Wednesday, 30 September 2009

2012 and the Illuminati propaganda.


Spiritual awakening is a long and difficult experience, it brings about a lot of pain, conflict and suffering as you begin to realise just how much the whole system is nothing more than a flytrap. As I have pointed out many many times, there is no conspiracy, the system itself is the conspiracy. We have always been enslaved by the thought-form that constitutes our reality. The reptilians and other parasitic entities are nothing more than soulless extensions of the thought-form. They basically control the illuminati, that are hybrid families that have always occupied the real power in this world. The system functions as a computer program that has literally enslaved us. One of the biggest strengths of the thought-form/ reptilian/ illuminati system is to recuperate any opposition that develops against it in order to change it into a tool of the system. How does it do this? By manipulating the fear of humans, their sheep like mentality and their refusal to face facts that comes from the subconscious and that is part of the matrix programming. That is why most humans will follow a guru/conman that will tell them that they will be saved if they do what he says.
Yes, most of the New-age/conspiracy/ spiritual and UFO movements have been totally taken over by the illuminati, to milk fear and duality out of humans… The whole matrix/thoughftorm is based on fear and duality (hierarchy, giving away our infinite power to others through fear). One of the greatest ways used by the illuminati/reptilians to manipulate the masses is the 2012 date. In the next few months, you will see it crop up more and more in the so called alternative community but also in the mainstream with Hollywood films and so on.
In this article, I will try and explore what lies behind the 2012 date and I will tell what is the truth behind that date. I know my article might not go down well with the new-agers and religious fanatics but I am not here to please anyone: I am here to give no nonsense facts about a situation so we can try and do something about it and reclaim our true identity: infinite consciousness.
No, dear readers, contrary to religious propaganda 2012 is not the return of Christ, or the final fight between good and evil….Firstly Christ and the whole Christian religion is nothing more than a modern version of the Babylonian religion. Christ is nothing more than a symbolic representation of the sun. The Christian religion was created (like ALL other religions), to impose a version of the Babylonian religion to the masses in order to control them through fear… If you do not go to mass, you will rot in hell, If you do not obey the hope you will go to hell and all that shit. Baby Jesus is nothing more than a “soft” version of the Babylonian reptilian gods. However, when you give those facts to so called religious people you are told that you are an agent of the devil… These people are often so manipulated by their religion that they will not even consider looking at historical facts. In fact all religions are “satanic tools” (satanic meaning matrix/reptilian). Well, the sad thing is that many Christians, also Jews and Muslims are being manipulated to think that we are living the end times, the “Armageddon” as described in the apocalypse that was written as a text to keep people in a state of constant fear.
Why do most of the conspiracy researchers keep shouting out that we are living the end times: to keep people that are beginning to wake up to certain facts in the matrix of fear so that they will continue feeding the thought-form with their fear. You see when you dig behind the background of certain “researchers”, you realised that they are either illuminati stooges or useful idiots completely manipulated by their religious beliefs. In the US, many so called “conspiracy heroes” fall into that category. By shouting on the rooftops that we are approaching the end-times, they literally program the DNA of their followers to send an end time signal to the matrix in order to activate that program. Also, by telling them to pray god and Jesus to save them, they literally feed the matrix/thought-form through duality… We are infinite consciousness and infinite consciousness does not need any Jesus to save it. The truth is there is no Jesus to save us, Just ourselves. There are no end times to fear. We are infinity and there is no end times for infinite beings. There will not be a chosen few that will be saved. There are no chosen few with infinite consciousness. I cannot however discount the possibility that the end times could be staged, to get people to “unite” under a world government that would represent so called Jesus on Earth… You see, the illuminati have technologies based on holograms, microwaves, mind and thought-control many many thousands of years ahead and staging a fake second coming is child’s play for them…

Click here for a possible use of holographic technology

Why do that? Because there is a kind of spiritual law that says that in order to do something, you need the consent of the victims… To create a world government with a micro-chipped population the illuminati need the consent of the population. And there is no better way to get the consent of the population than staging a fake second coming. However, the human race is so bogged down with the swine flu hype, an the staged economic depression that is unlikely the illuminati will have to go that far to create a world government and a micro-chipped population… It is sad to say, but most so called awaken people are asking for international regulations to protect the economy from shark bankers… Well, the shark bankers were just the scapegoats for the depression, it was planned a long long time ago by the illuminati.

In France a lot of people are saying they will not take the swine flu vaccine. However, knowing the sheep like mentality that reigns worldwide, they will run like lambs to the slaughter if they are told they could die or will loose their job if they do not take the vaccine… Sad but true…

Another way to manipulate people is to tell them that around the year 2012, there will be an alien invasion and that humanity must unite (hear form a one world government) to face that threat. As I have said in my previous articles ( Project Bluebeam) all this absolute crap… The only invasion to expect is a staged one… that will be used in the last resort if humanity starts to wake… A fact that is very unlikely. You see, you must realise that there is no alien invasion to expect the aliens are already here…The reptilians and other spiritual parasites have created every system, every religion and have programmed us totally. They are the guardians of the matrix/thought-form and feed off the fear they induce. They have been here since the creation of the thoughtform/matrix. The false invasion scenario is being pushed forward through Hollywood and numerous films… Sublimaly these films create the matrix program of the so called alien invasion.

Another Trap concerning 2012, is the so called saviour aliens or beings of light scenario. That is utter shit. There are many many version of it. Basically, it says that we will either join a galactic community if we are worthy of it or that aliens, beings of light will come and save us if we “unite” (create a world government). This scenario is being promoted by many channelers, UFO gurus such as Doctor Greer (in a subtle way). Well basically, you must understand that the vast majority of channelled information is matrix disinformation. A lot of Channeling comes from the subconscious, the matrix within us, the program that connects us to the thought-form. Also, a lot of Channeling comes from illuminati mind control that is done through micro-waves and the HAARP project. Don’t kid yourself, these people can induce any thought in any person’s mind. A lot of channelling also comes from various spiritual parasites that are present around us and that feed on our fear and emotional energy. Many Channelers are no more than illuminati stooges and useful idiots that are used to herd the masses into this or that belief system.

Haar facilities one of the origins of many so called channeled messages

Real channelling that comes from consciousness does not give any advice, it bloody well tells you to act… And it is very rare. As for “the aliens our saviours” Guru’s just look at the names behind them and you realise that they are no more than useful idiots to keep people away from the big picture. The goal of this manipulation is to induce duality… Little me and the wonderful extraterrestrials type of bollux. Yes there are many many extraterrestrials that visit us apart from the reptilians and greys but they are here with their own agenda. Some are even quite benevolent but they are not our saviours. Any being that uses physical spaceships or that is in a situation of duality (separation) is prisoner of the matrix. It is only in the matrix that you need spaceships to travel. Also, this type of manipulation subtily introduces the idea that only those that follow the teachings of the “beings of light” will be worthy of being saved… What a wonderful way of making people accept the elimination of millions of people… It makes one feel sick.

Another way of manipulating people is to tell them that they will be many earth changes, that the vibration of the earth will increase and that all good human beings will ascend with the earth into the fifth dimension…The increase of the vibration, will eliminate through earthquakes, tsunamis and so on all human beings that are not worthy of ascending…All this ascension will be done with the help of ascended masters and beings of light… This is the most widespread form of manipulation concerning 2012 in the New age Community. When you speak to many “awakened people” they will all tell you about how things are changing how the vibration is rising and how the earth changes are god as there is evil that must be eliminated… All this is a big pile of shite. Most of this material comes from channelers and is nothing more than the end times of the bible revisited. All this, like the bible is pure matrix/thought-form product. This is used to manipulate people by fear (fear of the earth changes, fear not be worth of ascending) in order for them to follow any guru that can propose salvation and to stop thinking for themselves. Fear also to feed the thought-form and the entities it controls. This also cons so called awaken people into consenting genocide and population culling. At last it creates duality for it makes people give their power away to so called ascended masters and beings of light… Well, to tell you the truth, the ascended masters are nothing more than the Babylonian/Illuminati gods revamped. In fact they might very well be behind a unique world religion in the new world Order. Think of all the Maitreya lies and deception. Beings of Light certainly do exist. However, if they are still in dual (separated) state then they are still in the thought-form/matrix even if they are in a less dense level than us. Therefore, they are not gods, they are still manipulated by the matrix of fear. The only “god” is INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS and that is what we are simply we have forgotten it….
And yes, there might be earth changes but there again, most of them will be staged. Remember that the illuminati and the entities that control them are many thousands ahead of mankind technology wise. For me it is certain that Katrina, the Tsunami and the Bam earthquakes were all done through exotic technology…

So, you see 2012 is the theatre of many many deceits and manipulations by the Illuminati. The real 2012 is much simpler. In fact, it does not concern 2012 but the next maybe 10 20 or 30 years. The thought-form/matrix was created by duality, fear and separation from oneness. It is a holographic construct, a pure illusion that keeps us separated from our own infinite consciousness. It feeds off our fear and it basically functions like a very sophisticated computer program. It functions through cycles and around this period of time we are coming to the end of a cycle. A bit like when you come to the end of a chapter in book. At the end of a cycle, the thought-form becomes a little less dense and lets in a few more rays of infinite consciousness. That is why people have become aware that things are not right, this interval is very brief on the cosmic scale (a few decades at the most) afterwards the thought-form begins another cycle. It is a bit like in a book when you come to the end of a chapter, you can either continue reading the book or stop reading it. Therefore the 2012 period is an opportunity to reclaim who we are:infinite consciousness. However, the thought-form and the illuminati are conscious of this, that is why they have created and infiltrated all the so called alternative movements in order to herd back into the system people that are beginning to feel their infinite side. All the hype around 2012 is nothing more than a way to herd the sheep back into the pen. And sadly, judging the attitude of the so called awakened community, humanity is loosing an opportunity to become it’s real self: infinity. 2012 is a cross road. Either you reclaim your infinity or you go on to the next cycle of the matrix which is a microchipped society even more programmed than it is now. In that society, the microchip will be there to link to the nervous system in order to extract fear at will. Humans will be no more than living energy sources (a lot of them already are sadly). Nobody will help us to reclaim our true selves neither baby Jesus, ET’s or Beings of light… Giving away our power to anyone is creating more duality and strengthening our enslavement… We have an opportunity. Either we take it or leave it. The choice is ours…




Anonymous said...

i like this article allot and crosses over with some of what i say and write about.

i differ in that i do see tsunamis and big planetary changes coming. i got to these visions after a 50 day silent meditation so i could "kill off" as much of my subc / thought constructs as possible.

whether these will be illumnati induced or the divine flow of things i yet not know.


OBE from Sleep Paralysis said...

Damn it I am apart of the new age "spiritual awakening" alternitive movement I know something is not right but I cant figure out what, its not fair I thought we would ALL wake up due to some sort of intervention. I thought 2012 would be the begining of this and I still hope it is but no matter what I think, believe or feel its like I'm always wrong... I'm stuck, under control, when I thought I was waking up... And in a way I am but its like every time I believe something concrete someone like you comes along and smashes it to peices!!! HOW THE F#$K DO I FIND THE TRUTH when I cant trust anything or anyone including my own thoughts!!! I was starting to find hope, feel happiness and a spiritual connection to the universe but now I feel more hopeless then ever... What if they have COMPLETE control of the internet and everything I've researched is a LIE... If they have so much power, control and influence then how do I find the truth, I could be staring it in the face and not even realise its there... The powers that be, whoever, whatever they are I dont care, they must be stopped. We are not ants to be controlled, brainwashed and brought up in some delusion they created!! I want my life back... Infact I never had life to begin with! I am yet to be born and may never be... Damn it.

Anonymous said...

David R Hawkins says in his book Power vs. Force, that the book of Revelations is 'lower astral' visions of a man named John. He calls it hallucinations. Not from Jesus Christ.