small hole in the ground in Israel is called terrorism, but to bomb the whole Gaza strip down to the ground and to kill hundreds of men, women and children is called “self defence”. A doctor that poisons somebody with Chemotherapy is labelled a hero. A doctor who cures people with natural means is labelled a “charlatan” because he has not followed the programming of the system…
The editing of information by the subconscious is one reason why so few researchers grasp the big picture of events. In France there is only one prominent researcher that has spoke publicly about the satanic ritual abuse aspect of the conspiracy. That part, which is the most sickening of the whole system, is a real genocide against children and in my opinion it has to be exposed if we want any chance of escaping from the thought-form… Most researchers will do a great job in exposing the new world order but will ridicule others who dare even say that ritual abuse is a cancer that affects the elite of every country worldwide. That is because their subconscious programming stops them from going beyond a certain point… The same is true with the alien connection that is vital to understand if we want to know the real aspect of the conspiracy. Well unfortunately extremely few researchers want to study that aspect or if they do, they consider the aliens like gods or saviours. Sadly, they are in delusion. We are the only saviours. Full stop. All the beings that use space ships are prisoner of the thought-form just like us. Even the beings of light are still prisoner of the thought-form (albeit at a less dense level). Until you are not oneness unity in fact you are still in the thought-form.
Making gods and saviours out of aliens and politicians is also a strategy of the subconscious to keep us in the illusion of duality and fundamentally, this is how it manipulates a good proportion of the new age community.

If we manage to get past that point and see the big picture and more importantly begin to act out then something else happens and that is especially true at the beginning of the waking up process. Our own subconscious literally begins to attack us by creating situations, thoughts and even illness that push us to the extreme. Once that happens turmoil literally sets in, relationships, friendships and all the rest seem to collapse. Also the subconscious creates situations that push the person to his or her limits… How many people in the awakening process has fallen victims of illnesses and then have gone for help to the medical mafia because of the influence of the subconscious who probably created the illness in the first place. Also awakening creates a situation where you cannot function in the real world. You are not part of it anymore. I have set up my own business because I just could not function in an office environment where the conversations are about the latest “big brother”, the grades of your kids at school or the latest fake terror threat… All this creates a lot of suffering within us and around us. The suffering is mainly due to the enormous gap between the subconscious and the true self that is beginning to emerge… I can tell you that waking up implies a lot of suffering and that suffering stops many people in their tracks. However that suffering is nothing more than the subconscious that is trying to keep its grip on us. Once you understand that, the suffering is greatly reduced. Also, I am persuaded that when we wake up we are also attacked by certain entities that are guardians of the thought-form. They are different from the reptilians but remain soulless beings that feed of our fear and duality so, if we escape from the thought-form they start attacking us physically and mentally. I am sure that this is one of the reasons why the waking process is often followed by extreme depression, nightmares, insomnia and sickness. That is one of the reasons why people stop. It is just too much to bare. Also, I was told by a friend who has very deep knowledge that there are systems that can detect the brain waves of people who are waking up. Therefore they receive very strong EM harassment… A man who I know in eastern France was actually given constant nightmares through these processes. Another lady had a constant clicking noise. Also, according to Mark Rich, in his book the Hidden Evil there is a program of physical harassment of people that are weights for the illuminati and I am certain that people in the waking process have been physically harassed by the powers that be. In fact that physical harassment is my opinion responsible for many “unexplained” deaths of researchers. In fact, I am preparing in the next few months an article on the mysterious deaths of researchers as all the control system must be exposed if we want to break out of the matrix.

However there is a way to attenuate all of this. Like with everything in the thought-form, the subconscious, hates to be found out. Exposure limits its power, that is why we must be conscious of the subconscious. There is a time when you begin (very briefly) to actually feel the subconscious and see it as separate entity from the true self. It is an indescribable feeling but it has happened to me on a number of occasions: you visualise yourself from a birds view and you can actually feel the subconscious thinking. However this is very brief as the programming soon kicks in but at least this helps us to know what we are dealing with. I think that the best solution is to try and progressively let go off each subconscious (programmed) idea. This is extremely difficult (I myself am just in starting process) but I think it is a vital step if we want to reclaim our true selves… But for this there is no guru, no magic solution it is just to do what you know is right and not what is programmed by the system. Also, the best thing is to inform people as I think we are all acting as triggers for one another. I also think that we must stop feeding the thought-form that generates the subconscious by being aware of the subliminal and symbolic signatures of the thought-form that are all around us and above all by stopping giving our power away to other people through things like the vote, vaccines, conventional medicine religion and all those traps

See you soon