Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bluebeam/illuminati propaganda on the BBC


Here is an advert for a BBC program on the internet.

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In Paris where I live, I have BBC world and it has been running very frequently. Although the advert is supposed to talk about the internet community, it clearly implies the presence of  God like Aliens that will come and save us from ourselves. As I have pointed out in many of my articles, all this is absolute bollux. There are many aliens in our skies but they are not our saviours in fact, most of them are like us, prisonner of various levels of the thoughtform of fear and duality... The only saviours we have are ourselves. Also, this advert insists a lot on environmentalism, another way to push people to consent to form a world government and another excuse of the illuminati to reduce the population.
There is a good chance that the alien"saviour" or "invasion" card will be used at some point to get people to consent to a one world government/microchipped society and the sadness of all this is the fact that we have been for thousands years slaves of soulless alien beings that pull the strings behind every governement in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. That WHY I VIEW WITH THE GREATEST CAUTION ALL OFFICIAL NEWS (AND A GOD PORTION OF ALTERNATIVE NEWS) REGARDING ALIENS. The goal of the soulless beings is to feed the thoughtform they depend on through the fear they generate via stagged wars, satanic rituals, fake science and the sick pharmaceutical cartel...
The only way to save ourselves is to stop collaborating with all this and to stop giving our power away to others be they government, religion, aliens or beings of light. In other words to become humans: Infinite beings that we were always meant to be




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