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AF447 flight: crash or mass scale sacrificial ritual?

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On June 1st 2009, Air France the French national airline experienced the worst air disaster of its history where 228 people perished in the loss of the Rio Paris flight. In France there is still speculation about whether it was just an unfortunate accident or a “terrorist bomb” well when you have studied the global conspiracy for a number of years as I have, you realise that there is almost no terrorism: there are only illuminati controlled events. But, if you go even one step further down the line, you realise that even major accidents are not always coincidences, in fact a lot of them seem to be deliberate, organised events by the illuminati and the forces that control them. Well, the AF447 disaster seems to be just such event. The main focus around the global conspiracy is much more spiritual in nature: yes, at one level there is the will to create a one world government with a micro chipped population but, at another level the main goal of the conspiracy is to feed the thought-form/or matrix that is literally a thought-form of fear that controls us. To learn more about it click here to read my article about the nature of our reality… Every inch of fear that we emit, every fake emotion that we have are channelled and used as food for the thought-form and its guardians the reptilian aliens. Before, I continue I want to thank Matthew Delooze for all the information he has given, as without his work, I would never ever have made all the connections I am making now. Anyway, to go back to the subject, I would like to remind all of you that the thought-form functions like a computer program and that it is in base 6. If you study a lot of universal numbers, the diameter of the moon, of Saturn of the Earth, the number of bones in the human hand, the duration of a day they are all multiples of 6 if you take the ancient measure units…That leads me to conclude that the base of the thought-form/matrix is 6 just like the base of our computers is 0 and 1. Always keep this in mind for the rest of this short article. How is our energy extracted? Well, it seems that subliminal messages are involved. Psychologists have shown that when a painting is not signed, the emotional energy of the percipient is channelled to the picture whoever, when a painting is signed, the emotional energy of the percipient is channelled directly to the person who has signed the painting especially when the percipient has not consciously seen the signature. You see, the unconscious mind perceives absolutely everything and sadly, it is a miniature of the matrix/thought-form: in other words, it is like a computer program totally programmed by the though-form. It is the unconscious that is responsible for the aging process, disease and a lot of our automatic fear based reactions because it is programmed by the thought-form and the programming is then fine tuned by the education (indoctrination) system, the mind control devices such as television, religion, low frequency waves, chemtrails etc… That is why humans can be read like a book and that 99,9% of our reactions are absolutely predictable. They are nothing more than computer programs being played out by the unconscious. With this in mind, you can understand why the illuminati are so obsessed with symbolism and numerology. Each symbol, each number in major events are like signatures of the illuminati, the entities that control them (reptilians and possibly other types of beings) and the thoughtform that controls the reptilians, the illuminati and our very reality… Well, when you study in depth the air France flight 447 from Rio to Paris you find that there is so much illuminati thoughtform symbolism that you can rule out coincidence straight away. I will present you with all the facts and ask you to make up your mind.
The Air France flight 447 is numerologicaly a 6: 4+4+7=15; 5+1=6. Now you think that consciously many people will not notice this but as I have said previously the subconscious mind perceives everything and makes calculations up to one 1000000 times quicker than the conscious mind, so if you haven’t made this calculation, your subconscious has and has recorded it. Well the number 6 is a signature of the thoughtform. Therefore once the subconscious has seen the connection all the emotional energy that is directed towards that tragedy is transmitted straight away to the thoughtform and matrix.
The 6 connection does not stop here: The number of passengers in that plane was 216= 6x6x6. The number of crew members was 12=6x2. The total number of people on board the plane was 38x6=228. And 2+2+8=12=6x2. As you can see the number of coincidences starts to become overwhelming but it does not stop here. The plane was an A330 (3+3) and its number was 660… The Plane crashed on the 1st of June: 1st day of the 6th month and the first debris and bodies where found by the Brazilian army on the 6th of June (6/6).In the whole series of event you can see the number 6, the number of the thought-form appear and that means that there is in that event the subliminal signature of the thought-form matrix that keeps cropping up and all this is recorded by the subconscious… All the tears, fear and anger that aroused that tragedy was used to feed the system the thought-form and make it even more powerful and dense. But it does not stop here, if you do an in depth numerological study, you discover that number 33 keeps coming up. Now 33, is associated with secret societies (tools of the illuminati). 33 is also 3x11 and 11 years is the duration of a solar cycle and the sun is associated totally with the reptilians and the Illuminati… well, the numbers 11 and 33 keep cropping up in the AF 447 tragedy:The Airbus is an A330, It took of from Rio airport on the 31/05/2009 well, 31/05= 3+1+5=9.2009=2+9=11. So you have the 9/11 connection. 9 is a reversed 6 and 11 is the number of years in a solar cycle. Like 9/11 the AF447 tragedy has all the marks of the illuminati. But the coincidences do not stop here: the last verbal message was broadcast by the pilot at 1:33 universal time and that is 3:33 Paris time… The main pilot had 11000 thousand hours of flight at the time of the crash.The Plane left Rio de Janeiro on The 31st of May and that is the day of Pentecost. Now when you study the Pentecost feast you realise that its origin is the Harvest feast Shavuot. Now the God Osiris was associated with… Harvests. And the God Osiris is nothing more than the Egyptian variant of the first Babylonian hybrid/illuminati King Nemrod. In other words, like all so-called Christian feasts, Pentecost is nothing more than a modern version of a Babylonian feast. As I have said in previous articles, the Babylonian religion is a blend of the solar cult, the worship of the reptilians that control the Illuminati and the worship of the first illuminati sovereigns (Nemrod/Tamnuz and Queen Semiramis). So symbolically the fact that this “accident” happened on Pentecost tends to show that it is a ritual sacrifice to feed the reptilians and the thoughtforms through the energy of fear and sadness it brings up. Also, symbolically the fact that it happens on Pentecost or Whitsun (White Sun) is another subliminal signature of the Illuminati. And there is more: the bodies where brought to the Brazilian Island of Fernando de Noronha. Well Fernando de Noronha used to be called… Lent Island. And Lent is the beginning of the Easter period and Pentecost is the end of the Easter period. Well Easter comes from Ishtar, another name for Semiramis the first illuminati queen and Easter is also a solar feast. So the “accident” on a symbolic level is also a sacrifice to Ishtar and to the sun that was assimilated with the reptilian beings.These are just a few of the symbols found in the AF447 disaster. To me, when you go through all the symbolism it seems absolutely certain that this so called air disaster was ultimately a ritual sacrifice. As you now, the illuminati have technologies that are thousands of years ahead of what we know about and taking control of a plane and crashing it is child’s play for them. The goal was to generate a maximum wave of emotional energy: as this event is so laden with illuminati, solar and thoughtform symbolism it is signed by the very beings that enslave us, therefore all the sadness and fear it generated feed the ones who signed: the thought-form, the reptilians and the illuminati who are nothing more than soulless extensions of the thoughtform. Having studied in depth that terrible event, I am even more convinced than before that we live in a programmed reality that has made us its prisoners. The event was so fine tuned that it seems to me that it goes much much deeper the illuminati and their reptilian masters… It almost seems as if it was a pre-programmed event in the framework of our reality: in fact as I said previously, a lot of major world events seem to be programs being played out. The illuminati and the reptilians would in that case be a kind of a software that make sure the events take place as planned by the thoughtform… So, in this case the AF447 tragedy must be seen at different levels: at one level the illuminati that possibly brought the plane down with their exotic technology and that where responsible for the media coverage in order to bring the strongest emotional response possible. At another level, the reptilians that control the illuminati and used them to cause the accident in order to feed of the emotional, energy it generated. At a Higher level the event was programmed in the fabric of reality by the thoughtform itself… The illuminati and the reptilians being just pawns to ensure that it happens… The ultimate goal of such incidents is for the matrix/though-form to feed itself through our energy of fear and sadness… On that day people seemed to have been programmed by the thought-form to loose their life whatever the cost. Did you know that a lot of people that were not supposed to be it that plane found themselves in it through “coincidences”. Did you also know that a couple that missed the plane because of a traffic problem of some sort died a few hours latter in a car accident? To me there seems to be kind of death program that is activated by the thought-form… Once it is activated there is no way to avoid it unless we manage to become fully conscious and brake out. That program seems to go much further than mind-mind control or even an extraterrestrial connection. It almost feels as if the matrix is laughing at us stupid humans. Whatever the nature of the program their had to be 216 passengers on the plane for the ritual to play itself out…
What is there to do about all this? Well first of all we have to understand that the thought-form feeds upon our emotions and that these are feed to it through the signature it or its extensions the illuminati leave. That is why it is crucial to understand the extent of rituals that are carried out in our daily lives through disasters, music concerts, symbolism, TV politics, religion… . All these rituals have in common that the fact that they are signed by the thoughform or/and the illuminati through subliminal symbolism and numerology. When the subconscious sees the signature, always remembers that it sends through the DNA the emotional energy to the person who has signed and that especially if we are not aware of the signature. If we are aware of the signature we can still be emotional but consciously choose not to give our emotions to whatever has signed the event. So knowing that there is subliminal symbolism helps. Awareness is the key. We must also remember who we are and stop giving away our infinite power to gurus, politicians, and scientists… Only then can we stop feeding the thoughtform that is based on fear and duality (hierarchy)… The choice is in our hands and nobody else’s…
Again a big think you to Matthew Delooze for helping me wake up.

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