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The Norway events. A look behind the big picture: the illuminati, extraterrestrial and stargate connection.


On July the 22 2011, the city of Oslo made headlines when a bomb attack killed 8 people. An hour and a half latter a mad gunmen set fire on a group of young people at the Utoya Island killing 69 people. As soon as this horrific event happened, the pathetic mainstream press blamed the killing on a lone nutter obsessed with video games and the far right.

However, as with most things that happen on our planet, this is pack of lies. You see dear reader, we are constantly being feed by the pathetic media a totally fake version of reality in fact, the more I see the way world events are explained by the news, but also by a good portion of the alternative movement, the more I am convinced that we are living in a totally make believe world. We are being sold a totally make believe world and sadly most people are buying into it. This is essentially caused by the ego/subconscious that has been programmed through genetic modification by soulless reptilian/amphibian beings to live of fear and to follow the opinion of the masses, opinion that is shaped by the Jesuit/Nazi/Zionist controlled educational system, religions and pathetic masses. As I pointed out in a previous article: the subconscious/ego literally acts like a parasite within us and the more I see people, the more I think that the vast vast vast majority of them are under almost total control of the ego that acts like the thought form/matrix within us. My friends: we are literally living in a physical spiritual prison and until we really take control of our true divinity we will serve as nothing more than batteries to feed the soulless beings and thought-form that control our reality that is totally illusory.

Anyway back to our subject: in this short article, I will attempt to demonstrate that the horrific events in Norway where orchestrated by the CIA/Mossad and the secret societies that control them. But I will also show that beyond the political motivations, the events in Norway where a gigantic satanic ritual at a worldwide scale in order to milk humanity of our emotions of fear. Yes, dear reader the beings that control us and their master the matrix/thought-form do not consider us more than a food source. Literally. You see, these soulless beings not only feed of our emotional energy of fear but, they feed of the blood of people that are sacrificed during horrendous satanic rituals that are the cancer of society. They involve the pathetic rich, famous and also a good portion of the so called global elite. They are responsible for tens of thousands of death each year and they occur in every country in the world. They involve many famous politicians the world over. These rituals open doors where soulless beings can feed of the energy of fear they create and also possess participants that are members of illuminati bloodlines. These bloodlines possess more reptilian/amphibian genes than other humans which makes them easier to possess. (Humanity was basically genetically modified by a number of ET races and I will produce an major article on that subject in the not too distant future). Also, I will show that the Utoya shout out was destined to open certain dimensional doorways in order to let in certain entities that are extensions of the matrix/thought form.

First of all when one studies the Utoya/Oslo events on a purely five sense level, there are many reasons why the illuminati and the secret society network carried out the horrific atrocities.

·         The Norwegian government had recognized the Palestinian state

·         The Norwegian minister of education had called for military action against Israel

·         The Foreign minister of Norway basically described (and rightly so) Gaza as a concentration camp

·         The Norwegian planes were going to stop ruthlessly bombing Libya in the Nato campaign based on a pack of lies to oust Kaddafi

·         The youth’s killed one Utoya Island summer camp where amongst other things discussing on how to implement a boycott on Israeli products

·         There is the presence in Norway (as in every other western country) of a CIA surveillance operation using former police officers. I have researched that subject and I can tell you that the surveillance operation goes far far far beyond the use of former military and police by the CIA that is nothing more than one of the names of the illuminati secret services that incorporates Mossad/CIA/FSB/MI6/DST/IST that on top of the pyramid form a master secret service, the illuminati and soulless beings secret service

In western countries, those stay behind networks harass people that are too close de the truth. I am not a paranoid far from it, but I can tell you that in Paris, these networks are present in a good proportion of cafes and restaurants that are they themselves massively controlled by the Freemasons. The stay behind networks go far beyond the use of former policemen and soldiers, they employ former prisoners, postmen plumbers but also neighbors and even family members. I give conferences in Paris on the esoteric side of the new world order and I can tell you that I have suffered harassment by those networks. I will write about that in great detail in a next article. Anyway, enough digressions and back to our subject… The Norwegian government had by its position against Israel angered on a five sense level the Zionist/Nazi/Jesuit faction of the illuminati and that is not the thing to do… This is one of the reasons (on a five sense level) why the pathetic NATO is so intent on removing Gaddafi in a so called bombing campaign to “protect the Libyan people”. Let me tell you this, the NATO campaign against Libya is genocide: it has killed many hundreds of civilians and the depleted Uranium in the missiles is rendering whole sections of Libya inhabitable.

NATO bombing to "free" the Lybian people

Irakian people "freed" by the coalition

On the five sense level this is done to eliminate the entire “undesirable” to the illuminati and their masters. For those soulless beings the undesirable are basically all the free thinkers, the black race and so called primitive people that cannot be mind controlled. In place like Australia, The USA and Brazil “integration” programs for native tribes are nothing more than a cover to “westernize” them (destroy their way of life) and eliminate them through alcohol, drugs and vaccination programs…

At another level, the Nuclear war being waged in Libya, combined with the Fukushima (Haarp generated) disaster is according to French researcher Joel Labruyère a way of making the general radioactivity rise to permit the apparition of certain entities that would be used in a blue beam type project of a fake alien invasion or fake Messiah. I have no way to verify that information but what is certain is that radioactivity is an electromagnetic energy that has the capacity to open dimensional doorways. Anyway, I apologize for the digressions but there is so much information that I am receiving and I honestly thing that it is extremely important that I share it. Anyway back to Norway! I want to make an important point. The illuminati, New world order is not a monolithic block and events like the Norwegian tragedy can be viewed on the five sense level as a war between factions of the illuminati. It is important to remember that at the top these factions are all instruments of the thought-form and of different factions of soulless extraterrestrials that are basically fighting for the control of the human energy source. None of the extraterrestrials controlling the illuminati factions can be viewed as positive. They are soulless and are there for their own survival and the survival of the matrix. At another level, they are being used as tools to create fear and mayhem to feed the thought-form/matrix.
I have studied the life of Anders Breivik. Like with many “random shootings” it is impossible that he acted alone. Many witnesses on the Utoya Island describe the presence of a second gunman just like NATO troops carried out the horrific columbine shooting. Also, Brevik was the typical mind controlled patsy. First of all he is of Aryan stock with blond hair and blue eyes and it is a fact that people with blond/ginger hair and blue eyes are easier candidates than the rest of humanity for mind control. That is one reason why Hitler wanted to create a pure Germanic race… That is why satanic families are often (but not always by any means) what you would call typical Aryans. That is also why the illuminati have programmed in our ego, through advertising (mass mind control) and stereotypes that blond haired blue eyed people are the archetypes of beauty. That is also why Bavaria has such an importance in the eyes of the illuminati. Also, just look at the eyes of Breivik: they are devoid of any expression as if his soul had left his body.

Breivik totally mind controled

That is certainly the trade mark of mind control victims. That is why people like politicians, models, actors and actresses, princes and princess have so little expression in their eyes. You see, a good proportion of the world’s famous people are under total mind control. They are either from illuminati stock or are chosen by the illuminati because of their genetic stock. This type of mind control involves human sacrifice, horrific physical and sexual abuse, satanic rituals where beings are called in that literally take control of parts of the victims mind. These mind control methods literally fragments the ego and creates thousands of different personalities that can be activated through certain stimuli. That is why, most of the world’s famous people suffer from DID (dissociative identity disorder). These mind control methods date back to the Sumerian/Egyptian period but were perfected by the Nazis in the concentration camps and then by the intelligence agencies of different countries (including the so called western democracies). You see Nazism never died in the war. The people executed in Nuremberg were just the small fry. The real brains behind them continued to work for the illuminati and today institutions like the British Royal family, the UN or the EU a nothing more than the fourth Reich and Illuminati fronts.

Anyway, Breivik is the son of a Norwegian diplomat. He was born in London that is at least on the five sense level the financial capital of the illuminati, with Rome being the spiritual capital. This is akin to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who allegedly tried to blow up the Amsterdam Detroit flight 253 on Christmas day 2009. Like most “Islamic” suicide Bombers the underwear bomber was an asset of the CIA and under total mind control. His father was a former Chairman of First Nigeria bank and a Nigerian diplomat...

However, there is also an esoteric side to the Oslo bombings and Utoya shoot outs. These incidents go much further than the five sense level- a War between illuminati factions- on the spiritual level they were designed as a gigantic satanic ritual. First of all Anders Breivik was initiated in the Freemasons society, that is at its highest levels at least a purely Illuminati secret society. In Western countries at least, this secret society pervades many aspects of life. In France absolutely all major politicians, bankers and business owners are part of the freemasonic society. At the highest levels of Freemasonry that advocates “humanism” and “fraternity” the religion is Satanism (the former Babylonian religion) purely and simply. Sadly, most middle, low level masons ignore that fact and are literally manipulated by demonic forces that they do not understand. The appartanance of Breivik to freemasonry is another indicator of mind control. The Dunblane killer, Thomas Hamilton was also a Freemason and I am convinced that the Freemasonic lodges are fronts for mind control. During mason initiation rituals, certain words are spoken, certain gestures are done. Now each word is an electromagnetic vibration and in our illusory, holographic universe of the thought-form, everything is electromagnetic so each change in the electromagnetic construct of the matrix basically opens dimensional gateways that entities into our “reality”. So you see my friends, masonic rituals, Some Christian rituals and satanic rituals are there at one level to open dimensional doorways and let in entities that possess people with the right genetic structure. Hence, it is entirely possible that Breivik was not only mind controlled but possessed by soulless/demonic entities. Also when the photo of Breivik in his masonic apron was shown, it acted as a subliminal signature of the illuminati. As I have pointed out in my previous articles, the Ego can perceive illuminati symbolism and that symbolism acts as a subliminal signature that channels the emotional energy of the spectator towards the thought-form/soulless beings/illuminati especially and in that way feeding it. Dear reader, when the masses saw the picture of Breivik in his masonic apron, they did not consciously react, but their ego/subconscious did. It picked up the subliminal energy of the thought-form and all the fear and disgust brought about by these horrific events was used as a food source for the matrix. It was literally channel through the use of that symbolism that is recognized by the ego.

But there are other subliminal signatures in the Norway event. The date 22 of July is just another subliminal signature. 22=2X11. Now, the number eleven is associated with the duration of a solar cycle (a solar cycle lasts 11 years) and as I have pointed out in my former article, the Babylonian (Illuminati/satanic religion) is based on the worship of the thought-form, the worship of the soulless beings, the worship of the first illuminati kings and queens, the worship of Sirius and the… perversion of the solar cult. Hence 22 is recorded by the ego a subliminal signature of the illuminati and by the use of that number that acts as a subliminal signature, all the emotions of fear generated by the event are channeled to feed the thought-form. There are however many other esoterical connections that can be made in the study of that event.

First of all, the shooting and the bombing killed 77 people. Now 77=7X11. Another subliminal signature of the illuminati. Another way to milk us of our emotional energy. I am certain that this event like most major world events was planned years in advance and I am sure that it was planned to kill 77 people a bit like I am sure that people like Diana or JFK were conceived to be ritually murdered. I am digressing a bit but I am sure that the thought-form that functions like a 6 based computer can be programmed to a certain extent by the top illuminati and by the soulless beings. A bit like a computer program can partially reprogram a computer. This programming is visible through certain synchronicities and that ads another depth to the rabbit hole. Anyway, enough about this at the moment and back to Utoya Island. In English, the universal language that was designed for the use of mind control, Utoya is almost pronounced the same as Utopia that is defined as the perfect community. Well up until the shooting Norway and Nordic nations in general were considered “utopia” by the masses. That is largely false, as Nordic societies are extremely mind controlled, conformist and Xenophobic and countries like Norway have very powerful illuminati ties with the Current prime minister being member of the Bilderberg group (however, as I have pointed out in many of my articles the illuminati are a very divided group and that explains in part what happened in Norway but, there are no “good” groups in the illuminati: they work to control humanity and to give energy to the thought-form) but that is not the point and the point is that symbolically, in the eye of the Public the illuminati killed an Utopia on a the Island of Utoya. In other words, fear was generated as people think that no one is safe even in utopic countries. As everything is dual, the shooting at the Utoya Island can also be seen as the death of an Utopia and the birth of a new one: the Illuminati Utopia of a militarized, micro chipped and hive society. (The ritual of death and rebirth). I am certain that this shooting is a signal for coming events and that this signal can only be understood by people initiated into the highest orders of the Illuminati. It is no coincidence that the shoot-out happened on a heart shaped Island.

The heart is symbolic of love and the heart chakra and through the imposition of constant fears through manufactured wars; manufactured epidemics like the pathetic swine flu and aids, the illuminati are trying to keep people in constant fear to destroy love. Also, the heart Chakra (and the third eye) is constantly being targeted by the use of vaccines, food additives and the almost daily spraying of chemtrails and symbolically, it is through the heart that we have our intuition and that we see beyond the five senses. Hence the illuminati are literally showing us that they are trying to destroy the love and intuition that defines our humanity. Through events like the Norway incident they are showing us there plan. You see friends, in the world of the matrix, there is one rule: consent. Let me explain in more detail: for a manipulation to work, the person being manipulated has to consent in being manipulated. That is why all the plans of the illuminati and their masters are shown in the cinema industry, the book industry or the entertainment industry one way or another. It is to con people into consenting towards certain events and their own manipulation…. How many films were made on9/11 type themes before the staged event actually took place? Just think of the film “Knowing” that described in exact detail the deepwater horizon tragedy. The sad thing is people are so dumbed down and so manipulated that they do not even comprehend that the cinema industry is held by the illuminati and that a lot of films actually show the illuminati plans. By our silence we actually consent into being manipulated. Because most of us did not see the symbolism behind the Utoya Island shoot out we actually consent to having our heart chakra destroyed by the illuminati.

At another level, The Utoya Island belongs to the municipality of Hole, That was the were saint Olav king of Norway was born in 995. He is considered the eternal king of Norway and is represented by an axe is the Norwegian coat of arms. Symbolically targeting the municipality in which saint Olav was more is at the five sense level targeting the heart of Norway but saint Olav gives the name to an order called the order of saint Olav that is a masonic type order that has amongst its members many people from royal bloodlines including Elisabeth the second, Juan Carlos of Spain and former president of France Jacques Chirac.

 This order is symbolized by a medal shaped as a Maltese cross. The Maltese cross is reminiscent of the knights of Malta that is affiliated to the Jesuits/Nazis that is one of the most powerful secret societies of the illuminati. The Jesuits basically find their origin with the Knights Templar and Breivik was a knights Templar… All this symbolism acts as a subliminal signature that is recognized by the ego/subconscious of the Norwegian people in particular hence channeling all their energy of fear and sadness towards the thought-form/matrix! But at another level this is clearly a signature of the illuminati and it is put in the faces of people so that they consent by their silence. The trouble is that people are so manipulated that they buy the pathetic official version of events without saying a word and that even if they are blatant lies like 9/11. That is why people do not say anything when the real organizers of events (the illuminati) are discretely shown through symbolism or numerology. The masses are so programmed by the official media that they do not even see what they are being shown and who says nothing consents.

In the case of the Norwegian atrocities, the rabbit hole goes even further as a real journalist that specializes in the international Nazi network told me that the father of Anders Breivik lives in Limoux a French town that is not far from Rennes le chateau that is associated with the Templars, the Merovingian (illuminati) bloodlines, the Nazis and the presence of extraterrestrial bases. Also, that source told me that Limoux is the home of a secret society that is very active in the French ufology field and that basically spreads disinformation and lies. I can tell you that French ufology is totally infiltrated by the secret services, Jesuits and secret societies and that it is pushing forward the blue beam program (fake alien savior or fake alien invasion). As I have told you many times before, the hostile ET’s have been here for thousands of years, have modified the human form and have farmed our emotional energy for millennia. Also as much as I know there are positive ET’s that help us all the time; they are not our saviors… We are our only saviors. Through this study we can now see the clear connection between Breivik, the Nazi international, the bloodlines and mind control. Remember Rennes le Chateau, interested the Nazis particularly Otto Skorzeny during World War 2. It is also the Nazis who perfected the mind control techniques that affect many millions of people worldwide and at one level at least, it is certain that the Utoya shoot out was carried out by the Jesuit/Zionist/Nazi faction of the illuminati. At another level the Norway attacks were a mass satanic ritual to strengthen the thought-form and feed the soulless being. Utoya Island is situated on the Tyrifjorden whose name derives from ancient Norse tyri that means dead pine. Now Nemrod and the first Sumerian kings were associated with the pine tree and the pine cone that represents the pineal gland or third eye that is used to communicate with other dimensions. In fact there is a war being waged on our pineal gland by the illuminati/ reptilian /soulless beings through the use of food additives, vaccines (responsible for millions of deaths worldwide) and chemtrails, therefore we are kept prisoner on the densest levels of the thought-form and we perceive much less the energies that come from our soul consciousness and dimensions outside the thought-form. The name Tyrifjorden acts like a subliminal signature that is picked up by the subconscious and that permits the channeling of the fear energies created by the horrific event to the thought-form.

But there is one crucial aspect that people forget. A lot of satanic rituals are used to open doorways between this world and certain dimensions. It is through satanic rituals that members of illuminati bloodlines are activated (possessed) by reptilians and other soulless energies. Well, the city of Hole and its surroundings were know by the ancients as fairy haunts In fact, the Norwegian writer Jorgen Moe collected most of his fairy tales from testimonies of people in the region of Hole. In reality, little people, elves gnomes fairies are nothing more than creature from parallel dimensions, from other levels of the thought-form. These parallel dimensions can be accessed through stargates that are activated through certain rituals and through technology and I am certain that the utoya massacre was a ritual that was destined to open a dimensional doorway and let in certain vampiric entities associated with the thought-form matrix. In fact the 2003 war in Iraq, the current crisis in Yemen, the Libya campaign and the 100% illuminati engineered famine in the Horn of Africa are ultimately about energy harvesting and the control of stargates. Also, there is a possibility that the use of chemtrails, combined with the HAARP created Fukushima disaster and the use of depleted uranium worldwide is there to alter the electromagnetic properties of the matrix in order to let in certain vampiric entities. You see radiation emits electromagnetic rays that affect the structure of the thought-form that is electromagnetic and holographic in nature. I am sure that this is the fundamental goal behind the use of nuclear energy. We are coming to the end of a cycle of the thought-form and the illuminati will do everything to implement the next cycle that is the micro-chipped society were humans will be nothing more than batteries under the control of the one world government. I we consciously accept the microchip under the pretext of a savior (there is no external savior but only ourselves) then we will begin a new cycle all over again. That is why that the next few years will be crucial as we are at the end of a cycle and we have an opportunity to leave the matrix as it is less strong between cycles. However as with everything the choice is ours. Either we wake up to our true potential (divinity) or we continue to follow the illuminati and theirs mignons and start another cycle of fear war and suffering. The two keys are knowledge (if we are aware of subliminal signatures they cease to have an effect on us even if we don’t know the symbolism. Hence awareness already is a key to stop giving our energy to the thought-form) and  a peacefull non-collaboration with the system by refusing the vote, the draft and vaccination (genocide) campaigns. They have the technology; we have the numbers and the soul

Love to you


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Katy Perry Clip: Bluebeam in the making.

Here is the new clip of  totally mind controled Katy Perry and it is purely in the bluebeam mentality with the saviour ET theme....

Click here to watch

In the next few years, it seems more and more certain to me that the ET card will be played one way or another by the soulless beings (reptilians) and their illuminati stooges. Will write and updated article on bluebeam and disclosure soon.



Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The revolt in the Arab world... Or the next move in the illuminati chess game

Hello all,

Due to continuing health and personal problems I have not produced any articles since last October, However, I am happy to announce that all my problems are more or less solved and that from now on I will be writing more regularly. Also, I am planning a book on mind control… Anyway, in the past few weeks, the media worldwide have been on and on about the Arab “revolutions” and the so called arrival of democracy in the Middle East and North Africa… On the outside, the whole process looks like a spontaneous revolution of the people tired of years of tyranny and on one level it is exactly that…

Did you know that the so-called moderate regime of Mubarak brutally tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of people between 2000 and 2011 in the name of “the war on terror”?

As those of you who have read my previous articles know the war on terror is a total fabrication by the US/British/mossad/Vatican/Nazi intelligence agencies… There has never been any Islamic terrorism… Only CIA Islamic terrorism with Mr Photoshop (Bin Laden) serving as the patsy and bogey man.

Did you know that as I speak people are being brutally murdered in the prisons of the so called modern Moroccan king?

Did you know that the pathetic Saud Royal family, while imposing the strictest version of Islam on its people regularly hires planes where they carry out the most brutal orgies in mid-air? This information comes from a previous airport employee.

So, knowing all this any movement of revolt is almost natural against such savage regimes (that are by the way called “moderate” in the pathetic western press). However as with everything in the world of the matrix these revolts are created or at least totally hijacked to serve the matrix and its agents the illuminati and their controllers the soulless beings. That is why we have to look at who benefits on the five sense level but also on the spiritual level. The five sense level has been extensively studied by many brilliant researchers so I will be very brief about it, however in all the so called conspiracy community hardly anyone has bothered to study the spiritual implications. In fact as I have felt it in the last few years the whole conspiracy movement is getting stuck in the five sense matrix and it is becoming a real tool to control the people who are beginning to awake. It is crucial to understand that if we do not have the 5 sense but also the spiritual coordinates of what is we are stuck in another matrix that is still a part of the matrix/thought-form that controls our reality and that at another level we have self-created. Understanding what is going on at a five sense level will maybe create a better matrix but that better matrix (thought-form) will still be a matrix and we will never find our true nature (divine beings) unless we understand all the levels of the game.

So, on five sense level the game is at one level a game of banking. It is linked to the Islamic Banks of Tunisia and Egypt beginning to give interest free lones to the people.

Click here for link

That is a direct attack on the Rothschild banking system that lives on interests and on the IMF headed by sex maniac and Rothschild stooge Dominique Strauss Kahn.

At another level, the game is about replacing a group of illuminati stooges by another to make the population feel that it is free under the guise of a “democratic awakening”. You see there is a universal rule called consent and the matrix will be strengthened if people are conned to consent to be ruled by the matrix and its stooges the soulless beings and the illuminati. The consent is done through the arrival of “western” style democracy that is in reality a sham to make people consent to their own enslavement.

At another five sense level the Arab revolutions clearly show a war between certain lower illuminati factions. You see my friends; the illuminati are far from being a monolithic bloc. While they will collaborate to enslave and extract the energy from human beings, they will fight viciously to get the most of our resources and energy for themselves. All this division is enhanced by the higher illuminati and the soulless beings that control them. These fights between illuminati factions will create more wars that create fear and suffering that feeds the soulless beings and the matrix that controls them… As I will show latter in this article the main purpose of world events is to feed the matrix/thought form… In Libya we can blatantly see a fight between the Vatican/Nazi/Chinese/Russian and Vatican/Zionist factions of the illuminati (bear in mind that Libya was an Italian/Vatican/Nazi colony). At another level this fighting is orchestrated by the higher level illuminati and the soulless beings… This orchestrated fight could explain why Gaddafi a mind controlled freemasonic puppet is more or less supported by Germany, Russia, Brazil (with the US a home for the horrendous Doctor Mengele) and China. You see my friends the Nazis never really disappeared after world war two and went on to form a faction of the illuminati that is extremely powerful at one level. A good portion of politics in Germany but also to a lesser extent in France (the so called “Gaullist” faction), Britain, the US and elsewhere are controlled by that faction that is ultimately connected to Vatican secret societies linked to the Jesuits… Most of the regimes in the Arab world are controlled by that Nazi faction… Just look at Nasser’s Egypt. This faction will from time to time clash with the Zionist faction that is controlled by another branch of the Jesuits. This clash can explain at least in part the Arab “revolt”. At another level those fights between the illuminati factions are controlled by the higher illuminati. In other words, these factions can be considered like deluxe puppets and as I said earlier they will collaborate to a certain extent when it arranges them and their masters. That is alas the true reality of our occupied planet. You must always remember that here we are confronted with true evil.

At another level, these events are engineered to justify the further implantation of western (illuminati) agents in places Libya. Gaddafi, a mind controlled freemason lunatic and mass murderer, that was programmed at Oxford and Sandhurst was beginning to brake away from his masters. Hence, the genuine discontent in Libya was manipulated to weaken him and to replace or a least put him back under the control of his masters, the Nazi faction of the Illuminati. Also, at another level, the events like those in Libya are manipulated to cause maximum death and sadness hence the world gets a new “Saddam Hussein”, or new “enemy”. All this is then wiped up by butchers like Hilary Clinton who are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Also, in France this demonization of Gaddafi is being wiped up by a fanatic Zionist caused Bernard Henry Levy whose family was deeply involved in the criminal exploitation of the African people. Bernard Henry Levy then has the nerve to call himself “anti-racist”. As I said earlier on Gaddafi is certainly a mass murderer but his crimes come nowhere near the millions of people murdered by the Bush father/Clinton/Bush Son/Obama/Blair administrations in their wars to impose democracy. This is where you see the hypocrisy of the so called free western politically correct press. The creation of a bogey man like Gaddafi creates fear in the world population that then consent to give away their freedoms to governments. Also it makes the people consent to give away their national and individual sovereignty to a “democratic” world government in order to “protect” humanity from tyrants. In reality there has never been and never will be democracy in the matrix/thought-form. Democracy is a con to make people believe they are free so they consent to their own enslavement… Also the menace of fake bogey men like Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein or “Photoshop” Bin laden creates fear that feeds the thought-form and it is the energetic and spiritual aspects of what is happening in the Arab worlds that we must understand if we want to grasp the full meaning of the so called Arab revolutions.

First of all, the reality we live in is an illusory thought-form based on fear that we have created. The thought-form or matrix feeds of our fear and was created when we broke away from our true self: unity and divinity. We broke away from our true self in order to experience duality (separation). The trouble is separation leads to hierarchy (you are better than me, I am better than you…) and hierarchy leads to fear. Too much fear creates a thought-form that densifies the more it is feed through fear. Gradually the thought-form began to take a life of its own and instead of us controlling it, it began to control us and we became prisoners of an illusion. The sad thing was the thought-form began to understand how it was fed (through our fear) and began to create situations that put us in fear in order to feed it. This is why the illusion of death (we are divine beings so WE ARE ETERNAL) was created by the thought-form… So that we fed it through our fear. At the point the thought-form took a life of its own, suffering and illness began to appear. This moment is termed the fall in worldwide religions. In order to maximize the fear we feed the thought-form, it created soulless beings sometimes called reptilians or demons that modified our shape our shape and DNA in order for us to feed the thought-form with maximum fear. One of the keys of the modification was the creation of the ego or subconscious that can be compared to the thought-form inside us or a parasitic entity. I did an article on that subject in 2009 so I will not elaborate any further. All I will say is that the ego/subconscious is connected tour our DNA. It feeds of our fear and it is responsible for 99, 99% of our thoughts. In other words, each time we are not fully conscious, it is our ego that thinks for us. The ego feeds of our fear and is responsible for death, disease. Like a computer it can be programmed and it explains why people are so robotic.

Our DNA exchanges information with the though-form and basically feeds it through our ego (fear) dominated emotions. The subconscious reacts many thousands of time quicker than our conscious and it perceives symbols and the subliminal (behind perception). Keep those two elements in mind for the rest of the article. Another thing to remember is that the information we receive from the outside affects our subconscious that affects our DNA, which is then tuned to a certain frequency of the matrix/thought-form. The more People’s DNA is tuned to a certain frequency of the matrix, the more that frequency becomes our collective reality. This too is to be remembered for the rest of the article.

If we look at the events in the Arab world from a higher perspective, we can see that these genuine revolutions are hijacked to transform them into gigantic rituals to feed the matrix through fear and duality. Most of the demonstrations are staged in highly symbolic areas.

In Tunisia, most of the demonstrators took place near Kasbah square where are situated many ministries in Tunisia. At one level this is comprehensible but at another level, as Matthew Delooze explained so well in his articles, people are driven to demonstrate in those symbolic areas. These areas are ridden with monuments that act as the symbolic signature of the illuminati/matrix or soulless beings (reptilians/demons) that control the illuminati. As I have explained in a few of my articles, experiments have shown that when you show someone a painting that is not signed the emotional energy of the person goes to the painting. However, if the painting is signed, the emotional energy of the observant goes straight to the person who has signed the painting especially if the signature is not perceived consciously. Why? Because it is perceived by the subconscious/ego. The subconscious has the capacity of perceiving the infinitely small, subliminal messages and also illuminati/matrix/Thought-form/Soulless being symbolism.

Why? Because our universe is holographic (the whole is contained in the part) and basically, the subconscious is like a miniature matrix within us hence containing all the information of the general matrix therefore all illuminati symbolism is recognized by the subconscious and it acts as a subliminal signature for an event. Through the ego/subconscious all the emotional energy that we, participants and onlookers in an event release is channeled to the matrix as the symbolism acts as a subliminal signature. As 99, 9% of our emotions are based on fear and are governed by the ego they feed the thought-form and reinforce our illusory reality.

In the Kasbah square in Tunisia, there stands a green pyramid that was broadcast on all the worldwide television. This pyramid, that is a major illuminati symbol served as a subliminal signature of the illuminati that was picked up by the ego/subconscious of the demonstrators and of the onlookers hence all their emotional energy was transferred to the thought-form and its guardians the soulless beings and their pathetic illuminati lackeys. Also, the color green is another illuminati signature green being the color of the reptilians and one of the many names used by the arch programmer Joseph Mengele while he was working for the monarch project and the US government.

The uprising in Tunisia began when a young man set himself alight after having his small stall confiscated by the police… Even this tragedy, which set alight the Arab world, has ritualistic elements to it. Very often, the prophet Mohammed is represented with a flame covering his face… And the young man who set himself alight was nicknamed Mohammed… The flame is the symbol of the knowledge held by Nemrod the first illuminati king. So, at one level this terrible event is ritualized so that it carries the subliminal signature of the illuminati that is recognized by the ego… Mark my words, in the world of the thought-form when information leaks it is meant to… This tragedy was used as a trigger start the wave of arrest in the Arab world and believe me when I tell you that the illuminati press reported it in a way that it acted as a trigger and subliminal signature of the illuminati in order to drain the Tunisian people and the world population energy.

Also, in the English language that was created by John Dee for purpose of mind control, the word square reminds us the square that was a symbol of control in early Babylon and that is still used today in masonic (illuminati) halls. All this is recorded by the subconscious/ego of the participants and onlookers that channels all their energies to feed the thought-form. Also, Tunis was founded in the fourth century BC and is not far from Carthage that was founded by the Phoenicians of Babylonian descent. So even the name of the location triggers reactions in the subconscious. Also, like all ancient towns Tunis is built on energy centers therefore, the fear, suffering and death caused by the brutal repression of the revolt by the pathetic Tunisian security forces (aided by the French) was channeled more easily towards the matrix hence reinforcing it. So at one level, the Tunisian revolution was staged as a gigantic satanic ritual designed to feed the thought-form. At another level, the Tunisian revolution is the exploitation of genuine anger to replace an overt dictatorship by a covert one so that the people consent to their enslavement by the illuminati. You see, to manipulate someone there is a universal law that you must get their consent so that the manipulation gives maximum results.

In Egypt, the demonstrations took place at Tahrir square in Cairo. Again with the word square that was repeated to billions of viewers in English reminds us the Babylonian symbol of control and that evocation is perceived by the subconscious and acts as a subliminal signature of the illuminati hence draining all the emotional energy of the demonstrators and viewers worldwide. All this emotional energy is fear based and is like a feast for the thought-form and the illuminati. Also Mubarak resigned of Friday the 11th of February. Friday is the holy day for Muslims and the number 11 is associated with the solar religion (a solar cycle has eleven years) that is a vast piece of illuminati control. You see my friends all world religion are based on the perversion of genuine solar cult, the cult of Sirius, the worship of the Babylonian trilogy Nemrod Tamnuz and Semiramis and the worship of the soulless beings (reptilians and other guardians of the thought-form) all this mixed with the worship of genuine enlightened beings whose teachings are distorted by the illuminati in order to manipulate humanity. So the number 11 is another subliminal signature that is perceived by the subconscious and that is there to channel the energy of fear of the demonstrators and TV viewers. Cairo is also in the subconscious mind associated with ancient Egypt that was linked to the Sumerians and the beginning of the illuminati. Like all big towns it is situated on energy spots so all the fear and death caused by the Egyptian revolutions and its brutal repression can be passed on to the thought-form in order to reinforce it.

But the Egyptian revolution goes even further than that. At another level it was used to create or at least enforce a timeline of the thought-form… We can consider the thought-form like a gigantic video game with many many many possibilities. Each possibility is a time-line. The more humans are tuned to a certain timeline the more that timeline has a chance to occur. The illuminati and the soulless beings are always working to tune us to the timeline that contains the most fear in order to feed the thought-form/matrix with maximum energy so that they can survive. How do they do it? By programming our subconscious that reprograms our brains and DNA through which we perceive reality. If a certain percentage of the population’s DNA is programmed to a certain timeline it becomes consensus reality. Well in Egypt there was an attempt to create or at least enforce an apocalyptic timeline of the matrix….

On a film taken for mainstream television of the riots in Cairo, we clearly see a phantomatic green horseman.

 The Horseman is in popular culture the symbol of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. The green horseman symbolizes the horseman of death. The apocalypse, like all religious text is at one level at least an integral part of the collective unconsciousness of humanity. Even if we do not know the text they are programmed in the matrix and in the subconscious that acts like the matrix within us… In other words, the horseman is recognized by our ego. As most TV viewers are consciously unaware of the significance of horseman the subconscious kicks in and the horseman acts like a signature of the illuminati that altered the religious texts and used them as a tool of control instead of liberation. So at one level it is used a subliminal signature to farm the emotional energy of the TV viewers. At another level the green horseman, whether a holographic projection or a deliberate trick of light during the filming is recognized by the subconscious. This triggers the apocalypse program of the subconscious THAT ALTERS THE DNA OF THE TV VIEWERS. THE DNA IS THEN TUNNED ON TO THE APOCALYPTIC TIMELINE OF THE THOUGHT-FORM AND THE MORE PEOPLE ARE TUNNED ON A CERTAIN TIMELINE THE HIGHER THE PROBABILITY IT HAS OF OCCURING and there is a plan in the illuminati hat of staging a fake apocalypse to unite the world under a fake savior that will be nothing more than an illuminati stooge or even an ET race that controls the illuminati. This “savior” will then implement the nanochip and eliminate all humans that go against the new order. That is why I am extremely wary of all the hype that we are hearing about a so called alien invasion or about aliens that are our saviors…. We have already been invaded thousands of years ago and there are no saviors to expect but ourselves… Anyway the green horseman is for me a way to tune our DNA to the staged apocalypse timeline of the matrix and enforce that timeline. Also the Horseman and the apocalyptic way is shown to a vast number of people to con them into consenting to the fake apocalypse scenario. You see friends, so that a manipulation works, people must indirectly consent to it and for people to consent the illuminati and their puppet masters must show their plans… That is one of the purposes of Hollywood: to show the masses the plans of the illuminati. And as people are not CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF THAT THEY DO NOT REACT. AND WHO SAYS NOTHING CONSENTS. THAT IS WHY THE FAKE TERROR ATTACK OF 9/11 WAS SHOWN TO THE MASSES IN FILMS AND CARTOONS MANY YEARS BEFORE IT WAS CARRIED OUT BY THE ILLUMINATI… So, at another level the green horseman is to show the masses the future plans of the illuminati in order to make the masses consent by their silence and ignorance… THIS IS HOW DECEPTIVE THE ILLUMINATI ARE.

The events in Libya are also at one level a vast ritual to milk the emotional energy of the demonstrators, the TV watchers and the masses in general. In Benghazi were the demonstrations started, most of the demonstrations took place in Maydan Al Shajara, the tree square in Arabic. As the name indicates, this square is named because of the Atlas cedar tree in its middle. According to some authors, the cedar tree is associated with Tamnuz, son of Nemrod the first illuminati king. Also, the Atlas cedar is associated with the pine cone that is symbolic of the pineal gland or third eye that is used to communicate with other dimensions and that is used therefore by the illuminati to communicate with the beings that control the illuminati… It is the pineal gland the the illuminati are trying to destroy in the general population so that they do not perceive other dimensions and lose touch with their soul… Hence the use of food additives, chemtrails and vaccines that attack among other things… The pineal gland. So the tree acts as a subliminal signature that harvests the emotional energy of the demonstrators. Also, all the energy of death and fear linked to the brutal repression of the demonstrations was transmitted to the illuminati, the reptilians and the though-form through the subliminal signature. Also, Libyan planes defected to Malta, a Jesuit/Templar stronghold. According to some sources Malta is a vast opening to the inner earth that is populated by… A variety of reptilians and all this acts as another signature.

The flag used by the insurgents in Libya is the former flag that was used by the former kingdom of Libya. It contains the moon that is linked to Semiramis (the wife of Nemrod) and that is according to David Icke a major center from where our reality is controlled. Also near the moon we see the star that is according to a cutting edge French researcher a symbol of Sirius a very important point of origin for certain soulless beings that control the illuminati… According to Mr S a French researcher, the Sirius cult is even more important to the illuminati than the solar cult. Whatever the case the flag of the Egyptian insurgents is proof that at one level the movement is controlled by the illuminati at another level it acts as a subliminal signature in order to harvest the energy of fear and sadness behind the demonstrations and their brutal repression.

Also the Libyan flag chosen by Gaddafi is green and as I said earlier on that green is associated with Mengele, death and mind control and Gaddafi is nothing more than a mind controlled stooge that on one level was put into power to play the enemy and create a new war (satanic ritual) to feed the matrix and create an enemy so that people consent to the implementation of Nato as a world army. The mind controlled aspect of Gaddafi is demonstrated by his passage at Sandhurst a major center for mind control.

The western intervention in Libya to create a no fly zone (war in newspeak) is one of the sickest pieces of hypocrisy I have seen… At the moment I am writing women, children and men are being brutally murdered by NATO planes to impose “peace” and “democracy”. Innocent civilians are being poisoned by depleted Uranium contained in the missiles that are being fired by the Satanist leaders of so called western democracies. Mark my words, the war in Libya is at one level infighting between different factions of the illuminati. There are no “good” factions in the Illuminati contrary to what certain disinformation agents tell us. The only goal of the illuminati is control of the human race in order to feed off our energy…. At another level, even the lower factions of the illuminati are being used by the higher ones for the purpose of divide and rule. You see, at the level of the higher illuminati and the soulless beings that control them all wars are planned years and years in advance. They are satanic rituals destined to harvest the energy of fear that is released by all the suffering and death they cause… The NATO genocide in Libya is no exception. It was started on the 19th of March, the day of worship of the Goddess of war Minerva in ancient Rome. Minerva is a variation of Athena/Semiramis and the date of worship of Minerva acts as a subliminal signature of the illuminati that is picked up by the ego. Also, in the perverted solar cult the 19th of March is one day before the spring equinox… Hence, all the emotional energy of the victims and the masses who view the events on TV is channeled towards the thought-form feeding it and reinforcing it. That is the purpose of all the illuminati rituals from the ritual murder of thousands of men women and children by our sick “elite” in satanic rituals that are held in the heart of cities like London and Paris to the staged wars in the name of “democracy”… Sadly, the masses are more dumbed down than ever by the pathetic news media, politicians, reality TV shows, football games and they continue to give away their energy to this evil system…

What is there to do? Well first of all, we must start a peaceful non compliance with the system. Whatever the case violence must never be used as it just fools the thought-form. Imagine what would happen if young people in every country of the world refused to join the army…. There would be no genocide in Libya as no one would fly the planes… Also, there would be nothing the illuminati could do as we are seven billion and they are only a few hundred thousand at most… Even their technology would be nothing compared to numbers… That is why the first thing to do is to refuse to comply with decisions when they do not feel right IN THE HEART… Also, another thing is to stop cautioning the system by refusing to vote… In so called democracies, all major candidates in major elections are nothing more than puppets of the system. They are often compromised to the bone by corruption and Satanism… Stop voting and you stop feeding the system. At another level knowledge is a major way to brake free, that is why we must give all the information we have and transcend the fear of ridicule. For example when a revolution takes place we must see who and what is behind it before rejoicing. If a revolution using violence in whatever form takes place then you can be sure that it has been planned. Also, just knowing about the subliminal signature of the illuminati stops us from giving away our energy to them and their masters. (A subliminal message, according to mainstream psychology, stops having an effect on us once we know it is there, even if we have not noticed it! So we do not need to know illuminati symbolism all we need is to know it is there…). Finally we live in a holographic universe where the whole is contained in the part. In other words we contain the whole information of the thought-form. So by becoming conscious by living in the present and by giving love to everyone we can change the thought-form of fear to a thought-form of love were we remember what we are: divine beings of pure love. The choice is ours. Love to you all