Tuesday, 18 August 2009

From vaccinations to chemtrails and GMO's, the big picture behind the war on our DNA

Hello all of you,
I Have been away for the last three weeks so I was unable to post any articles, however, I have continued researching a whole variety of subjects including the war that the Illuminati and the entities that control them have been waging on our DNA. As with the whole global conspiracy, there are two levels to this a physical five sense level and a spiritual level. While most researchers simply concentrate on the physical level of the attack against our DNA, I will describe in this article the physical but also the spiritual aspects of all this.As I have pointed out before in many of my articles, we will never understand the conspiracy if we just focus on the five sense level of it. In fact, the more I study the evidence, the more I am certain that the so called five sense conspiracy movement is nothing more than a scam to lead the masses that are beginning to wake up in a dead end. Yes, at one level it is a good thing to know what is going on at a five sense level so that you can see the way the program (our reality) is unfolding but at another level, if you stay there you replace one prison by another prison. How many people have I met that say they are awaken because they know about the Bilderberg group, or the CFR… When you dig a little deeper, you realise that they are still in the trap: they will usually put all their faith in a far left or far right organisation that are nothing more than illuminati scams to herd back the sheep that are beginning to see that “something is wrong”. More importantly, they will still be totally trapped in the duality aspect that fuels most of the matrix. “We are the good guys, they are the evil guys”. Duality or hierarchy is a major aspect of the matrix trap. It is with fear and fake emotions one of its essential fuels. Also, they will often blindly follow certain conspiracy gurus and hence create more duality. Duality is a trap to make us forget who we are: infinite consciousness. Anyway, the crucial part is that the five sense gang will not even consider that there is a spiritual side to life and they will scorn anyone who says that our physical reality is nothing but an illusion. To Make us think that there is nothing more than this physical reality is one of the key traps of the matrix/Thoughtform: it creates a state of continuous fear of death that feeds the thoughtform that is fear based…The same is true about the New Age movement that says that all is light and that nice “beings of light” will come to save us. It is a pure illuminati construct to help recapture people that are beginning to wake up to who they really are. The New religion is basically nothing more than a new version of the Christian/satanic/ Babylonian religion. The new age” Ascended Masters” are nothing more than up to date versions of the Babylonian (hybrid gods). The new age belief system is nothing more than a scam to get people to give their spiritual energy to the thought-form and create more hierarchy (duality). All this ranting to say that if something is not studied on a physical and spiritual level without the airy-fairy blinkers we tend to put over our eyes than we are powerless. That is why I will present the five senses and spiritual level behind the attacks on our DNA.At the physical level, our DNA is attacked on all sides. One of the most evil and insidious ways for attacking our DNA is the use of mass vaccinations. Basically, vaccines contain aluminium, mercury and a load of other poisons that are genotoxic-lead to DNA mutations and Neurotoxic. Also, a great number of vaccines are made out of cells extracted from monkeys that are contaminated by retroviruses that insert themselves in the DNA and cause cancer. The explosion of childhood leukaemia and a host of other cancers that were basically unheard of 50 years is due in part to the imposition of vaccination in Children. Vaccines, through the neurotoxics they contain are also responsible for the surge in autism in the past 50 years. The swine flu vaccine that is going to be imposed to the masses in the next few weeks is contaminated with retrovirus as it is made with the use of monkeys. Also, there is evidence that the swine flu vaccine and all other vaccines contain nano-technology that seems to attack selectively human DNA. Also, many vaccines contain adjuvants that impair fertility. Is that why the rate of testicular cancer in young men has more than doubled in the past 30 years? But at the physical level vaccinations are not the only brutal assaults on our DNA. Chemtrails that have been spotted in our skies for the last 30 years are filed with barium, aluminium, dead red blood cells, and mycobacterium that can be used to transfer DNA. Barium and Aluminium are genotoxic and neuro toxic and dead red blood cells can cause immune responses that weaken the immune system. Also, it has been shown that Chemtrails contain nanotechnology fibres that are used in genetic manipulation: alteration of the DNA. Well since the spraying of Chemtrails begun there is a new disease that has appeared “Morgellons” were the person affected will develop terrible red marks on the skin. These red marks will be filled with fibres that are of the same composition as the fibres found in Chemtrails. According to patients affected with Morgellons disease, it seems as if the fibres seem to take control of their bodies. In other words, they do not seem to be in control of their thoughts. This disease has been reported in at least 50 countries. According to doctors who have treated Morgellons patients, the structure of their tissues has been taken over by those fibres. In other words, chemtrails are being used to alter the human form (more about this latter). Another way to alter DNA on a five-sense level is the use of Genetically modified crops that have been shown to pass on their DNA to any life form that eats them or breathes them in.
At a five sense level all these attacks on our DNA are used in a depopulation plan in order to rid the earth of “useless feeders” in other words of all people that are not useful to the New World Order.

In France many of the so-called elite openly say that a certain proportion of the population should be eliminated. Jacques Attali, the “man” who has been behind most French presidents be they right or left wing openly said that “old people” should be left to die. And it is that kind of mindset that is then considered a wonderful intellectual by the sycophantic masses… It makes me sick just to think about it. Well do you want to know the truth? Our world is not overpopulated. The overpopulation myth coupled with the environmental movement is a creation by the illuminati so that they get the consent of the masses to implement the new world order. The only problem is that the multinational corporations deliberately starve exterminate populations in third world countries by orchestrating famines and creating wars… All this is deliberate in order to fulfil the depopulation plans of the illuminati and their planet masters that have an interdimentionnal origin… But the perversity of the illuminati does not stop here, by altering our DNA, they are gradually changing us into chronically sick people in order to make us dependant on their system. Hence creating duality and consent…. For example a chronically sick person will be induced through the pathetic media to take this or that treatment to cure his illness. By the action of taking that treatment he will give away his power of self healing (we are all infinite beings that can self cure each other from every disease: simply the so called educational system tells us that we have to see a doctor-a minion of the pharmaceutical cartel in most cases-to be cured. Hence our power to self heal is stolen from us from the crib). Symbolically he will give that power to the system and will therefore consent to be more dependant on the system. The so called treatment he will take will then cause him “side affects” that will destroy his body a little more, enrich the evil pharmaceutical cartel and make him more dependant on the matrix/thoughtform. In other words, the system will give chronically sick people a slow and painful death in order to1. Make them dependant on the system2. Make them consent to the system3. Extract as much energy from the fear and suffering the chronic illness and the effects from the “treatments” (or legal poisons) induce. If you have read my previous articles, you will realise that the whole matrix feeds on fear and duality (hierarchy or giving ones infinite power away to the system)

But, there is a more spiritual reason for the war on DNA that is wagged on us by the illuminati. Sadly, most conspiracy researchers are so absorbed by the five sense side of all this that they do not even consider the spiritual part of what the illuminati and their masters are doing to us. Yes, at one level the war on DNA is about money and depopulation but at another level it is about stealing our consent, our spiritual energy but also about altering our perception. You see, real scientific research carried out in Germany and Russia has shown that we perceive reality through our DNA. In other words, the nervous system is not the tool with which we perceive reality: the real tool is the DNA and basically the brain is just an organiser of the image we get. That is why there are cases of people born with almost no cerebral cortexes that grow up with an average intelligence (George W Bush is not part of them). After a massive stroke, people that have up to 90% of their brain tissue destroyed will make a total recovery.Why is this? Because we do not perceive reality with our brain but with our DNA. The brain organises the image we perceive and the brain, like our whole reality is holographic. That is why the whole information of the brain is stocked in every part. So all your memories are contained in each part of your brain. That is why, if you get Alzheimer’s disease you never totally loose a souvenir but they become much more confused. I will not go into too much science but a lot of cutting edge research (real science that is sadly ostracised from most campuses) has shown that our DNA is basically a receiver, transmitter of photons (information) to and from the matrix. That is why so-called conventional science (illuminati/indoctrination science) calls 90% of our DNA junk. That DNA is called junk because those “scientists” are so indoctrinated by so called “famous researchers” that they do not wont to admit something that does not fit with their pathetic thought pattern. In my opinion, the “junk” DNA is the part that emits and receives information from the matrix. Therefore if our DNA is conformed in a certain way, it will capture certain frequencies of information from the matrix.

If it is conformed another way, if will capture other frequencies of information from or from outside the matrix.You see, the matrix is a thought-form, that functions like a computer program. It is basically a trap that imprisons everything and everyone that has forgotten what they really are: infinite consciousness. The matrix seems to have many many levels to it. Our physical reality is just one level or frequency of the matrix. The level of so-called “beings of light” is just another frequency of the matrix. Hence it is invisible to most of us because our DNA is not tuned to it. That is why when people say that “beings of light” will save us; I cringe because beings of light are nothing more than beings that are caught at a less dense level of the matrix or thoughtform. Yes, they are not trapped in our physical reality but they are still stuck in the matrix so there is nothing to expect from them. We and we alone are the ones who can bring ourselves out of all that shit. From the perspective, it is easy to understand why the illuminati and their masters are waging war on our DNA. They want to keep us stuck on physical levels of the matrix and crucially they want us to stop receiving through our DNA information that is coming from oneness (What is outside the matrix). Do you understand now why there are so many genotoxic stuffs in food, chemtrails and vaccines? Yes there is a depopulation agenda but deeper down the rabbit hole the agenda is to keep us stuck within the matrix… To stop us receiving information from oneness in other words. You see, once we reconnect to oneness, the matrix, thoughtform, that feeds of fear and duality cesses to exist and so do the reptilians and their puppets the illuminati that are basically soulless extensions of the matrix/thoughform. By manipulating our DNA through vaccines, chemtrails and GMO crops the illuminati are tuning our DNA to the densest levels of the matrix. Therefore we are stuck in this level of the matrix. Also, our DNA will then emit information that will reinforce the densest levels of the matrix and the matrix/thoughtform in general. A negative feedback if you like. And it seems to me that there are not only chemicals that can modify our DNA and our perceptions: Films, TV shows, the pathetic “news” and anything that comes from the matrix can send information that subtly modifies the structure our DNA, our DNA will then be tuned on the levels that are the darkest of the matrix. Then we will create and reinforce this dark reality and through our DNA will send more information of fear to the matrix feeding it and reinforcing it. In the Paris metro in 2007, was an advert saying that one person in two will get cancer so give money to the Curie institute. (The Curie institute is a pathetic cancer hospital were people are tortured with chemotherapy, and radiation therapy that are nothing more than legalised weapons of genocide… that destroy your immune system that is the best natural defence against cancer mind you, all that shit is refunded by the social security so in France you can be poisoned for free). Well that advert, tuned the watchers DNA to the cancer frequency of the matrix, reinforcing it and creating more cancer and fear of cancer (fuel for the matrix). There is also evidence through Morgellons disease that the whole human structure is being changed and not just the DNA. For what reason I do Not know but it will be nothing good for humanity cutting us even more from oneness and bringing us closer to the Orwellian new world order society. I am currently investigating this topic more actively so I will communicate any information to you.Anyway, it is crucial to understand, and Matthew Delooze has outlined it in many of his articles that the manipulation does not just concern the physical lifetime: it concerns the afterlife and the next lives: if your DNA is tuned to a certain level of the matrix, then your beliefs will concern that level of the matrix and you will create and reinforce that level of the matrix. The matrix spans this life but also the after life. Therefore what you believe in this life will be your beliefs in the next. If your DNA is engineered to just perceive the densest parts of the matrix, at the point of death you will directly reincarnate, as you will be programmed to think that there is only this 3 D terrestrial reality. Therefore you will be stuck here until you realise who you are: infinite consciousness. If you adhere to the Christian’s baby Jesus crap, then you will be stuck in a Christian heaven /or Hell (another illusory level of the matrix) until “guilt” (another illusion of the matrix/thoughtform) makes you reincarnate to serve as a battery. That is why all the religious crap is embraced by the five-sense conspiracy clique: to tune their follower’s DNA to the religious/apocalypse frequency of the matrix/thoughtform that feeds the matrix with all the fear it produces.The 5 senses guys like Alex Jones keep mentioning the end of the world/Armageddon crap: they are used by the forces of the thoughtform to modify the frequency of our DNA so that we tune in to the Armageddon frequency of the thoughtform. Through our DNA we then send emotions (fear based) and information that literally feeds that frequency of the matrix and reinforcing it….
Anyway, as with everything in our so called reality, the manipulation of our DNA, is much much deeper than the five sense clique and many so called five sense researchers want us to believe. Yes, at one level it is manipulated to make us sick for depopulation purposes and to give money to the pharmaceutical cartel, the biggest genocide machine on this planet. At another level however the war on DNA is done to alter our perceptions and to block us even more on the frequencies of the matrix/thoughtform. Why is this done? So that we reinforce and create the reality the illuminati, the reptilians that control the illuminati and the thoughtform want: a New World Order with a microchipped population. Why this? So that through our fear we can feed the thoughtform.. Also, our DNA is altered so that we stop perceiving the frequencies of Oneness, infinite consciousness our real state and real home. You see, the matrix is a thoughtform of fear and duality and the more we are tuned to it, the more we will emit fear that feeds it. But, what links us to the matrix? Our DNA and that is the crucial reason why it is being targeted: to keep us stuck in this illusory reality so we can continue to feed the matrix through fear. If we do not understand the spiritual side of the conspiracy then we are doomed to stay stuck in the matrix. At a different level than the dammed down masses perhaps but still in the reptilian matrix of fear and death. That is why the purpose of the 5 senses conspiracy movement is ever clearer when you study the way they analyse the DNA war: it is there to keep the awakened masses in the matrix. That is why I think that only way out of all this is to inform the people about the true nature and extent of the conspiracy. Only by understanding that can we get back in touch with oneness and infinity our true selves.

Love to you all

Leo Noury


roman waterloop said...

great article man, DNA is the tranceiver where we get the morphic resonance of our reality construct, it is the photonic serpent. You mentioned german and russian scientists who have found we perceive with our DNA, do you have their names or some link i would really like to investigate that stuff

leo noury said...

Thanks for the feedback, I was on holiday for a couple of weeks. I will send you the links on DNA ASAP as they are quite a lot of them!

leo noury said...

Hello Roman Waterloop,
Here is a link that summarises most of the research on the real nature of DNA.
Most of the original stuff is in german!!!
Regards Leo