Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The subconscious or the matrix within us.

The real nature of the subconscious


I am going to write another short article on what is in my opinion the biggest enemy in our struggle to find our true self: our passivity, naivety and fear when it comes to really doing something about what is going on. This aspect of the problem is sadly what is the most exploited by the illuminati and the powers that be to keep us imprisoned in this reality and in this system of death misery and exploitation. You see my friends, as I have pointed out in my previous articles, the awakening that is linked to the end of a cycle of the system is not only being hijacked by so called new age Gurus, “five sense” researchers that are at best useful idiots, at worst agents of the system. They impose a belief system, that if it is less rigid than the traditionnal values of the system is still in the system (matrix/thought-form) through concepts such as duality (hierarchy). The New age Gurus, will tell their adherents to pray beings of light, ascended masters or “extraterrestrial” beings to come and save them. Therefore they create a hierarchy with their followers giving their power away to the so-called beings of light. This duality literally feeds the thought-form that constitutes our reality. One of the fundamental aspects of the conspiracy is to make people forget who they really are : infinite beings that are absolutely everything, from the smallest atom to the biggest galaxy. When you understand this, you can see that worshipping ascended masters is absurd as infinity does not need an ascended master. All this giving away of power feeds the thought-form/matrix and the entities that control the illuminati that are nothing more than soulless extensions of the thought-form. The five-sense conspiracy movement basically ridicules all the concepts such as infinite consciousness. Humanity is at the mercy of men in dark suits that meet up at Bilderberg clubs and other bohemian grove style satanic gathering. At one level this is absolutely true however, at another level if you do not realise just how powerful you are, you are kept in a notion of fear and helplessness. Well, the thought-form feeds off our fear, as it is a thought-form that is totally based on fear. Also a lot of so called five-sense conspiracy researchers talk about the notion of being saved by Jesus and so forth… They create more duality that feeds the system. They also tell you to join this or that political party. To join a political party=to give your power away to a political leader= duality (hierarchy). You must realise that ALL religions and ALL political parties are nothing more than tools of the system. The so-called alternative political parties (greens…) are nothing more than traps to catch people that are waking up and keep them in the system, in the thought-form. However, there is another more vicious and deceptive trap than any fake, illuminati pawn new age “guru”, or illuminati stooge conspiracy researcher: that trap is our own fear and programming that creates apathy.
The sad truth is that most of our thoughts are not our own: they are created by our subconscious that is a miniature version of the thoughtform.
I have come to understand that the whole universe is an illusion, a hologram. The characteristic of a hologram is that the whole is contained in the part. Therefore our subconscious is a miniature version of the whole thoughtform. It is what is responsible for our fear, illness, selfishness, hate and death. It behaves like a computer program that is many thousand of times quicker than the conscious mind, it is the subconscious thought of dying that brings forth physical death. Being like a computer program it can easily be programmed… The programming of the subconscious is what we call mind control… In our world of illusion and death we are all mind controlled to an extent.
The most evil form of mind control is satanic mind control that has many goals:

  • Creating multiple personalities to create male and female sex slaves for politicians, bishops, bankers, actors….
  • Creating sleeper agents to carry out murders, assassinations that can then be blamed on “lone nutters”. All the so-called school shootings are in my opinion satanic rituals carried out by satanically mind controlled slaves.
  • Create fear and suffering in order to feed the reptilians and other entities that are nothing more than soulless expansions of the thought-form/matrix

In a following article I will delve much deeper into Satanism in order to decode the different levels to it. It is my opinion that a great percentage of all nations politicians are Satanists (practicionners of the purest form of the Babylonian religion that is centred around the cult of the reptilians, the thought-form, the perverted solar cult and human sacrifice) or satanically mind controlled.
However, there are many other forms of mind control that are much more subtle than satanic mind control and they affect us all.

So called education or indoctrination that from the age of 3 or 4 tells children that the system is all there is, that conventional medicine cures, that politicians are there to help them and that physical death is inevitable.

Radio waves such as HAARP and WIFI that are able to induce subtle personality changes
Advertising that can literally reprogram the subconscious to the extent of inducing illness. In Paris, a famous cancer hospital ran for a couple months adverts saying that 50% of people would get cancer so that we gave to cancer research (research to murder people slowly in order to enrich the medical cartel and feed the thought-form through the suffering endured by people receiving “the treatments”). Well this message was recorded by the subconscious of many many people and their subconscious will be literally programmed to cause cancer to their physical body. Also all the symbolism found in advertising is literally a subliminal signature of the thought-form /reptilians/illuminati that is seen and recognised by the subconscious that will then literally channel through the DNA all the emotional energy caused by towards the thought-form and its extensions.
TV, the Press and all the Media are also continually programming the subconscious in order to align it with the thought-form in order for it to induce more fear to feed the thought-form

In most people it is the subconscious (program) that literally controls more than 99% of their life. The flame of consciousness that they have is totally bogged down by the program to the point where it is not even heard. The subconscious literally takes control of their life that becomes nothing more than a computer program. As I have said in my previous articles, most people are just executing a program, that is why people’s reactions are so predictable….

However, there is another category of people, who call themselves awake and spiritual, they might understand many things, go to so called alternative conferences, have “psychic” powers… When you dig deeper, you realise that they are also completely under the power of the subconscious and that is why most so called awaken people are not awaken at all. They will pontificate, give lessons and so on… until it is time to really act. These people may on the surface be more conscious than Tom Dick or Harry. However, when it is time for them to put their words into action… Nobody is there… Why? Because they are still separated from their soul, as soon as they intend to do something the program kicks in and tells them not to do so. How does the subconscious manifest itself: through fear….

I will give you a couple of examples: a lady, who considers herself awake, will still take antibiotics, have medical tests and vote… Yet, she will be pontificating about big pharma and corrupt politicians…. Why does she still continue to take the poisons of the matrix quacks… Because of the fear program and the “What if….?” Question. Fear and what if I will die, be de-considered and all what ifs are nothing more than programs from the subconscious and the thought-forms… When the soul speaks, there is not what ifs: you just know what to do and if you really listen to your infinity, you do it. If you are really in touch with infinity you refuse a medical system that murders through vaccinations, chemotherapy and so called treatments millions of people every year… If you are really in touch with your own infinity you refuse all political system as infinity does not need to be directed. In fact, you refuse a system that kills two million people in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of freedom.

Another man, I know will be telling you that 9/11 is an inside job and then in the same breath speaking about “evil Moslem terrorists” and the “evil Iranians”.( There are no Muslim terrorists and “Evil Iran” has never bombed to pieces a sovereign country). How can somebody be so hypocritical… Because of the programmed subconscious. Basically as soon as he begins to grasp a notion that could lead to liberation, or at least greater understanding of the matrix, the subconscious kicks in… What if?…. Remember what the news (propaganda) tells you…? And hey presto he is back in the program.

Another person, who called himself a researcher knew everything there is to know about the five sense level of the matrix. However, when he was asked to share the information at a conference he refused… Because he was frightened of the results it would have on his career… That is in my opinion typical thought-form/matrix/.subconscious speaking…

Also, the program of the subconscious stops people from grasping the big picture of things, therefore, they will dwell only on one aspect of the problem. The incapacity to grasp the big picture is constantly being programmed by the pathetic media into our subconscious. And this incapacity does not miss the so called awaken people… For example a lot of “awakened” people will be – with very good reason- saying how bad the swine flu vaccine is however, they will not say a word about all the other vaccines… THE BIG PICTURE IS THAT ALL VACCINES INCLUDING THE SWINE FLU VACCINE ARE THERE TO ENRICH BIG PHARMA, REDUCE THE POPULATION THROUGH THE DISEASES AND SIDE AFFECTS THEY CAUSE AND DESTROY OUR DNA TO STOP US FROM COMMUNICATING WITH OUR TRUE SELF: INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS.

The same is true with all the so-called “left wingers”, and “ socialist new-agers” that demand “free medicine” for all. They usually quote the film “Sicko” and hail the French and British medical systems as examples. Well, I am for free “medicine” for all but I am not for any “medical system” based on so called conventional (big pharma) medicine. ALL MEDICAL SYSTEMS BASED ON BIG PHARMA ARE SYSTEMS OF DEATH AT THE SERVICE OF THE ILLUMINATI… THAT IS TRUE IN EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. The only difference is that you pay for your death cocktail a little more in some countries than in others. Why do those awakened people not even think about the absurdity of a system that kills millions of people a year… Because they are programmed not to see the big picture.

The real picture behind the medical systems

But there is not just the subconscious to worry about. There are many many entities apart from the reptilians and the greys that are nothing more than extensions of the thoughtform/matrix… They are souless beings and act very much like robots. They thrive of fear and fake emotions based on fear. They are spiritual parasites akin to “demons” for lack of a better term. There only goal is to survive by feeding of our fear. According to Shakuntala Modi a cutting edge Psychiatrist a great number of diseases and mental conditions are caused by theses entities. Could it be that they contribute with the subconscious to programming us. Could some our thoughts be actually those of parasitic entities. This would confirm the sayings of Don Juan in “The active side of infinity” when he tells Carlos Castaneda about the flyers who have basically parasited the human race by giving it its way of thinking (based on fear and lust). These Flyers could represent our subconscious but also all the parasitic entities. All the frequency waves of television, the internet and wifi could open certain dimensional doorways enabling the entrance of many parasitic entities. Also, certain secret society rituals but also meditation and new age songs and rituals could literally be an invitation to possession by extra-dimensional entities. That would explain why certain New-agers are so passive and have such an empty look in their eyes. Most well known and publicized meditation techniques can be traps to invite spiritual parasites in….

Also, the subconscious program is there to stop people from receiving signals from the infinite consciousness and to think for themselves therefore it pushes us to follow any guru depending on our frame of reference it can be a politician, a doctor or a new age/conspiracy Guru. How many people have I heard in the called awaken circles becoming nothing more than repeaters of this or that guru. What the guru does, is create a thought-form within the thought-form that literally sucks in all of his followers. Therefore the followers are programmed by the system and also by the thought-form created by the Guru. They will then discount everything that contradicts what the guru says. This is why most so called 9/11 truthers refuse to even consider the work of people like Doctor Judy Wood because it is outside the frame of reference created by the 9/11 truth movement Gurus such as Webster Tarpley, Steven Jones and Reopen 9/11 ( the whole group acts like a guru) in France. Those Gurus are there to stop people from seeing that 9/11 goes much much further than a false flag operation. 9/11 is a satanic ritual at a massive scale using free energy and exotic technologies and the real perpetrators of 9/11 are much much more powerful than a group of neocons in black suits… Anyway the concept of thought-forms within thought-forms also explains why many new agers will blindly follow certain channelers, or whatever who tell them to wait and welcome the aliens who will save them in 2012… The truth is nobody will save us in any year. We can save ourselves if we reclaim our infinity and divinity.

So, you see my friends that most so called awakened people are just as bogged down as others. The cause of this is the programming of their subconscious that induces fear and sheep like behaviour. The program is so widespread and so dense that a lot people will always be living in the illusion of being awake when they are totally dumbed down. Do you understand why the illuminati let alternative conferences take place: because they know very well that most people will not do a dam thing: they are too mind control by their subconscious to do anything. Also they know very well that most people are almost blind in the sense that they will never grasp the big picture of things. Therefore they will be very easily manipulated through belief and indoctrination. Lastly as I have said in other articles, most of the so called alternative movement is infiltrated or even created to keep the so called people that are awakening in line. Why because the illuminati know that the subconscious is equipped with a follow the leader program… The only way to escape the programming of the subconscious is to ACT. TO DO WHAT THE SOUL(INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS) TELLS YOU TO DO. HOW DO YOU NO WHEN THE SOUL SPEAKS? THE SOUL NEVER SAYS WHAT IF? WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY ABOUT ME? The soul tells you to act. How do you act? By doing what is right. What is right is to not collaborate with a system that poisons millions of children a year, that kills untold numbers of people in satanic rituals, that bombs the crap out of innocent women and children in the name of so called freedom. That is why we need a massive campaign of peaceful non collaboration through refusing the army, vaccination, the vote, the medical system. We also need to inform about all that we know so we can reclaim our true power and divinity. Going to a conference will not solve anything… It is only by being active that we will get anywhere.




Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Positive thinking

Anonymous said...

Wow this website is telling truth in a very clear concise way. I have been wrestling with THE MATRIX programming for many years. I think differently and I thank you for writing this information for us to read, digest, consider so we can as you say ACT.

leo noury said...

Thanks to both of you for the support


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed Leo. Your views are very refreshing and I agree with what you're saying. Those that are experiencing awakening are in the fight of their life with the ego (what you call subconscious...same thing). Yes, ACT! That's it...stop analyzing and just DO. You CAN turn off the programming with various energy techniques...this I've tried and it works. In the place of unwanted thoughts is just space...pure & clean. At least for awhile...until another program shows up! With diligent work you can clean your hard drive (mind). THEN things get really interesting. Freedom isn't for the faint of heart, that's for sure!

leo noury said...

Hello anonymous,

You are right, freedom is not for the faint of heart. I know so many people who just refuse to even admit the fact that we have been conned and enslaved by soulless beings... I think that the most important thing to do is to conscious as much as possible.