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Mind control, the secret weapon of the New World Order!


In the past, I have dealt with many aspects of the New World Order, However, there is one aspect that is essential and that I probably have not presented in a detail enough fashion. That aspect is mind control. In the next few months, I will be posting a few articles on specific aspects of it. However, in this post, I will do a general description and present different aspects of the problem. You see like with everything concerning the new world order and illuminati, the problem is much much more complex and deep than most people realise. Today, I am absolutely convinced that the overwhelming majority of the world population are mind controlled… You see dear reader; mind control can take many many forms. But before we go into that I must give you a definition of mind control. For me it is the manipulation of the minds of people in order to limit their perception of reality and/or for the purpose of control and energy harvesting… Today, I am certain that we are farmed by soulless beings in order to serve as energy batteries to feed the thought-form of fear that constitutes our reality. That is the goal of the whole conspiracy and the purpose of this illusory five-sense reality… Mind control is basically used for many purposes.
.To put people in a state of permanent fear that feeds the thought-form
.To con people into consenting the advancement of the New world Order agenda
.To “reinforce” a certain frequency of reality, a certain time line
.To program a certain reality in the subconscious of people
.In its most extreme form it is there to create alters, multiple personalities in people that are selected as slaves of the illuminati…
.To replace the soul of certain human beings with an interdimensionnal entity that is nothing more than an emanation of the thought-form… A soulless being. These soulless beings or reptilians are the guardians of the thought-forms and the string pullers behind the illuminati bloodlines
The most extreme form of mind control is what I would term for lack of better words satanic mind control; it is extremely widespread in every country of the world. It is a form of horrendous physical and sexual abuse during certain rituals that are derived from the Babylonian religion. These involve human torture and sacrifice… Many politicians, prominent bankers, business men, show biz people, lawyers, doctors and so called pillars of society are involved in this type of practice. The inner core of this circle consists of the highest levels of the illuminati families. The goal of these rituals is to create a breach in space-time in order to communicate with certain interdimensionnal entities that have always manipulated mankind. Another goal is to feed through the fear produced by those rituals these entities. Finally there seems to be in those rituals the desire to “activate” certain humans through possession by these entities. These humans are usually from the known and unknown branches of the illuminati… Through the abuse and torture they receive from childhood in those rituals, there soul is literally pushed out of their bodies… It is replaced by a soulless interdimensionnal entity that takes over the body that becomes a mere vehicle for our enslavers. These possessed humans will they go on to become the so-called elite members of society. In reality they are nothing more than robots controlled by soulless beings that are nothing more than an emanation of a thoughtform of pure fear. This type of mind control is responsible for the death and slaughter of teens of thousands of people annually. According to one source, more than 4000 thousand people are sacrificed in satanic mind control rituals in the UK alone. This area where many so called “objective” researchers refuse to go. Sadly, if we do not understand this aspect, we cannot even begin to understand the level of evil that our so-called elites and their masters emit. It is only through total and objective information that we can end this conspiracy by reclaiming our true selves: infinite beings.
All this satanic mind control is also used by the illuminati to fragment victims minds through trauma in order to create “alters” that is different personalities that can be activated through trigger phrases and images. These fragmented victims then become drug runners, sex slaves and lead double lives without even knowing it. The so-called major politicians of our planet use these slaves all the time.
Also, these victims can be activated to commit certain crimes to facilitate gun control laws etc… If we look at the recent school shootings in the US, knife crimes in Britain and France, I am sure that satanically mind-controlled people carry out a large proportion of them. There is also evidence that a lot of politicians are total mind controlled slaves. These people are much more numerous than we realise. According to doctor Collin Ross, they are millions of them in the US alone. This is feasible because each alter in a mind controlled person will not have any consciousness of the other alters… So people in there everyday alter will almost never spontaneously remember that they are mind controlled…

Click here for a documentary on satanic mind control

After years of studying alien abduction, I have come to the conclusion that many (but by no means all) alien abductions are in fact screen memories for satanic mind control operations. In fact, one abductee told me that she was sure that some of her experiences with “aliens” were in fact mind control operations. However, the mind control abductions would still technically be alien, as it seems extremely likely that the strings behind the Powers that be are being pulled by soulless alien/interdimensionnel beings. The satanic mind control can be considered a genocide that affects tens of millions of people worldwide however; it is by no means the only type of mind control. It seems to me that today the entirety of this planet’s population is a victim of mind control through drugs, technology, the media, the entertainment industry and illuminati symbolism.

Today, through the use of “antidepressants” and other calming drugs against so called hyperactivity (a medical hoax, like the swine flu), children as young as 3 are being subjected to all types of mind control. In fact, those so called antidepressant drugs are responsible for many suicides of teenagers. A lot of them contain fluoride a deadly poison that was used in the Nazi concentration camps to stop the prisoners from rebelling. In fact, if one studies history, one realises that the same names appear in the financing of Nazism/communism/concentration camps and big pharma the biggest mass murderer on planet earth. Also, a lot of so-called mad gunmen in events like Virginia Tech are in fact mind-controlled slaves and one of the tools used in mind control is… Prozac. The Virginia Tech murderer like, the Columbine murderers was on… Prozac…

Click here for a short documentary on the effects of Prozac

The goal of the mass prescription of these drugs is to make people like sheep, and unreactive, a literal anaesthetic of the brain: Therefore they will totally consent to the manipulation of the illuminati without even thinking. The use of fluoride in toothpaste and in water is there to make the mind go to sleep in order for people to be more compliant to the illuminati agenda.

Click here for a short film on fluoride

As I have stated many times in previous articles, it seems certain that for a manipulation to have maximum efficiency, the manipulator needs the consent of the person manipulated and that consent is almost always obtained through fear and deception. That is the reason why there is this war on the human brain…
Another way to mind control people is Chemtrails.

Those are composed of Barium, aluminium, sub micron particles, biological agents such a mycobacterium… When you study the characteristics of Barium and aluminium, you realise that they are potent neurotoxins. In fact, aluminium is one of the causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and yet, every year it is injected in babies worldwide through the vaccination program that is nothing more than an operation designed to cull population and transform people into chronically sick individuals in order to make them dependant (giving their power away) on big pharma (illuminati/matrix)
Submicron-particles can interact with the structure of the DNA causing cancer. But, there is another twist to the story. As I have stated in a previous article, cutting edge research by German and Russian scientists has shown that we perceive reality through our DNA that acts like a radio receiver. So, if you change the structure of our DNA, you change the way we perceive reality… Now, it is interesting to know that Mycobacterium are can contain plasmids that are used to modify DNA…
That is why I view the Chemtrail phenomenon, like every creation of the illuminati as a multilevel phenomenon:
.On one level, it can be used for weather control, to generate natural disasters in order to blame them on fake global warming
.On another level it can be used to destroy the immune system and to spray the masses with bacteria in order to cull the global population. chemtrails have been shown to possess red blood cell membranes that can generate an immune reaction. Imagine the strain on the immune system when it is attacked not only from vaccines but also from biological and chemical agents contained in chemtrails
.On another level however, it seems very clear to me that chemtrails are used for altering our perception of reality… In other words for mind control. By altering our DNA and brains through which we perceive the world, the illuminati block our DNA on the frequency of physical reality, the densest level of the thoughtform…Hence, we become incapable of seeing through the matrix/thoughtform of fear and we stay blocked in this five sense reality without being able to perceive our real selves infinity. The Chemtrails are in my opinion a literal net to keep us in the five-sense level of the thoughtform in order to continue feeding it through our fears. This is done because when we get to the end of a cycle of the thought-form, as we seem to be in now, the thought-form gets for a brief window of time (an illusion also…) where it is less dense and where we can perceive our true infinity. If we do not perceive it we go straight into the next cycle of the matrix that will be the end of mankind as we know it with the microchip…

Another way to mind control people is the use of radiofrequencies, ultrasounds, infrasounds and microwaves and all this through the use of telephone mast, aerials. Not only do these alter the mind as it was demonstrated in the 1950’s but they also affect the DNA, our tool through which we perceive reality. Therefore it is altered to keep us locked in the physical prison of the matrix. I am now certain that a great portion of the so-called channelled information is in fact a form of mind control through the use of certain EM frequencies. A portion of this material is created for the soul purpose of creating a belief system to trap people that are beginning to see through the manipulation. The channelled “entities” often present themselves as saviours, as beings of light that will save humanity. The followers then get trapped into another level of the matrix where they continue to feed the system through duality (giving away their power). The use of EM frequencies is extremely widespread worldwide and I have the feeling that through the use of EM waves, the illuminati and their masters the soulless beings (the reptilians) are inducing in most of us thoughts that are not our own. That could also explain a good portion of people suddenly “going mad” for no apparent reason. Yes my friends we are being remote controlled into the next cycle of the thought-form/matrix: the end of humanity as we know it.
But there is also another form of mind control that affects us all but that we ignore because it is so prominent. It is the mind control that is administered through television, advertising, Hollywood…Before I go any further I must emphasise that our physical body is constantly emitting and receiving information from the thought-form. The information received from the thought-form modifies our DNA to tune it onto a certain frequency of the thought-form. Each frequency of the thought-form can be considered a timeline in the space-time continuum. The thought-form is constituted of an enormous number of time-lines. Its goal is to feed off the emotions of all beings that are trapped inside, therefore, it tends to try and sheep the beings trapped in it into the time line that creates the most fear (food) for the thought-form and its extensions the soulless reptilians. That is the goal of the entertainment/news/music industry:

.At one level to keep the masses into a total state of slumber
.At another level, to present a view of reality that is favoured by the thought-form through the fear it generates. Hence, when the masses see it, it reprograms their DNA to the frequency of the timeline presented… Therefore when there are enough people whose DNA is reprogrammed the timeline becomes physical reality… That is why many many many films showed 9/11 years before the event.

Click here for a clip on 9/11 in films before 2001

At one level those films where shown so that the masses DNA could be reprogrammed at a certain level to activate the 9/11 timeline. At another level, there seems to be in the matrix a law of consent. For the manipulation to have optimal efficiency, the masses have to consent to it and that is why key events like 9/11, fake global warming (think of the day after tomorrow) are presented in the entertainment business: so that the masses can be shown the manipulation. As the masses are so dumbed down, they are conned to consenting to the manipulation. How do they consent: by giving away their emotional energy through symbolism that pervades the entertainment business. The symbolism acts as a subliminal signature of the illuminati… As I have stated in precedent articles, the signature is captured by our subconscious and all the emotional energy is sent to the creator of the film/advert/song: the illuminati and the entities behind them.

Many so-called health campaigns are nothing more than massive examples of mind control:

.To feed big pharma through the money they generate
.To feed the thoughtform through the fear they generate
.To enforce matrix timelines wanted by the illuminati

For example, in 2007 the Curie institute, a cancer hospital (or rather a place of suffering, max experimentation and genocide) launched a campaign in the Paris transport system saying that ½ people will get cancer at some time in their lives

Click here for the advert

. This is utter rubbish as cancer can be cured and prevented through very simple means. The sad thing is however is that an advert like this can reprogram the readers DNA to the cancer frequencies of the matrix…. And that on a massive scale.

In this short article I have done a very brief overview of the different types of mind control and I think that today most of us are mind controlled in one form or another. This situation can be reversed if we bloody well start to realise who we are: infinite beings and what we are facing: an illusory thought-form that we have created through our fears and duality and that has conned us into the illusion that we are powerless beings…We are very powerful beings that have the strength to bring an end to the thought-form. But for this we must stop feeding it through our fear by exposing the whole truth about evil it generates. Very few researchers dare to even talk about the mind control aspect, yet I think it is crucial to understand it if we want to understand what we are facing…Also there are many ways of refusing mind control and the first is simply to integrate the notions that the Illuminati are behind almost every aspect of our life and that there symbolism is everywhere. Know that the symbols are there to drain our energy and there effect is very much reduced…Know that our lives are filled with mind control through the media, the entertainment industry etc…and the mind control works less (like a subliminal message stops working if the percipient knows it is there even if he has not consciously perceived it). I think that the crucial factor to stop this is to stop collaborating with the system by refusing vaccinations, antidepressants that depress you more, the vote and crucially by refusing to buy into the fear mongering generated by the illuminati(swine flu, fake global warming, fake terror…). Another way is to inform people about what is going on, even if the truth is hard to swallow as the truth will set us free…




Anonymous said...

have you written a book? I would like to know more. I find all this very true and it seems like you are giving some answers and that is what I would like to learn more about. I will keep reading

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Hello Rita

I am actually in the process of writting one but it is a long process will keep you informed.In fact the awnsers to all this are simple and complex at the same time. They basically involve stealing spiritual energy that is in the matrix reality almost always linked to fear.
Best Leo

Sasha said...

interesting, there's a new site that goes deep into this stuff - - try it