Saturday, 2 April 2011

Katy Perry Clip: Bluebeam in the making.

Here is the new clip of  totally mind controled Katy Perry and it is purely in the bluebeam mentality with the saviour ET theme....

Click here to watch

In the next few years, it seems more and more certain to me that the ET card will be played one way or another by the soulless beings (reptilians) and their illuminati stooges. Will write and updated article on bluebeam and disclosure soon.




Anonymous said...

Very dark and sinister feeling about this, thanks for pointing it out. I saw Robbie Williams 'Let me entertain you' clip a few days ago and was quite shocked, as I have been out of the pop music scene for so long. And seeing it all now with new eyes and ears.
Glad to have found your blog, after reading through Matthew Delooze's work and finding he is no longer writing. I can't blame him, though perhaps he will finish and publish his book. I hope so. My very best wishes to all.

leo noury said...

Hi Aeve,

As much as pop music can be entertaining, it is through the frequencies it generates and the frequency of the music itself a very potent tool of mind control. Also, through the themes found in different songs it litteraly gives the masses the illuminati agenda. Through their apathy and ignorance they litteraly consent to their own enslavement.
I too am missing the work of matthew delooze it was brilliant and funny but I also understand why he left the scene. You would'nt imagine the amount of abuse, nastiness and cruelty I have been through at my very small level. I just hope he manages to get his book out
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I feel sad when I hear of this kind of abuse. It really shows that a nerve is being exposed. Soon after I put some of Matthew's articles on my blog I received a series of 3 emails over three days running with peculiar names and on each day all 3 were from the same country, Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium. The names looked strange, felt quite creepy and triggered something in me as I didn't feel quite right for some time afterwards. I wondered how words can do such a thing, but realising now about symbols and how we remember our enforced reverence to them over lifetimes, this sort of thing makes more sense now.
This sounds only very minor compared to what you, Matthew and others have and are experiencing.
I wondered after receiving the emails whether to write the experience on my blog so that these things are not kept in the dark. Perhaps it would help more to expose what is happening to us? I hoped Matt would have talked more about his experiences with the 'truth movement'. Perhaps it's a matter of timing for these things to come out. It will be shocking for some to hear but people need to have access to this knowledge to break free. I really wish my own third eye was in better shape to contribute more.
Take care,