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Mind control, the secret weapon of the New World Order!


In the past, I have dealt with many aspects of the New World Order, However, there is one aspect that is essential and that I probably have not presented in a detail enough fashion. That aspect is mind control. In the next few months, I will be posting a few articles on specific aspects of it. However, in this post, I will do a general description and present different aspects of the problem. You see like with everything concerning the new world order and illuminati, the problem is much much more complex and deep than most people realise. Today, I am absolutely convinced that the overwhelming majority of the world population are mind controlled… You see dear reader; mind control can take many many forms. But before we go into that I must give you a definition of mind control. For me it is the manipulation of the minds of people in order to limit their perception of reality and/or for the purpose of control and energy harvesting… Today, I am certain that we are farmed by soulless beings in order to serve as energy batteries to feed the thought-form of fear that constitutes our reality. That is the goal of the whole conspiracy and the purpose of this illusory five-sense reality… Mind control is basically used for many purposes.
.To put people in a state of permanent fear that feeds the thought-form
.To con people into consenting the advancement of the New world Order agenda
.To “reinforce” a certain frequency of reality, a certain time line
.To program a certain reality in the subconscious of people
.In its most extreme form it is there to create alters, multiple personalities in people that are selected as slaves of the illuminati…
.To replace the soul of certain human beings with an interdimensionnal entity that is nothing more than an emanation of the thought-form… A soulless being. These soulless beings or reptilians are the guardians of the thought-forms and the string pullers behind the illuminati bloodlines
The most extreme form of mind control is what I would term for lack of better words satanic mind control; it is extremely widespread in every country of the world. It is a form of horrendous physical and sexual abuse during certain rituals that are derived from the Babylonian religion. These involve human torture and sacrifice… Many politicians, prominent bankers, business men, show biz people, lawyers, doctors and so called pillars of society are involved in this type of practice. The inner core of this circle consists of the highest levels of the illuminati families. The goal of these rituals is to create a breach in space-time in order to communicate with certain interdimensionnal entities that have always manipulated mankind. Another goal is to feed through the fear produced by those rituals these entities. Finally there seems to be in those rituals the desire to “activate” certain humans through possession by these entities. These humans are usually from the known and unknown branches of the illuminati… Through the abuse and torture they receive from childhood in those rituals, there soul is literally pushed out of their bodies… It is replaced by a soulless interdimensionnal entity that takes over the body that becomes a mere vehicle for our enslavers. These possessed humans will they go on to become the so-called elite members of society. In reality they are nothing more than robots controlled by soulless beings that are nothing more than an emanation of a thoughtform of pure fear. This type of mind control is responsible for the death and slaughter of teens of thousands of people annually. According to one source, more than 4000 thousand people are sacrificed in satanic mind control rituals in the UK alone. This area where many so called “objective” researchers refuse to go. Sadly, if we do not understand this aspect, we cannot even begin to understand the level of evil that our so-called elites and their masters emit. It is only through total and objective information that we can end this conspiracy by reclaiming our true selves: infinite beings.
All this satanic mind control is also used by the illuminati to fragment victims minds through trauma in order to create “alters” that is different personalities that can be activated through trigger phrases and images. These fragmented victims then become drug runners, sex slaves and lead double lives without even knowing it. The so-called major politicians of our planet use these slaves all the time.
Also, these victims can be activated to commit certain crimes to facilitate gun control laws etc… If we look at the recent school shootings in the US, knife crimes in Britain and France, I am sure that satanically mind-controlled people carry out a large proportion of them. There is also evidence that a lot of politicians are total mind controlled slaves. These people are much more numerous than we realise. According to doctor Collin Ross, they are millions of them in the US alone. This is feasible because each alter in a mind controlled person will not have any consciousness of the other alters… So people in there everyday alter will almost never spontaneously remember that they are mind controlled…

Click here for a documentary on satanic mind control

After years of studying alien abduction, I have come to the conclusion that many (but by no means all) alien abductions are in fact screen memories for satanic mind control operations. In fact, one abductee told me that she was sure that some of her experiences with “aliens” were in fact mind control operations. However, the mind control abductions would still technically be alien, as it seems extremely likely that the strings behind the Powers that be are being pulled by soulless alien/interdimensionnel beings. The satanic mind control can be considered a genocide that affects tens of millions of people worldwide however; it is by no means the only type of mind control. It seems to me that today the entirety of this planet’s population is a victim of mind control through drugs, technology, the media, the entertainment industry and illuminati symbolism.

Today, through the use of “antidepressants” and other calming drugs against so called hyperactivity (a medical hoax, like the swine flu), children as young as 3 are being subjected to all types of mind control. In fact, those so called antidepressant drugs are responsible for many suicides of teenagers. A lot of them contain fluoride a deadly poison that was used in the Nazi concentration camps to stop the prisoners from rebelling. In fact, if one studies history, one realises that the same names appear in the financing of Nazism/communism/concentration camps and big pharma the biggest mass murderer on planet earth. Also, a lot of so-called mad gunmen in events like Virginia Tech are in fact mind-controlled slaves and one of the tools used in mind control is… Prozac. The Virginia Tech murderer like, the Columbine murderers was on… Prozac…

Click here for a short documentary on the effects of Prozac

The goal of the mass prescription of these drugs is to make people like sheep, and unreactive, a literal anaesthetic of the brain: Therefore they will totally consent to the manipulation of the illuminati without even thinking. The use of fluoride in toothpaste and in water is there to make the mind go to sleep in order for people to be more compliant to the illuminati agenda.

Click here for a short film on fluoride

As I have stated many times in previous articles, it seems certain that for a manipulation to have maximum efficiency, the manipulator needs the consent of the person manipulated and that consent is almost always obtained through fear and deception. That is the reason why there is this war on the human brain…
Another way to mind control people is Chemtrails.

Those are composed of Barium, aluminium, sub micron particles, biological agents such a mycobacterium… When you study the characteristics of Barium and aluminium, you realise that they are potent neurotoxins. In fact, aluminium is one of the causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and yet, every year it is injected in babies worldwide through the vaccination program that is nothing more than an operation designed to cull population and transform people into chronically sick individuals in order to make them dependant (giving their power away) on big pharma (illuminati/matrix)
Submicron-particles can interact with the structure of the DNA causing cancer. But, there is another twist to the story. As I have stated in a previous article, cutting edge research by German and Russian scientists has shown that we perceive reality through our DNA that acts like a radio receiver. So, if you change the structure of our DNA, you change the way we perceive reality… Now, it is interesting to know that Mycobacterium are can contain plasmids that are used to modify DNA…
That is why I view the Chemtrail phenomenon, like every creation of the illuminati as a multilevel phenomenon:
.On one level, it can be used for weather control, to generate natural disasters in order to blame them on fake global warming
.On another level it can be used to destroy the immune system and to spray the masses with bacteria in order to cull the global population. chemtrails have been shown to possess red blood cell membranes that can generate an immune reaction. Imagine the strain on the immune system when it is attacked not only from vaccines but also from biological and chemical agents contained in chemtrails
.On another level however, it seems very clear to me that chemtrails are used for altering our perception of reality… In other words for mind control. By altering our DNA and brains through which we perceive the world, the illuminati block our DNA on the frequency of physical reality, the densest level of the thoughtform…Hence, we become incapable of seeing through the matrix/thoughtform of fear and we stay blocked in this five sense reality without being able to perceive our real selves infinity. The Chemtrails are in my opinion a literal net to keep us in the five-sense level of the thoughtform in order to continue feeding it through our fears. This is done because when we get to the end of a cycle of the thought-form, as we seem to be in now, the thought-form gets for a brief window of time (an illusion also…) where it is less dense and where we can perceive our true infinity. If we do not perceive it we go straight into the next cycle of the matrix that will be the end of mankind as we know it with the microchip…

Another way to mind control people is the use of radiofrequencies, ultrasounds, infrasounds and microwaves and all this through the use of telephone mast, aerials. Not only do these alter the mind as it was demonstrated in the 1950’s but they also affect the DNA, our tool through which we perceive reality. Therefore it is altered to keep us locked in the physical prison of the matrix. I am now certain that a great portion of the so-called channelled information is in fact a form of mind control through the use of certain EM frequencies. A portion of this material is created for the soul purpose of creating a belief system to trap people that are beginning to see through the manipulation. The channelled “entities” often present themselves as saviours, as beings of light that will save humanity. The followers then get trapped into another level of the matrix where they continue to feed the system through duality (giving away their power). The use of EM frequencies is extremely widespread worldwide and I have the feeling that through the use of EM waves, the illuminati and their masters the soulless beings (the reptilians) are inducing in most of us thoughts that are not our own. That could also explain a good portion of people suddenly “going mad” for no apparent reason. Yes my friends we are being remote controlled into the next cycle of the thought-form/matrix: the end of humanity as we know it.
But there is also another form of mind control that affects us all but that we ignore because it is so prominent. It is the mind control that is administered through television, advertising, Hollywood…Before I go any further I must emphasise that our physical body is constantly emitting and receiving information from the thought-form. The information received from the thought-form modifies our DNA to tune it onto a certain frequency of the thought-form. Each frequency of the thought-form can be considered a timeline in the space-time continuum. The thought-form is constituted of an enormous number of time-lines. Its goal is to feed off the emotions of all beings that are trapped inside, therefore, it tends to try and sheep the beings trapped in it into the time line that creates the most fear (food) for the thought-form and its extensions the soulless reptilians. That is the goal of the entertainment/news/music industry:

.At one level to keep the masses into a total state of slumber
.At another level, to present a view of reality that is favoured by the thought-form through the fear it generates. Hence, when the masses see it, it reprograms their DNA to the frequency of the timeline presented… Therefore when there are enough people whose DNA is reprogrammed the timeline becomes physical reality… That is why many many many films showed 9/11 years before the event.

Click here for a clip on 9/11 in films before 2001

At one level those films where shown so that the masses DNA could be reprogrammed at a certain level to activate the 9/11 timeline. At another level, there seems to be in the matrix a law of consent. For the manipulation to have optimal efficiency, the masses have to consent to it and that is why key events like 9/11, fake global warming (think of the day after tomorrow) are presented in the entertainment business: so that the masses can be shown the manipulation. As the masses are so dumbed down, they are conned to consenting to the manipulation. How do they consent: by giving away their emotional energy through symbolism that pervades the entertainment business. The symbolism acts as a subliminal signature of the illuminati… As I have stated in precedent articles, the signature is captured by our subconscious and all the emotional energy is sent to the creator of the film/advert/song: the illuminati and the entities behind them.

Many so-called health campaigns are nothing more than massive examples of mind control:

.To feed big pharma through the money they generate
.To feed the thoughtform through the fear they generate
.To enforce matrix timelines wanted by the illuminati

For example, in 2007 the Curie institute, a cancer hospital (or rather a place of suffering, max experimentation and genocide) launched a campaign in the Paris transport system saying that ½ people will get cancer at some time in their lives

Click here for the advert

. This is utter rubbish as cancer can be cured and prevented through very simple means. The sad thing is however is that an advert like this can reprogram the readers DNA to the cancer frequencies of the matrix…. And that on a massive scale.

In this short article I have done a very brief overview of the different types of mind control and I think that today most of us are mind controlled in one form or another. This situation can be reversed if we bloody well start to realise who we are: infinite beings and what we are facing: an illusory thought-form that we have created through our fears and duality and that has conned us into the illusion that we are powerless beings…We are very powerful beings that have the strength to bring an end to the thought-form. But for this we must stop feeding it through our fear by exposing the whole truth about evil it generates. Very few researchers dare to even talk about the mind control aspect, yet I think it is crucial to understand it if we want to understand what we are facing…Also there are many ways of refusing mind control and the first is simply to integrate the notions that the Illuminati are behind almost every aspect of our life and that there symbolism is everywhere. Know that the symbols are there to drain our energy and there effect is very much reduced…Know that our lives are filled with mind control through the media, the entertainment industry etc…and the mind control works less (like a subliminal message stops working if the percipient knows it is there even if he has not consciously perceived it). I think that the crucial factor to stop this is to stop collaborating with the system by refusing vaccinations, antidepressants that depress you more, the vote and crucially by refusing to buy into the fear mongering generated by the illuminati(swine flu, fake global warming, fake terror…). Another way is to inform people about what is going on, even if the truth is hard to swallow as the truth will set us free…



Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Interesting articles on christmas (illuminati satanic ritual)

Here are two very good articles on the satanic christmas feast.

The first article is written by Matthew Delooze and mentions all the ritual aspect of Christmas. A great article by a great researcher.

The second article is about the amanita muscaria Christmas Connexion. A must read for all the baby Jesus/father Christmas Crowd.



Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Microchipping: the Spiritual threat against humanity.


I have not written an article for a long time as I have had many challenges in everyday-life. Things are now a little quieter and I hope to be able to post much more info in the next few months. In the past weeks I have realised more than ever before how totally dummed down people really are. That is why, in this short article, I want to talk about the ultimate aim of the new world order: A one world Government and a MICROCHIPPED POPULATION. It is on this second aspect that I would like to expand, as many; many people seem to ignore the spiritual implications of micro-chipping. It goes much much further than just surveillance, or “termination” of people although these two aspects are on the five-sense level of the micro-chipping agenda.
You see, our whole reality is nothing more than a matrix reality, a thought-form based on fear that has totally entrapped us and taken over us. This thought-form is holographic in nature (the whole of reality is contained in each part); it is nothing more than an extremely dense net of rays that our brains decode as physical reality. How did it come into being? Well, according to a Hindu myth we were (and are) all beings of infinite consciousness that decided to experience duality (separation). At first, it was an agreeable experience. In fact, the beginning of duality can be described as nothing more than a world were all thoughts created reality… Not unlike what NDE experiencers describe. However, Duality creates illusory Hierarchy and hierarchy creates fear. “What does that person think of me?” Or “Am I better than him type of fear”. The trouble is that all the emotion energy began to create a thought-form, a totally artificial construct that became denser and denser and denser… Gradually, the thought-form became self-conscious and began to understand that its food source was our fear, and all the emotions that derive from it… In fact, according to even mainstream psychologists, over 99% of all our emotions derive from fear. Even “love” (not Love with a capital L) comes from the need to have security and to be protected… In other words from fear. That is why the thought-form began taking over our reality and was/is responsible for the illusion of death, war, suffering… Etc.
You see dear reader; the thought-form actually is a system that thrives on our fear, THE THOUGHTFORM IS OUR WHOLE PHYSICAL REALITY AND POSSIBILY THE SO CALLED AFTERLIFE where according to researchers like Matthew Delooze, the manipulation continues albeit in a different form. We humans are infinite beings that have been turned into living batteries by the thought-form.
After having researched the matter for many hours, I am certain that the reptilian and grey aliens that are at a five sense level pulling the strings behind the Illuminati are nothing more than soulless beings, extensions of the thought-form that have for sole purpose to manipulate us into situations that cause fear and suffering in order to feed the thought-form.
It is clear to me that without our fear the thought-form and the soulless beings that are nothing more than extensions of the thought-form cease to exist.
Also, there is a “rule” in the universe that says that for any manipulation to occur we must give our consent. It is clear that we decided ourselves to create duality and to separate from infinite consciousness. That is why the new world order and one world government advances through staged events like 9/11, the swine flu scam (that seems more and more like a biological weapon), fake global warming… After 9/11 the American people asked for the patriot act and the support rate was over 80% for the genocidal war in Afghanistan that has left over 1 million people (mostly women and children dead). Why? Because they where in an induced fear and wanted protection that came from the very “people” that were the organisers of 9/11. Most world events are created by the Illuminati (hybrid Babylonian bloodlines) so that the people CONSENT to give away their freedom. That is why the swine flu scams and global warming hoaxes are created: so that people consent to a global solution: “a world government”. There is also evidence to suggest that the swine flu and especially its solution the vaccine (and all vaccines) are there to cull the population by rendering us chronically ill. The mercury, aluminium, squalene and monkey cells present in the vaccine are there to render the population chronically ill, to make it dependant on the system, to impair reproduction and to eliminate the “undesirable” to the Illuminati new world order. At another level, all the suffering induced by the sickness caused by the so-called solutions to swine flu feeds the thought-form and the soulless reptilian entities that are the guardians of the thought-form.
Now, one of the main goals of the Illuminati is the micro-chipping of the population.
And as with everything, it is being done through conning the population to consenting to being implanted

Here is an example of how people are conned to consent.

Also there is now evidence that there are nano-microchips in the so called-swine flu vaccine

Click here for the link

You see, what you must understand is that for the soulless beings behind the illuminati our fear is a question of life or death: we stop sending them fear… or fear related emotions and the thoughtform/matrix that is their life force disappears. If you study the thoughtform, you realise that it works through cycles. (A bit like a chapter in a book). At the end of a cycle, it seems that the thought form becomes less dense and people have in theory more access to their infinite consciousness. It seems that in last few years we have been coming near the end of a cycle and that is why the illuminati are creating more and more fake alternative groups (the new age, part of ufology, some of the 5 sense only conspiracy movement) in order to keep people that are becoming aware of their infinity in the box.
But, back to the microchip, it seems to be extremely important to the illuminati in order to pass on to the next cycle of the matrix. You see with the microchip as with everything else there are to levels to the problem:

-A physical (five sense) level

-A spiritual level

At a physical level, the microchip will male people totally dependant on the system as it will replace in my opinion in the next few years all paper currency and credit card. Therefore, no microchip, no food. Also, the microchip will permit surveillance of people even in their most intimate moments. But there is an even more sinister aspect to all of this: by communicating information to the microchip, the powers that be will be able to terminate people at will, induce diseases and… There is evidence that this is already being done in a clandestine manner. I am certain that a good portion (and not all) of so called alien abductions are being carried out by the Illuminati for mind control and experimentation programs…

Click here for an example of Microchip induced cancer.

At a spiritual level, the implications are even greater. The microchip, once it is installed in the body will be in contact with nerve tissue, so the Illuminati will be able to take control of the person’s brain. In other words, implanted people will be nothing more than remote controlled biological robots… But it does not stop here. The Illuminati will also, through the microchip be able to induce any emotion, any time. So, they will induce a state of generalised and permanent fear in order to feed the thought-form. People will become nothing more than energy batteries (which we are already to some degree through all the symbolism, satanic rituals and daily mind control). It seems to me that the microchip is the device used to issue enough fear energy in order to usher in the next cycle (chapter) of the new world order: The end of the human form as we know it… The end of all thinking human beings, the end of everything that defines humanity…There is also evidence that consenting or being conned into consenting to be micro-chipped will have an incidence not just in our current lifetimes but in future lifetimes as well as being implanted will make the cycle death, reincarnation into the matrix even stronger… In other words, humanity will even be more trapped in the matrix.

What can be done against all this…? A lot. We have the numbers; we have infinite consciousness something that the illuminati and the soulless beings do not have. Therefore if we all just use our numbers and consciousness in a peaceful way to refuse the system then we can reclaim who we are: infinite consciousness. That is why it is now a critical time to give out all the information we have, without being stopped by intellectual or fear based barriers. If the big picture is not known we will still be tools of the thought-form… Also, it is time for real non-collaboration with the system and not just we it arranges us. For example what can the illuminati do if billions of soulled people across the world refuse swine flu vaccinations? Nothing. What can the illuminati do if young men refuse to join the army and fight a war of extermination, depopulation and genocide in Afghanistan? Nothing. What can the Illuminati do if all doctors and nurses refuse to give chemotherapy that kills? Nothing. What can the Illuminati do if we all start taking our health into our own hands and using natural treatments that work? Nothing. What can the illuminati do if we stop buying into their fear mongering? Nothing

The choice is ours.

All the best


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Another confirmation of the murderous nature of the swine flu vaccine and treatment.


A text by Kevin Annett that shows the genocidal agenda behind the Swine flu vaccination Scam and modern medecine in general. Vaccinations are here not to save but to kill individuals that are not wanted by the satanic new world order.

Click here for text

The only solution is for us to bloody well wake up and refuse swine flu and ALL vaccinations. Please circulate this text.



Wednesday, 30 September 2009

2012 and the Illuminati propaganda.


Spiritual awakening is a long and difficult experience, it brings about a lot of pain, conflict and suffering as you begin to realise just how much the whole system is nothing more than a flytrap. As I have pointed out many many times, there is no conspiracy, the system itself is the conspiracy. We have always been enslaved by the thought-form that constitutes our reality. The reptilians and other parasitic entities are nothing more than soulless extensions of the thought-form. They basically control the illuminati, that are hybrid families that have always occupied the real power in this world. The system functions as a computer program that has literally enslaved us. One of the biggest strengths of the thought-form/ reptilian/ illuminati system is to recuperate any opposition that develops against it in order to change it into a tool of the system. How does it do this? By manipulating the fear of humans, their sheep like mentality and their refusal to face facts that comes from the subconscious and that is part of the matrix programming. That is why most humans will follow a guru/conman that will tell them that they will be saved if they do what he says.
Yes, most of the New-age/conspiracy/ spiritual and UFO movements have been totally taken over by the illuminati, to milk fear and duality out of humans… The whole matrix/thoughftorm is based on fear and duality (hierarchy, giving away our infinite power to others through fear). One of the greatest ways used by the illuminati/reptilians to manipulate the masses is the 2012 date. In the next few months, you will see it crop up more and more in the so called alternative community but also in the mainstream with Hollywood films and so on.
In this article, I will try and explore what lies behind the 2012 date and I will tell what is the truth behind that date. I know my article might not go down well with the new-agers and religious fanatics but I am not here to please anyone: I am here to give no nonsense facts about a situation so we can try and do something about it and reclaim our true identity: infinite consciousness.
No, dear readers, contrary to religious propaganda 2012 is not the return of Christ, or the final fight between good and evil….Firstly Christ and the whole Christian religion is nothing more than a modern version of the Babylonian religion. Christ is nothing more than a symbolic representation of the sun. The Christian religion was created (like ALL other religions), to impose a version of the Babylonian religion to the masses in order to control them through fear… If you do not go to mass, you will rot in hell, If you do not obey the hope you will go to hell and all that shit. Baby Jesus is nothing more than a “soft” version of the Babylonian reptilian gods. However, when you give those facts to so called religious people you are told that you are an agent of the devil… These people are often so manipulated by their religion that they will not even consider looking at historical facts. In fact all religions are “satanic tools” (satanic meaning matrix/reptilian). Well, the sad thing is that many Christians, also Jews and Muslims are being manipulated to think that we are living the end times, the “Armageddon” as described in the apocalypse that was written as a text to keep people in a state of constant fear.
Why do most of the conspiracy researchers keep shouting out that we are living the end times: to keep people that are beginning to wake up to certain facts in the matrix of fear so that they will continue feeding the thought-form with their fear. You see when you dig behind the background of certain “researchers”, you realised that they are either illuminati stooges or useful idiots completely manipulated by their religious beliefs. In the US, many so called “conspiracy heroes” fall into that category. By shouting on the rooftops that we are approaching the end-times, they literally program the DNA of their followers to send an end time signal to the matrix in order to activate that program. Also, by telling them to pray god and Jesus to save them, they literally feed the matrix/thought-form through duality… We are infinite consciousness and infinite consciousness does not need any Jesus to save it. The truth is there is no Jesus to save us, Just ourselves. There are no end times to fear. We are infinity and there is no end times for infinite beings. There will not be a chosen few that will be saved. There are no chosen few with infinite consciousness. I cannot however discount the possibility that the end times could be staged, to get people to “unite” under a world government that would represent so called Jesus on Earth… You see, the illuminati have technologies based on holograms, microwaves, mind and thought-control many many thousands of years ahead and staging a fake second coming is child’s play for them…

Click here for a possible use of holographic technology

Why do that? Because there is a kind of spiritual law that says that in order to do something, you need the consent of the victims… To create a world government with a micro-chipped population the illuminati need the consent of the population. And there is no better way to get the consent of the population than staging a fake second coming. However, the human race is so bogged down with the swine flu hype, an the staged economic depression that is unlikely the illuminati will have to go that far to create a world government and a micro-chipped population… It is sad to say, but most so called awaken people are asking for international regulations to protect the economy from shark bankers… Well, the shark bankers were just the scapegoats for the depression, it was planned a long long time ago by the illuminati.

In France a lot of people are saying they will not take the swine flu vaccine. However, knowing the sheep like mentality that reigns worldwide, they will run like lambs to the slaughter if they are told they could die or will loose their job if they do not take the vaccine… Sad but true…

Another way to manipulate people is to tell them that around the year 2012, there will be an alien invasion and that humanity must unite (hear form a one world government) to face that threat. As I have said in my previous articles ( Project Bluebeam) all this absolute crap… The only invasion to expect is a staged one… that will be used in the last resort if humanity starts to wake… A fact that is very unlikely. You see, you must realise that there is no alien invasion to expect the aliens are already here…The reptilians and other spiritual parasites have created every system, every religion and have programmed us totally. They are the guardians of the matrix/thought-form and feed off the fear they induce. They have been here since the creation of the thoughtform/matrix. The false invasion scenario is being pushed forward through Hollywood and numerous films… Sublimaly these films create the matrix program of the so called alien invasion.

Another Trap concerning 2012, is the so called saviour aliens or beings of light scenario. That is utter shit. There are many many version of it. Basically, it says that we will either join a galactic community if we are worthy of it or that aliens, beings of light will come and save us if we “unite” (create a world government). This scenario is being promoted by many channelers, UFO gurus such as Doctor Greer (in a subtle way). Well basically, you must understand that the vast majority of channelled information is matrix disinformation. A lot of Channeling comes from the subconscious, the matrix within us, the program that connects us to the thought-form. Also, a lot of Channeling comes from illuminati mind control that is done through micro-waves and the HAARP project. Don’t kid yourself, these people can induce any thought in any person’s mind. A lot of channelling also comes from various spiritual parasites that are present around us and that feed on our fear and emotional energy. Many Channelers are no more than illuminati stooges and useful idiots that are used to herd the masses into this or that belief system.

Haar facilities one of the origins of many so called channeled messages

Real channelling that comes from consciousness does not give any advice, it bloody well tells you to act… And it is very rare. As for “the aliens our saviours” Guru’s just look at the names behind them and you realise that they are no more than useful idiots to keep people away from the big picture. The goal of this manipulation is to induce duality… Little me and the wonderful extraterrestrials type of bollux. Yes there are many many extraterrestrials that visit us apart from the reptilians and greys but they are here with their own agenda. Some are even quite benevolent but they are not our saviours. Any being that uses physical spaceships or that is in a situation of duality (separation) is prisoner of the matrix. It is only in the matrix that you need spaceships to travel. Also, this type of manipulation subtily introduces the idea that only those that follow the teachings of the “beings of light” will be worthy of being saved… What a wonderful way of making people accept the elimination of millions of people… It makes one feel sick.

Another way of manipulating people is to tell them that they will be many earth changes, that the vibration of the earth will increase and that all good human beings will ascend with the earth into the fifth dimension…The increase of the vibration, will eliminate through earthquakes, tsunamis and so on all human beings that are not worthy of ascending…All this ascension will be done with the help of ascended masters and beings of light… This is the most widespread form of manipulation concerning 2012 in the New age Community. When you speak to many “awakened people” they will all tell you about how things are changing how the vibration is rising and how the earth changes are god as there is evil that must be eliminated… All this is a big pile of shite. Most of this material comes from channelers and is nothing more than the end times of the bible revisited. All this, like the bible is pure matrix/thought-form product. This is used to manipulate people by fear (fear of the earth changes, fear not be worth of ascending) in order for them to follow any guru that can propose salvation and to stop thinking for themselves. Fear also to feed the thought-form and the entities it controls. This also cons so called awaken people into consenting genocide and population culling. At last it creates duality for it makes people give their power away to so called ascended masters and beings of light… Well, to tell you the truth, the ascended masters are nothing more than the Babylonian/Illuminati gods revamped. In fact they might very well be behind a unique world religion in the new world Order. Think of all the Maitreya lies and deception. Beings of Light certainly do exist. However, if they are still in dual (separated) state then they are still in the thought-form/matrix even if they are in a less dense level than us. Therefore, they are not gods, they are still manipulated by the matrix of fear. The only “god” is INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS and that is what we are simply we have forgotten it….
And yes, there might be earth changes but there again, most of them will be staged. Remember that the illuminati and the entities that control them are many thousands ahead of mankind technology wise. For me it is certain that Katrina, the Tsunami and the Bam earthquakes were all done through exotic technology…

So, you see 2012 is the theatre of many many deceits and manipulations by the Illuminati. The real 2012 is much simpler. In fact, it does not concern 2012 but the next maybe 10 20 or 30 years. The thought-form/matrix was created by duality, fear and separation from oneness. It is a holographic construct, a pure illusion that keeps us separated from our own infinite consciousness. It feeds off our fear and it basically functions like a very sophisticated computer program. It functions through cycles and around this period of time we are coming to the end of a cycle. A bit like when you come to the end of a chapter in book. At the end of a cycle, the thought-form becomes a little less dense and lets in a few more rays of infinite consciousness. That is why people have become aware that things are not right, this interval is very brief on the cosmic scale (a few decades at the most) afterwards the thought-form begins another cycle. It is a bit like in a book when you come to the end of a chapter, you can either continue reading the book or stop reading it. Therefore the 2012 period is an opportunity to reclaim who we are:infinite consciousness. However, the thought-form and the illuminati are conscious of this, that is why they have created and infiltrated all the so called alternative movements in order to herd back into the system people that are beginning to feel their infinite side. All the hype around 2012 is nothing more than a way to herd the sheep back into the pen. And sadly, judging the attitude of the so called awakened community, humanity is loosing an opportunity to become it’s real self: infinity. 2012 is a cross road. Either you reclaim your infinity or you go on to the next cycle of the matrix which is a microchipped society even more programmed than it is now. In that society, the microchip will be there to link to the nervous system in order to extract fear at will. Humans will be no more than living energy sources (a lot of them already are sadly). Nobody will help us to reclaim our true selves neither baby Jesus, ET’s or Beings of light… Giving away our power to anyone is creating more duality and strengthening our enslavement… We have an opportunity. Either we take it or leave it. The choice is ours…



Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The subconscious or the matrix within us.

The real nature of the subconscious


I am going to write another short article on what is in my opinion the biggest enemy in our struggle to find our true self: our passivity, naivety and fear when it comes to really doing something about what is going on. This aspect of the problem is sadly what is the most exploited by the illuminati and the powers that be to keep us imprisoned in this reality and in this system of death misery and exploitation. You see my friends, as I have pointed out in my previous articles, the awakening that is linked to the end of a cycle of the system is not only being hijacked by so called new age Gurus, “five sense” researchers that are at best useful idiots, at worst agents of the system. They impose a belief system, that if it is less rigid than the traditionnal values of the system is still in the system (matrix/thought-form) through concepts such as duality (hierarchy). The New age Gurus, will tell their adherents to pray beings of light, ascended masters or “extraterrestrial” beings to come and save them. Therefore they create a hierarchy with their followers giving their power away to the so-called beings of light. This duality literally feeds the thought-form that constitutes our reality. One of the fundamental aspects of the conspiracy is to make people forget who they really are : infinite beings that are absolutely everything, from the smallest atom to the biggest galaxy. When you understand this, you can see that worshipping ascended masters is absurd as infinity does not need an ascended master. All this giving away of power feeds the thought-form/matrix and the entities that control the illuminati that are nothing more than soulless extensions of the thought-form. The five-sense conspiracy movement basically ridicules all the concepts such as infinite consciousness. Humanity is at the mercy of men in dark suits that meet up at Bilderberg clubs and other bohemian grove style satanic gathering. At one level this is absolutely true however, at another level if you do not realise just how powerful you are, you are kept in a notion of fear and helplessness. Well, the thought-form feeds off our fear, as it is a thought-form that is totally based on fear. Also a lot of so called five-sense conspiracy researchers talk about the notion of being saved by Jesus and so forth… They create more duality that feeds the system. They also tell you to join this or that political party. To join a political party=to give your power away to a political leader= duality (hierarchy). You must realise that ALL religions and ALL political parties are nothing more than tools of the system. The so-called alternative political parties (greens…) are nothing more than traps to catch people that are waking up and keep them in the system, in the thought-form. However, there is another more vicious and deceptive trap than any fake, illuminati pawn new age “guru”, or illuminati stooge conspiracy researcher: that trap is our own fear and programming that creates apathy.
The sad truth is that most of our thoughts are not our own: they are created by our subconscious that is a miniature version of the thoughtform.
I have come to understand that the whole universe is an illusion, a hologram. The characteristic of a hologram is that the whole is contained in the part. Therefore our subconscious is a miniature version of the whole thoughtform. It is what is responsible for our fear, illness, selfishness, hate and death. It behaves like a computer program that is many thousand of times quicker than the conscious mind, it is the subconscious thought of dying that brings forth physical death. Being like a computer program it can easily be programmed… The programming of the subconscious is what we call mind control… In our world of illusion and death we are all mind controlled to an extent.
The most evil form of mind control is satanic mind control that has many goals:

  • Creating multiple personalities to create male and female sex slaves for politicians, bishops, bankers, actors….
  • Creating sleeper agents to carry out murders, assassinations that can then be blamed on “lone nutters”. All the so-called school shootings are in my opinion satanic rituals carried out by satanically mind controlled slaves.
  • Create fear and suffering in order to feed the reptilians and other entities that are nothing more than soulless expansions of the thought-form/matrix

In a following article I will delve much deeper into Satanism in order to decode the different levels to it. It is my opinion that a great percentage of all nations politicians are Satanists (practicionners of the purest form of the Babylonian religion that is centred around the cult of the reptilians, the thought-form, the perverted solar cult and human sacrifice) or satanically mind controlled.
However, there are many other forms of mind control that are much more subtle than satanic mind control and they affect us all.

So called education or indoctrination that from the age of 3 or 4 tells children that the system is all there is, that conventional medicine cures, that politicians are there to help them and that physical death is inevitable.

Radio waves such as HAARP and WIFI that are able to induce subtle personality changes
Advertising that can literally reprogram the subconscious to the extent of inducing illness. In Paris, a famous cancer hospital ran for a couple months adverts saying that 50% of people would get cancer so that we gave to cancer research (research to murder people slowly in order to enrich the medical cartel and feed the thought-form through the suffering endured by people receiving “the treatments”). Well this message was recorded by the subconscious of many many people and their subconscious will be literally programmed to cause cancer to their physical body. Also all the symbolism found in advertising is literally a subliminal signature of the thought-form /reptilians/illuminati that is seen and recognised by the subconscious that will then literally channel through the DNA all the emotional energy caused by towards the thought-form and its extensions.
TV, the Press and all the Media are also continually programming the subconscious in order to align it with the thought-form in order for it to induce more fear to feed the thought-form

In most people it is the subconscious (program) that literally controls more than 99% of their life. The flame of consciousness that they have is totally bogged down by the program to the point where it is not even heard. The subconscious literally takes control of their life that becomes nothing more than a computer program. As I have said in my previous articles, most people are just executing a program, that is why people’s reactions are so predictable….

However, there is another category of people, who call themselves awake and spiritual, they might understand many things, go to so called alternative conferences, have “psychic” powers… When you dig deeper, you realise that they are also completely under the power of the subconscious and that is why most so called awaken people are not awaken at all. They will pontificate, give lessons and so on… until it is time to really act. These people may on the surface be more conscious than Tom Dick or Harry. However, when it is time for them to put their words into action… Nobody is there… Why? Because they are still separated from their soul, as soon as they intend to do something the program kicks in and tells them not to do so. How does the subconscious manifest itself: through fear….

I will give you a couple of examples: a lady, who considers herself awake, will still take antibiotics, have medical tests and vote… Yet, she will be pontificating about big pharma and corrupt politicians…. Why does she still continue to take the poisons of the matrix quacks… Because of the fear program and the “What if….?” Question. Fear and what if I will die, be de-considered and all what ifs are nothing more than programs from the subconscious and the thought-forms… When the soul speaks, there is not what ifs: you just know what to do and if you really listen to your infinity, you do it. If you are really in touch with infinity you refuse a medical system that murders through vaccinations, chemotherapy and so called treatments millions of people every year… If you are really in touch with your own infinity you refuse all political system as infinity does not need to be directed. In fact, you refuse a system that kills two million people in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of freedom.

Another man, I know will be telling you that 9/11 is an inside job and then in the same breath speaking about “evil Moslem terrorists” and the “evil Iranians”.( There are no Muslim terrorists and “Evil Iran” has never bombed to pieces a sovereign country). How can somebody be so hypocritical… Because of the programmed subconscious. Basically as soon as he begins to grasp a notion that could lead to liberation, or at least greater understanding of the matrix, the subconscious kicks in… What if?…. Remember what the news (propaganda) tells you…? And hey presto he is back in the program.

Another person, who called himself a researcher knew everything there is to know about the five sense level of the matrix. However, when he was asked to share the information at a conference he refused… Because he was frightened of the results it would have on his career… That is in my opinion typical thought-form/matrix/.subconscious speaking…

Also, the program of the subconscious stops people from grasping the big picture of things, therefore, they will dwell only on one aspect of the problem. The incapacity to grasp the big picture is constantly being programmed by the pathetic media into our subconscious. And this incapacity does not miss the so called awaken people… For example a lot of “awakened” people will be – with very good reason- saying how bad the swine flu vaccine is however, they will not say a word about all the other vaccines… THE BIG PICTURE IS THAT ALL VACCINES INCLUDING THE SWINE FLU VACCINE ARE THERE TO ENRICH BIG PHARMA, REDUCE THE POPULATION THROUGH THE DISEASES AND SIDE AFFECTS THEY CAUSE AND DESTROY OUR DNA TO STOP US FROM COMMUNICATING WITH OUR TRUE SELF: INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS.

The same is true with all the so-called “left wingers”, and “ socialist new-agers” that demand “free medicine” for all. They usually quote the film “Sicko” and hail the French and British medical systems as examples. Well, I am for free “medicine” for all but I am not for any “medical system” based on so called conventional (big pharma) medicine. ALL MEDICAL SYSTEMS BASED ON BIG PHARMA ARE SYSTEMS OF DEATH AT THE SERVICE OF THE ILLUMINATI… THAT IS TRUE IN EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. The only difference is that you pay for your death cocktail a little more in some countries than in others. Why do those awakened people not even think about the absurdity of a system that kills millions of people a year… Because they are programmed not to see the big picture.

The real picture behind the medical systems

But there is not just the subconscious to worry about. There are many many entities apart from the reptilians and the greys that are nothing more than extensions of the thoughtform/matrix… They are souless beings and act very much like robots. They thrive of fear and fake emotions based on fear. They are spiritual parasites akin to “demons” for lack of a better term. There only goal is to survive by feeding of our fear. According to Shakuntala Modi a cutting edge Psychiatrist a great number of diseases and mental conditions are caused by theses entities. Could it be that they contribute with the subconscious to programming us. Could some our thoughts be actually those of parasitic entities. This would confirm the sayings of Don Juan in “The active side of infinity” when he tells Carlos Castaneda about the flyers who have basically parasited the human race by giving it its way of thinking (based on fear and lust). These Flyers could represent our subconscious but also all the parasitic entities. All the frequency waves of television, the internet and wifi could open certain dimensional doorways enabling the entrance of many parasitic entities. Also, certain secret society rituals but also meditation and new age songs and rituals could literally be an invitation to possession by extra-dimensional entities. That would explain why certain New-agers are so passive and have such an empty look in their eyes. Most well known and publicized meditation techniques can be traps to invite spiritual parasites in….

Also, the subconscious program is there to stop people from receiving signals from the infinite consciousness and to think for themselves therefore it pushes us to follow any guru depending on our frame of reference it can be a politician, a doctor or a new age/conspiracy Guru. How many people have I heard in the called awaken circles becoming nothing more than repeaters of this or that guru. What the guru does, is create a thought-form within the thought-form that literally sucks in all of his followers. Therefore the followers are programmed by the system and also by the thought-form created by the Guru. They will then discount everything that contradicts what the guru says. This is why most so called 9/11 truthers refuse to even consider the work of people like Doctor Judy Wood because it is outside the frame of reference created by the 9/11 truth movement Gurus such as Webster Tarpley, Steven Jones and Reopen 9/11 ( the whole group acts like a guru) in France. Those Gurus are there to stop people from seeing that 9/11 goes much much further than a false flag operation. 9/11 is a satanic ritual at a massive scale using free energy and exotic technologies and the real perpetrators of 9/11 are much much more powerful than a group of neocons in black suits… Anyway the concept of thought-forms within thought-forms also explains why many new agers will blindly follow certain channelers, or whatever who tell them to wait and welcome the aliens who will save them in 2012… The truth is nobody will save us in any year. We can save ourselves if we reclaim our infinity and divinity.

So, you see my friends that most so called awakened people are just as bogged down as others. The cause of this is the programming of their subconscious that induces fear and sheep like behaviour. The program is so widespread and so dense that a lot people will always be living in the illusion of being awake when they are totally dumbed down. Do you understand why the illuminati let alternative conferences take place: because they know very well that most people will not do a dam thing: they are too mind control by their subconscious to do anything. Also they know very well that most people are almost blind in the sense that they will never grasp the big picture of things. Therefore they will be very easily manipulated through belief and indoctrination. Lastly as I have said in other articles, most of the so called alternative movement is infiltrated or even created to keep the so called people that are awakening in line. Why because the illuminati know that the subconscious is equipped with a follow the leader program… The only way to escape the programming of the subconscious is to ACT. TO DO WHAT THE SOUL(INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS) TELLS YOU TO DO. HOW DO YOU NO WHEN THE SOUL SPEAKS? THE SOUL NEVER SAYS WHAT IF? WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY ABOUT ME? The soul tells you to act. How do you act? By doing what is right. What is right is to not collaborate with a system that poisons millions of children a year, that kills untold numbers of people in satanic rituals, that bombs the crap out of innocent women and children in the name of so called freedom. That is why we need a massive campaign of peaceful non collaboration through refusing the army, vaccination, the vote, the medical system. We also need to inform about all that we know so we can reclaim our true power and divinity. Going to a conference will not solve anything… It is only by being active that we will get anywhere.



Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Genocide in the making: the Swine flu vaccine


Just a few clips to show you the truth about the swine flu vaccine. Like all vaccines and the whole medical system it is not here to cure but to kill. I will produce a detailled article on what lies behind the swine flu vaccine very shortly.

It is only through total non collaboration with the system of death, that we will manage to reclaim our true self: infinity. The trouble is, most people who say they are awake do not do a dam thing and continue collaborating with the system by voting, vaccination, joining the army... We have the power to end our enslavement and we do not even use it.



Tuesday, 18 August 2009

From vaccinations to chemtrails and GMO's, the big picture behind the war on our DNA

Hello all of you,
I Have been away for the last three weeks so I was unable to post any articles, however, I have continued researching a whole variety of subjects including the war that the Illuminati and the entities that control them have been waging on our DNA. As with the whole global conspiracy, there are two levels to this a physical five sense level and a spiritual level. While most researchers simply concentrate on the physical level of the attack against our DNA, I will describe in this article the physical but also the spiritual aspects of all this.As I have pointed out before in many of my articles, we will never understand the conspiracy if we just focus on the five sense level of it. In fact, the more I study the evidence, the more I am certain that the so called five sense conspiracy movement is nothing more than a scam to lead the masses that are beginning to wake up in a dead end. Yes, at one level it is a good thing to know what is going on at a five sense level so that you can see the way the program (our reality) is unfolding but at another level, if you stay there you replace one prison by another prison. How many people have I met that say they are awaken because they know about the Bilderberg group, or the CFR… When you dig a little deeper, you realise that they are still in the trap: they will usually put all their faith in a far left or far right organisation that are nothing more than illuminati scams to herd back the sheep that are beginning to see that “something is wrong”. More importantly, they will still be totally trapped in the duality aspect that fuels most of the matrix. “We are the good guys, they are the evil guys”. Duality or hierarchy is a major aspect of the matrix trap. It is with fear and fake emotions one of its essential fuels. Also, they will often blindly follow certain conspiracy gurus and hence create more duality. Duality is a trap to make us forget who we are: infinite consciousness. Anyway, the crucial part is that the five sense gang will not even consider that there is a spiritual side to life and they will scorn anyone who says that our physical reality is nothing but an illusion. To Make us think that there is nothing more than this physical reality is one of the key traps of the matrix/Thoughtform: it creates a state of continuous fear of death that feeds the thoughtform that is fear based…The same is true about the New Age movement that says that all is light and that nice “beings of light” will come to save us. It is a pure illuminati construct to help recapture people that are beginning to wake up to who they really are. The New religion is basically nothing more than a new version of the Christian/satanic/ Babylonian religion. The new age” Ascended Masters” are nothing more than up to date versions of the Babylonian (hybrid gods). The new age belief system is nothing more than a scam to get people to give their spiritual energy to the thought-form and create more hierarchy (duality). All this ranting to say that if something is not studied on a physical and spiritual level without the airy-fairy blinkers we tend to put over our eyes than we are powerless. That is why I will present the five senses and spiritual level behind the attacks on our DNA.At the physical level, our DNA is attacked on all sides. One of the most evil and insidious ways for attacking our DNA is the use of mass vaccinations. Basically, vaccines contain aluminium, mercury and a load of other poisons that are genotoxic-lead to DNA mutations and Neurotoxic. Also, a great number of vaccines are made out of cells extracted from monkeys that are contaminated by retroviruses that insert themselves in the DNA and cause cancer. The explosion of childhood leukaemia and a host of other cancers that were basically unheard of 50 years is due in part to the imposition of vaccination in Children. Vaccines, through the neurotoxics they contain are also responsible for the surge in autism in the past 50 years. The swine flu vaccine that is going to be imposed to the masses in the next few weeks is contaminated with retrovirus as it is made with the use of monkeys. Also, there is evidence that the swine flu vaccine and all other vaccines contain nano-technology that seems to attack selectively human DNA. Also, many vaccines contain adjuvants that impair fertility. Is that why the rate of testicular cancer in young men has more than doubled in the past 30 years? But at the physical level vaccinations are not the only brutal assaults on our DNA. Chemtrails that have been spotted in our skies for the last 30 years are filed with barium, aluminium, dead red blood cells, and mycobacterium that can be used to transfer DNA. Barium and Aluminium are genotoxic and neuro toxic and dead red blood cells can cause immune responses that weaken the immune system. Also, it has been shown that Chemtrails contain nanotechnology fibres that are used in genetic manipulation: alteration of the DNA. Well since the spraying of Chemtrails begun there is a new disease that has appeared “Morgellons” were the person affected will develop terrible red marks on the skin. These red marks will be filled with fibres that are of the same composition as the fibres found in Chemtrails. According to patients affected with Morgellons disease, it seems as if the fibres seem to take control of their bodies. In other words, they do not seem to be in control of their thoughts. This disease has been reported in at least 50 countries. According to doctors who have treated Morgellons patients, the structure of their tissues has been taken over by those fibres. In other words, chemtrails are being used to alter the human form (more about this latter). Another way to alter DNA on a five-sense level is the use of Genetically modified crops that have been shown to pass on their DNA to any life form that eats them or breathes them in.
At a five sense level all these attacks on our DNA are used in a depopulation plan in order to rid the earth of “useless feeders” in other words of all people that are not useful to the New World Order.

In France many of the so-called elite openly say that a certain proportion of the population should be eliminated. Jacques Attali, the “man” who has been behind most French presidents be they right or left wing openly said that “old people” should be left to die. And it is that kind of mindset that is then considered a wonderful intellectual by the sycophantic masses… It makes me sick just to think about it. Well do you want to know the truth? Our world is not overpopulated. The overpopulation myth coupled with the environmental movement is a creation by the illuminati so that they get the consent of the masses to implement the new world order. The only problem is that the multinational corporations deliberately starve exterminate populations in third world countries by orchestrating famines and creating wars… All this is deliberate in order to fulfil the depopulation plans of the illuminati and their planet masters that have an interdimentionnal origin… But the perversity of the illuminati does not stop here, by altering our DNA, they are gradually changing us into chronically sick people in order to make us dependant on their system. Hence creating duality and consent…. For example a chronically sick person will be induced through the pathetic media to take this or that treatment to cure his illness. By the action of taking that treatment he will give away his power of self healing (we are all infinite beings that can self cure each other from every disease: simply the so called educational system tells us that we have to see a doctor-a minion of the pharmaceutical cartel in most cases-to be cured. Hence our power to self heal is stolen from us from the crib). Symbolically he will give that power to the system and will therefore consent to be more dependant on the system. The so called treatment he will take will then cause him “side affects” that will destroy his body a little more, enrich the evil pharmaceutical cartel and make him more dependant on the matrix/thoughtform. In other words, the system will give chronically sick people a slow and painful death in order to1. Make them dependant on the system2. Make them consent to the system3. Extract as much energy from the fear and suffering the chronic illness and the effects from the “treatments” (or legal poisons) induce. If you have read my previous articles, you will realise that the whole matrix feeds on fear and duality (hierarchy or giving ones infinite power away to the system)

But, there is a more spiritual reason for the war on DNA that is wagged on us by the illuminati. Sadly, most conspiracy researchers are so absorbed by the five sense side of all this that they do not even consider the spiritual part of what the illuminati and their masters are doing to us. Yes, at one level the war on DNA is about money and depopulation but at another level it is about stealing our consent, our spiritual energy but also about altering our perception. You see, real scientific research carried out in Germany and Russia has shown that we perceive reality through our DNA. In other words, the nervous system is not the tool with which we perceive reality: the real tool is the DNA and basically the brain is just an organiser of the image we get. That is why there are cases of people born with almost no cerebral cortexes that grow up with an average intelligence (George W Bush is not part of them). After a massive stroke, people that have up to 90% of their brain tissue destroyed will make a total recovery.Why is this? Because we do not perceive reality with our brain but with our DNA. The brain organises the image we perceive and the brain, like our whole reality is holographic. That is why the whole information of the brain is stocked in every part. So all your memories are contained in each part of your brain. That is why, if you get Alzheimer’s disease you never totally loose a souvenir but they become much more confused. I will not go into too much science but a lot of cutting edge research (real science that is sadly ostracised from most campuses) has shown that our DNA is basically a receiver, transmitter of photons (information) to and from the matrix. That is why so-called conventional science (illuminati/indoctrination science) calls 90% of our DNA junk. That DNA is called junk because those “scientists” are so indoctrinated by so called “famous researchers” that they do not wont to admit something that does not fit with their pathetic thought pattern. In my opinion, the “junk” DNA is the part that emits and receives information from the matrix. Therefore if our DNA is conformed in a certain way, it will capture certain frequencies of information from the matrix.

If it is conformed another way, if will capture other frequencies of information from or from outside the matrix.You see, the matrix is a thought-form, that functions like a computer program. It is basically a trap that imprisons everything and everyone that has forgotten what they really are: infinite consciousness. The matrix seems to have many many levels to it. Our physical reality is just one level or frequency of the matrix. The level of so-called “beings of light” is just another frequency of the matrix. Hence it is invisible to most of us because our DNA is not tuned to it. That is why when people say that “beings of light” will save us; I cringe because beings of light are nothing more than beings that are caught at a less dense level of the matrix or thoughtform. Yes, they are not trapped in our physical reality but they are still stuck in the matrix so there is nothing to expect from them. We and we alone are the ones who can bring ourselves out of all that shit. From the perspective, it is easy to understand why the illuminati and their masters are waging war on our DNA. They want to keep us stuck on physical levels of the matrix and crucially they want us to stop receiving through our DNA information that is coming from oneness (What is outside the matrix). Do you understand now why there are so many genotoxic stuffs in food, chemtrails and vaccines? Yes there is a depopulation agenda but deeper down the rabbit hole the agenda is to keep us stuck within the matrix… To stop us receiving information from oneness in other words. You see, once we reconnect to oneness, the matrix, thoughtform, that feeds of fear and duality cesses to exist and so do the reptilians and their puppets the illuminati that are basically soulless extensions of the matrix/thoughform. By manipulating our DNA through vaccines, chemtrails and GMO crops the illuminati are tuning our DNA to the densest levels of the matrix. Therefore we are stuck in this level of the matrix. Also, our DNA will then emit information that will reinforce the densest levels of the matrix and the matrix/thoughtform in general. A negative feedback if you like. And it seems to me that there are not only chemicals that can modify our DNA and our perceptions: Films, TV shows, the pathetic “news” and anything that comes from the matrix can send information that subtly modifies the structure our DNA, our DNA will then be tuned on the levels that are the darkest of the matrix. Then we will create and reinforce this dark reality and through our DNA will send more information of fear to the matrix feeding it and reinforcing it. In the Paris metro in 2007, was an advert saying that one person in two will get cancer so give money to the Curie institute. (The Curie institute is a pathetic cancer hospital were people are tortured with chemotherapy, and radiation therapy that are nothing more than legalised weapons of genocide… that destroy your immune system that is the best natural defence against cancer mind you, all that shit is refunded by the social security so in France you can be poisoned for free). Well that advert, tuned the watchers DNA to the cancer frequency of the matrix, reinforcing it and creating more cancer and fear of cancer (fuel for the matrix). There is also evidence through Morgellons disease that the whole human structure is being changed and not just the DNA. For what reason I do Not know but it will be nothing good for humanity cutting us even more from oneness and bringing us closer to the Orwellian new world order society. I am currently investigating this topic more actively so I will communicate any information to you.Anyway, it is crucial to understand, and Matthew Delooze has outlined it in many of his articles that the manipulation does not just concern the physical lifetime: it concerns the afterlife and the next lives: if your DNA is tuned to a certain level of the matrix, then your beliefs will concern that level of the matrix and you will create and reinforce that level of the matrix. The matrix spans this life but also the after life. Therefore what you believe in this life will be your beliefs in the next. If your DNA is engineered to just perceive the densest parts of the matrix, at the point of death you will directly reincarnate, as you will be programmed to think that there is only this 3 D terrestrial reality. Therefore you will be stuck here until you realise who you are: infinite consciousness. If you adhere to the Christian’s baby Jesus crap, then you will be stuck in a Christian heaven /or Hell (another illusory level of the matrix) until “guilt” (another illusion of the matrix/thoughtform) makes you reincarnate to serve as a battery. That is why all the religious crap is embraced by the five-sense conspiracy clique: to tune their follower’s DNA to the religious/apocalypse frequency of the matrix/thoughtform that feeds the matrix with all the fear it produces.The 5 senses guys like Alex Jones keep mentioning the end of the world/Armageddon crap: they are used by the forces of the thoughtform to modify the frequency of our DNA so that we tune in to the Armageddon frequency of the thoughtform. Through our DNA we then send emotions (fear based) and information that literally feeds that frequency of the matrix and reinforcing it….
Anyway, as with everything in our so called reality, the manipulation of our DNA, is much much deeper than the five sense clique and many so called five sense researchers want us to believe. Yes, at one level it is manipulated to make us sick for depopulation purposes and to give money to the pharmaceutical cartel, the biggest genocide machine on this planet. At another level however the war on DNA is done to alter our perceptions and to block us even more on the frequencies of the matrix/thoughtform. Why is this done? So that we reinforce and create the reality the illuminati, the reptilians that control the illuminati and the thoughtform want: a New World Order with a microchipped population. Why this? So that through our fear we can feed the thoughtform.. Also, our DNA is altered so that we stop perceiving the frequencies of Oneness, infinite consciousness our real state and real home. You see, the matrix is a thoughtform of fear and duality and the more we are tuned to it, the more we will emit fear that feeds it. But, what links us to the matrix? Our DNA and that is the crucial reason why it is being targeted: to keep us stuck in this illusory reality so we can continue to feed the matrix through fear. If we do not understand the spiritual side of the conspiracy then we are doomed to stay stuck in the matrix. At a different level than the dammed down masses perhaps but still in the reptilian matrix of fear and death. That is why the purpose of the 5 senses conspiracy movement is ever clearer when you study the way they analyse the DNA war: it is there to keep the awakened masses in the matrix. That is why I think that only way out of all this is to inform the people about the true nature and extent of the conspiracy. Only by understanding that can we get back in touch with oneness and infinity our true selves.

Love to you all

Leo Noury

Friday, 17 July 2009

Back on the First of August.

I will be away for a couple of weeks and I might not be able to post on the internet. See you all again in August.
Leo Noury

Monday, 13 July 2009

An interesting link.

A very interesting article that explains why "the end times", "martial law" and all that is announced by the religious fanatics will not take place in the way most people think.

Click here to read

As I have always said, the imposition by force of the one world government will only take place if all the stepping stones ( fake global warming, phantom swine flu, phantom terror...) fail. Why? Because the thoughtform and the entities that control the illuminati need our CONSENT in order to control us and there is no better way for consent than to give people the impression of being free while slowly setting up slavery in the shadows without people even realising. That is why all the "end timers" and all the five sense conspiracy clique should be watched like hawks... They are tools of the illuminati.



AF447 flight: crash or mass scale sacrificial ritual?

Hello all of you,
On June 1st 2009, Air France the French national airline experienced the worst air disaster of its history where 228 people perished in the loss of the Rio Paris flight. In France there is still speculation about whether it was just an unfortunate accident or a “terrorist bomb” well when you have studied the global conspiracy for a number of years as I have, you realise that there is almost no terrorism: there are only illuminati controlled events. But, if you go even one step further down the line, you realise that even major accidents are not always coincidences, in fact a lot of them seem to be deliberate, organised events by the illuminati and the forces that control them. Well, the AF447 disaster seems to be just such event. The main focus around the global conspiracy is much more spiritual in nature: yes, at one level there is the will to create a one world government with a micro chipped population but, at another level the main goal of the conspiracy is to feed the thought-form/or matrix that is literally a thought-form of fear that controls us. To learn more about it click here to read my article about the nature of our reality… Every inch of fear that we emit, every fake emotion that we have are channelled and used as food for the thought-form and its guardians the reptilian aliens. Before, I continue I want to thank Matthew Delooze for all the information he has given, as without his work, I would never ever have made all the connections I am making now. Anyway, to go back to the subject, I would like to remind all of you that the thought-form functions like a computer program and that it is in base 6. If you study a lot of universal numbers, the diameter of the moon, of Saturn of the Earth, the number of bones in the human hand, the duration of a day they are all multiples of 6 if you take the ancient measure units…That leads me to conclude that the base of the thought-form/matrix is 6 just like the base of our computers is 0 and 1. Always keep this in mind for the rest of this short article. How is our energy extracted? Well, it seems that subliminal messages are involved. Psychologists have shown that when a painting is not signed, the emotional energy of the percipient is channelled to the picture whoever, when a painting is signed, the emotional energy of the percipient is channelled directly to the person who has signed the painting especially when the percipient has not consciously seen the signature. You see, the unconscious mind perceives absolutely everything and sadly, it is a miniature of the matrix/thought-form: in other words, it is like a computer program totally programmed by the though-form. It is the unconscious that is responsible for the aging process, disease and a lot of our automatic fear based reactions because it is programmed by the thought-form and the programming is then fine tuned by the education (indoctrination) system, the mind control devices such as television, religion, low frequency waves, chemtrails etc… That is why humans can be read like a book and that 99,9% of our reactions are absolutely predictable. They are nothing more than computer programs being played out by the unconscious. With this in mind, you can understand why the illuminati are so obsessed with symbolism and numerology. Each symbol, each number in major events are like signatures of the illuminati, the entities that control them (reptilians and possibly other types of beings) and the thoughtform that controls the reptilians, the illuminati and our very reality… Well, when you study in depth the air France flight 447 from Rio to Paris you find that there is so much illuminati thoughtform symbolism that you can rule out coincidence straight away. I will present you with all the facts and ask you to make up your mind.
The Air France flight 447 is numerologicaly a 6: 4+4+7=15; 5+1=6. Now you think that consciously many people will not notice this but as I have said previously the subconscious mind perceives everything and makes calculations up to one 1000000 times quicker than the conscious mind, so if you haven’t made this calculation, your subconscious has and has recorded it. Well the number 6 is a signature of the thoughtform. Therefore once the subconscious has seen the connection all the emotional energy that is directed towards that tragedy is transmitted straight away to the thoughtform and matrix.
The 6 connection does not stop here: The number of passengers in that plane was 216= 6x6x6. The number of crew members was 12=6x2. The total number of people on board the plane was 38x6=228. And 2+2+8=12=6x2. As you can see the number of coincidences starts to become overwhelming but it does not stop here. The plane was an A330 (3+3) and its number was 660… The Plane crashed on the 1st of June: 1st day of the 6th month and the first debris and bodies where found by the Brazilian army on the 6th of June (6/6).In the whole series of event you can see the number 6, the number of the thought-form appear and that means that there is in that event the subliminal signature of the thought-form matrix that keeps cropping up and all this is recorded by the subconscious… All the tears, fear and anger that aroused that tragedy was used to feed the system the thought-form and make it even more powerful and dense. But it does not stop here, if you do an in depth numerological study, you discover that number 33 keeps coming up. Now 33, is associated with secret societies (tools of the illuminati). 33 is also 3x11 and 11 years is the duration of a solar cycle and the sun is associated totally with the reptilians and the Illuminati… well, the numbers 11 and 33 keep cropping up in the AF 447 tragedy:The Airbus is an A330, It took of from Rio airport on the 31/05/2009 well, 31/05= 3+1+5=9.2009=2+9=11. So you have the 9/11 connection. 9 is a reversed 6 and 11 is the number of years in a solar cycle. Like 9/11 the AF447 tragedy has all the marks of the illuminati. But the coincidences do not stop here: the last verbal message was broadcast by the pilot at 1:33 universal time and that is 3:33 Paris time… The main pilot had 11000 thousand hours of flight at the time of the crash.The Plane left Rio de Janeiro on The 31st of May and that is the day of Pentecost. Now when you study the Pentecost feast you realise that its origin is the Harvest feast Shavuot. Now the God Osiris was associated with… Harvests. And the God Osiris is nothing more than the Egyptian variant of the first Babylonian hybrid/illuminati King Nemrod. In other words, like all so-called Christian feasts, Pentecost is nothing more than a modern version of a Babylonian feast. As I have said in previous articles, the Babylonian religion is a blend of the solar cult, the worship of the reptilians that control the Illuminati and the worship of the first illuminati sovereigns (Nemrod/Tamnuz and Queen Semiramis). So symbolically the fact that this “accident” happened on Pentecost tends to show that it is a ritual sacrifice to feed the reptilians and the thoughtforms through the energy of fear and sadness it brings up. Also, symbolically the fact that it happens on Pentecost or Whitsun (White Sun) is another subliminal signature of the Illuminati. And there is more: the bodies where brought to the Brazilian Island of Fernando de Noronha. Well Fernando de Noronha used to be called… Lent Island. And Lent is the beginning of the Easter period and Pentecost is the end of the Easter period. Well Easter comes from Ishtar, another name for Semiramis the first illuminati queen and Easter is also a solar feast. So the “accident” on a symbolic level is also a sacrifice to Ishtar and to the sun that was assimilated with the reptilian beings.These are just a few of the symbols found in the AF447 disaster. To me, when you go through all the symbolism it seems absolutely certain that this so called air disaster was ultimately a ritual sacrifice. As you now, the illuminati have technologies that are thousands of years ahead of what we know about and taking control of a plane and crashing it is child’s play for them. The goal was to generate a maximum wave of emotional energy: as this event is so laden with illuminati, solar and thoughtform symbolism it is signed by the very beings that enslave us, therefore all the sadness and fear it generated feed the ones who signed: the thought-form, the reptilians and the illuminati who are nothing more than soulless extensions of the thoughtform. Having studied in depth that terrible event, I am even more convinced than before that we live in a programmed reality that has made us its prisoners. The event was so fine tuned that it seems to me that it goes much much deeper the illuminati and their reptilian masters… It almost seems as if it was a pre-programmed event in the framework of our reality: in fact as I said previously, a lot of major world events seem to be programs being played out. The illuminati and the reptilians would in that case be a kind of a software that make sure the events take place as planned by the thoughtform… So, in this case the AF447 tragedy must be seen at different levels: at one level the illuminati that possibly brought the plane down with their exotic technology and that where responsible for the media coverage in order to bring the strongest emotional response possible. At another level, the reptilians that control the illuminati and used them to cause the accident in order to feed of the emotional, energy it generated. At a Higher level the event was programmed in the fabric of reality by the thoughtform itself… The illuminati and the reptilians being just pawns to ensure that it happens… The ultimate goal of such incidents is for the matrix/though-form to feed itself through our energy of fear and sadness… On that day people seemed to have been programmed by the thought-form to loose their life whatever the cost. Did you know that a lot of people that were not supposed to be it that plane found themselves in it through “coincidences”. Did you also know that a couple that missed the plane because of a traffic problem of some sort died a few hours latter in a car accident? To me there seems to be kind of death program that is activated by the thought-form… Once it is activated there is no way to avoid it unless we manage to become fully conscious and brake out. That program seems to go much further than mind-mind control or even an extraterrestrial connection. It almost feels as if the matrix is laughing at us stupid humans. Whatever the nature of the program their had to be 216 passengers on the plane for the ritual to play itself out…
What is there to do about all this? Well first of all we have to understand that the thought-form feeds upon our emotions and that these are feed to it through the signature it or its extensions the illuminati leave. That is why it is crucial to understand the extent of rituals that are carried out in our daily lives through disasters, music concerts, symbolism, TV politics, religion… . All these rituals have in common that the fact that they are signed by the thoughform or/and the illuminati through subliminal symbolism and numerology. When the subconscious sees the signature, always remembers that it sends through the DNA the emotional energy to the person who has signed and that especially if we are not aware of the signature. If we are aware of the signature we can still be emotional but consciously choose not to give our emotions to whatever has signed the event. So knowing that there is subliminal symbolism helps. Awareness is the key. We must also remember who we are and stop giving away our infinite power to gurus, politicians, and scientists… Only then can we stop feeding the thoughtform that is based on fear and duality (hierarchy)… The choice is in our hands and nobody else’s…
Again a big think you to Matthew Delooze for helping me wake up.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

What lies beneath the green movement or the big picture behind the ecological hysteria

Hello all of you,
I have been researching quite a few subjects recently so I have been off the Internet. However my attention was directed amongst other things on the latest hype in the so-called alternative movement: ecology. The more I research it, the more I realise it is nothing more than a dead end to keep us stuck in the matrix and the thought form however as with everything there is a 5 sense and also a spiritual trap. In this article I will delve into the dark side of the green movement but will try and go past the global warming controversy that should never have been. Global warming due to Human activity is a scam. Full stop. Global warming is due to the sun. Full stop. Yes, at one level the ecological movement is to do with money and creating global taxation but the truth is far far broader and much more complex. In this article I will paint the big picture of the ecological scam. I will span all levels of it and delve into the spiritual side of it as I think that it is only by seeing that aspect of the problem that we can do anything about it.
Contrary to popular belief, the Green movement did not originate in the 1960’s. No, the real green movement originated in Nazi where the big fad was to protect the environment. The Nazis for example were the first to ban smoking in public places… To prevent cancer. At the same time, the Nazi cartel were developing in the concentration camps what would become Chemotherapy to so called “treat” cancer by destroying the body. The 60’s showed the developpement of the ecological movement with the birth of the Club of Rome founded by Aurelio Peccei (more about that latter) but since the late 90’s the Green movement is living it’s moment glory with the whole hype about global warming “due to man”. Well let me tell you something: it is a bunch of crap. The so-called carbon dioxide emitted by our cars has NOTHING whatsoever to do with global warming. In fact, if you study the evidence, you will see that in every country of the world the temperature was one or two degrees hotter than it was today. I was speaking to a scientist who had been studying for many years the flora of China in the middle ages and he confirmed to me that the temperature was about 2degres hotter than it was now… Was there massive illness due to “global warming” not at all, in fact China lived through a period of relative prosperity. In France, in the thirteen century, the town of Aigues-morte was a port where ships used to sail to the crusades. Today, it is about one mile from the sea. Why? Because during the 13th century the temperature was hotter by over 1 degree than it is now in Western Europe. In The north of England locals where producing wine… Was the “global warming” due to Carbon Dioxide produced by middle aged cars… OF COURSE NOT. It was caused by the sun. The more sunspots on the sun, the more active it is and the less clouds form on the earth and the hotter it becomes. 2003, was a very active year for sunspots as a result the year was one of the hottest. 2008 was a year with extremely low sunspot activity. As a result global temperatures plummeted by almost one degree.

The main gurus and promoters of the “”global warming caused by man” lie are Satanist Al Gore who during the Clinton administration continued to enforce sanctions on Iraq that killed over a million children and said nothing against the slaughtering of hundreds of Serbian Women and Children during the Kosovo Crisis in 1999 and president Barack Obama, Puppet of The CFR and of Berzinski. At one level, the reason for this lie is to create global taxation. In France, so called “man of peace” Jacques Chirac created a Carbon Tax on all aeroplane tickets to fight against global warming caused by man. In reality the Carbon Tax is nothing more than a scam to milk people from their money. You see my friends, the whole green movement is utterly corrupt. On famous French Ecologist was contacted by one of my friends for a short film about the Bouygues Group polluting and destroying whole stretches of coast in Brittany because of their cement factories. Did he do anything about it? Of course not he actually refused to give the interview. Why? Because The Bouygues group offered him a house in exchange of his silence and of course you do not bite the hand that feeds you…The whole green movement is at a five-sense level laden with corruption. Why? Because at one level, it has been created to Shepard in the people that are beginning to realise that something is “not right” in the way things are. In other words, the green movement is like the anti globalist movement nothing more than controlled opposition. This can be illustrated with this single fact. In France so called organic shops are the rage for all so called awakened people well do you know who finances them? MONSANTO, the prime maker of genetically modified food that is there to alter our DNA (through which we perceive reality) in order to lock us in the five sense prison even more. By keeping the price of organic foods high you limit the number of people that have access to them and you also keep all potential opposition under control by owning the organic biz. The Chief anti-capitalist and anti- GMO leader in France is still venerated as an ecological guru by a great number of so called awakened people. Well, according to a prominent lawyer, he is a CIA agent. By CIA read illuminati as the CIA, like Mossad and MI5 and all other secret services is nothing more than the American mask of the illuminati. In other words the anti GMO movement is nothing more than an Illuminati Front to herd people that are waking up. Does The anti GMO movement ever talk about who really runs the show? NO, they just play the same fiddle: big bad corporations and they ask for a “protectiveEurope”as a solution. In other words, their solution is nothing more than a steeping stone for a world government. But the rabbit hole goes much much deeper than that: at another level, the Green movement is used to help set up a one world government: Global warming is a global problem that demands a global solution. By global solution they mean world government. In France the socialist candidate for the 2007 elections that I call misses fake is a mind-controlled puppet of the CFR. Well sadly, misses fake is a hero among anti-globalists and so called ecologist militants. Why? Because she is not Nicolas Sarkozy (like Obama is not Bush) and because she is a self proclaimed ecologist that demanded no less than the creation of a world wide ecological fund (A world ecological ministry) to protect humanity from the dangers of global warming. Well do you know that using an environmental catastrophe to set up a on world government was one of the solutions proposed by the alleged illuminati report of the Iron mountain. Another deep dark side of the green movement is the depopulation agenda. According to a number of sources, the Illuminati and the entities that control them want to reduce the earth population to between one and two billion. Anyway, reducing the earth’s population is one of the prime goals of the Club of Rome “A population of 2million educated people”. Well, the truth is much different to what the green movement says: our earth could nourish more than 15 billion people. The problem is not overpopulation: the problem is the Illuminati stealing the resources in third world countries and that includes the Chinese Branch that exploits the Africans like slaves. The green movement however keeps brandishing the overpopulation threat through Orwellian terms like “over-exploitation” etc… Most of the natural reserves in Africa are created through the genocide and the evacuation of whole communities. These are then deported to towns were they adopt a “western life style” (drugs, prostitution and poverty) were they end up dying a slow death through “AIDS” malnutrition and other diseases… In other words a slow genocide. Also, a lot of “natural reserves” are used by illuminati secret services to train “rebels” and “freedom fighters” that then overthrow governments that do not comply with this or that branch of the illuminati. These so-called freedom fighters often cause war and genocide. Think of the genocide in Rwanda and in Congo where millions and millions of people have died in the last ten years. This is a form of silent depopulation. People that think they are awake when they donate to environmental causes often do not even have the slightest idea of what they are financing. But the dark side of the Green movement does not end here. There is an even darker spiritual side that I will now delve into. The first part is the energy conspiracy. One of the important reasons behind the UFO cover-up is the question of free energy. The Green movement is here to divert the questions from free energy. They will tell you about the need for “sustainable energy”, “solar energy” but… When you tell them about the existence of free energy, they more or less insult you in a sycophantic type way… You see my friends; the free energy is not to be spoken about because it would make people completely independent of corporations and the illuminati for their energy. Contrary to green propaganda, free energy does exist in many different forms. I myself have witnessed free energy devices in the cellar of an inventor in the Paris region. There is evidence through the work of real researchers like Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson that free energy was used in the illuminati 9/11 attack. The use of exotic energies explains a lot of facts about 9/11 such as cars being overturned many hundreds of meters from the twin towers. And, you can now see how the Green movement and the five-sense conspiracy clique join up. They are here to herd away people that are awakening from the truth: they are lead to a dead end…. The five-sense conspiracy movement keeps people away from the real nature of the conspiracy (to keep us prisoner of the “thought-form”, five sense reality in order to harvest our energy) and lead people to dead ends (the “Bilderberg conspiracy”, the “Neo-con conspiracy”, the “thermite conspiracy”). The five sense conspiracy movement by keeping people away from the free energy component to 9/11 make people switch over from one trap to another and keep them from understanding that there are unlimited sources of energy in our reality. The green movement also herds people who are beginning to awaken into dead ends and keeps them from seeing that there is free energy everywhere around us… It is a typical example of dangerous and controlled opposition but there is even an extra component to all of this: an even more sinister one… The green movement could be one of the things that will be used by the illuminati to usher in a world religion and who say religion says duality and, as I have said in my previous articles the whole of the system, the whole of the thought-form that ultimately controls us is based on duality that means giving away our power to others be they humans, “reptilians” or imaginary saviours and gods… Yes, on one level, the green movement is one of the deceptive scams used to create a global problem, for global taxation and global government, on another level it is also there to participate in the energy cover up… But it is not all, in fact the main reason behind the ecological movement is to use it to contribute in the creation of a one world religion with or without project blue beam that I have written about in an earlier article. You see, in the last few weeks, I have been investigating Gaia worship that is more and more practiced worldwide. Basically, more and more new-agers and so-called ecologists are starting a real mother earth cult that is becoming a full-blown religion with its rituals, its songs its conventions. In fact, the mother earth, or Gaia cults are based on the model of the Virgin Mary/Mary Madeleine/ Isis Cult and these are nothing more than “soft versions” of the Babylonian religion that is “Satanism” in its modern form. The Babylonian religion that is the religion of the illuminati is a religion where countless numbers of people are sacrificed every year in satanic rituals and wars (that a world wide versions of satanic rituals). Well the depopulation agenda that is pushed forward by the so-called ecological movement is nothing more than the version of ritual sacrifice for the “mother earth” or “Gaia religion”. The sad thing is that a lot of so-called greens and new-agers worshipping Gaia do not even realise what really lies behind that religion. But it goes even further than that, If you hear the so called “high priests” of the Gaia religion like James Lovelock or Al Gore, “Gaia” can get rid of us evil human beings if we do not change our behaviour. To summarise, Gaia religion=fear= feeding the thought-form and its guardians the illuminati/reptilian beings.
The real Gaia

In other words, many Gaia worshippers and ecologists who consider what they do as a religion are unconsciously feeding the very forces that enslave them… Well, we are infinite beings, we are everything that ever has been and that ever will be. We are immortal and infinite. Well I might be stupid but infinite beings do not need to worship a mother goddess. Giving away your power to anybody creates duality (hierarchy) that creates fear that is the food of the matrix/thought-form. In 2006, I spent 1day at a so-called “New Age” gathering in France called “Eveil et action” (Wake up and action). Well apart from being a rip off, I did not see any awakening whatsoever in that gathering … On the contrary, I saw old beliefs being replaced with new beliefs that where just the same prison with a new name… “Mother earth worship”, “beings of light worship”, “Jesus Sananda worship”. But there was a part that troubled me a lot. A woman started singing to honour “Gaia” and I felt extremely unpleasant during that song whereas all the other people were clapping in a sycophantic way… What I remember is the faces of a lot of the participants: they seemed to be almost devoid of any feeling or expression. Well I now realise why. The songs and rituals demanded by New age practises and Gaia Worship create a vibration that seems to open a boundary between worlds: hence, those songs are used by the illuminati to lower the vibration of people so that they get even more stuck in the matrix and so that their vibration becomes compatible with soulless entities of the thought-form. In other words, the songs and rituals of the new age/Gaia worship are ways that facilitate possession by non-human entities. Also, all the emotions that the participants direct towards the song feed the thought form/matrix and the entities it controls.So, the so called greens and new agers that give people lessons about how awake they are feed the system as much as any baby Jesus worshipper.It seems to me that all the ecological hype that is being thrown at us is at one level a way to create a global problem (fake global warming due to man) that demands a global solution (world government and depopulation,). On another level, it is made to herd the people that are waking up and locking them up into another belief system with gurus, rules and political correctness well, infinite beings that we are do not need gurus, rules or political correctness. At another level, the green movement is there to hide the fact that there is infinite (free) energy available) everywhere. But, at a higher level the green movement is nothing more than another scam to extract our spiritual energy through fear and duality in order to feed the matrix. In other words we are nothing but energy batteries… Before, I conclude I want to make it clear that I have nothing against keeping the environment clean, on the contrary, I am the first to appreciate a beautiful natural landscape, a forest or a sea however, what I am against is using this as a means to control the masses through lies, cheat, deception in order to rob them of their spiritual energy. Solutions come from within and not from a so-called guru or “mother earth” that are nothing more than tools of the matrix. Sadly, the green movement, like the five sense conspiracy clique is taking people that are waking up to their real self: infinite consciousness and throwing them back into the matrix. I suggest that we watch all the so-called alternative movements as the vast vast majority of them are scams of the matrix that are there to keep us away from our true potential. Only by understanding who we really are can we get out of the shite we are in.