Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Israel, Iran and the big picture behind the New world Order or going where most researchers stop.


Just a brief post about the Anti-racism conference in Geneva. Again, There is massive complaint about a statement from the Iranian President who described Israel as a racist state. Well, in this blog, I want to shorly paint the big picture of all this. Firstly, The Israeli state is racist. When I say the state, I do not of course mean the Israeli people who like most human beings regarding their religion, nationality or skin colour want to live a peacefull life and have no agressivity whatsoever towards the palestinians or any other people. What I mean is the Israeli government... Bombing Lebenon with white phosphorus weapons and then Killing thousands of palestinians in the Gaza strip are for me acts of pure racism and not self defence. Treating Arab Israeli's like third class citizens is for me a racist act. The same is true about Ethiopian Jews. They are treated abominably by the authorities just because of their skin colour. One must also remember that Israel was supporting by arms selling the savage apartheid regime in South Africa because the Israeli leaders want basically any palestinian state to become a Bantoustan: in other words a reservoir for cheap labour like there used to exist in South Africa. So all the outcry that happened after yesterday's declaration is another proof of how programmed and servile the so-called Western "free" press is. It also shows that Western diplomats are nothing more than stooges that follow the party line and political correctness the "Newspeak" of the New world Order. Would they of walked out if anybody would of said that Iran, or China were racist states. I doubt it. This shows the extent of the programming of the masses and of the so called journalists and politicians. However, as always in this blog, I want to show the bigger picture.

You see my friends, a lot of Five sense conspiracy researchers do not even attempt to look at the big picture. They will stop at the edge of the rabbit hole and will say that the conspiracy is the fruit of "The anglo-american establishement" "the zionist lobby(a political movement that has nothing to do with the jewish religion)" or "the vatican". Therefore anyone who opposes one of those three branches will be hailed a good person, or on the right side. However, one must bare in mind that the illuminati, the hybrid bloodlines that control the world control EVERY SYSTEM AND EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE IN EVERY COUNTRY. THEREFORE, THERE IS NO "ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT", "ZIONIST" OR "VATICAN" CONSPIRACY. THERE IS JUST AN ILLUMINATI SYSTEM. THE SYSTEM ITSELF IS THE CONSPIRACY. The "anglo-american establishment", the "zionists" and whatever political or religious group are just arms of the conspiracy they are not the conspiracy. Even the illuminati are just vehicules for the reptilian entities that control our reality. The reptilians themselves are just soulless beings that are guardians of the thoughtform of fear that constitutes our reality. The goal of the thoughtform, of the programm is to create a one world governement with a microchipped population in order to extract at will all our emotions. For that they need OUR CONSENT. In other words they need to create duality (opposition) so that people ASK for a solution (PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION as described by David Icke). If one goes further the thought-form came about because we gave our power away to others (duality). Therefore, all "opposing" sides are at the very top controlled by the SAME FORCES. They are masks on the same face. That is why I cringe when I hear so called researchers saying that because he opposes one faction of the New World Order, the Iranian president is hailed as someone against the Illuminati.... NO NO NO, he is just another faction of the New World Order, another mask on the same face, another puppet of the Illuminati and the forces that control them. The Israeli and american "governements" and the Iranian "government" are nothing more than two puppets controlled by the same force, the illuminati. It is no coincidence that the Ayatollah Khomeiny that was so called "opposed" to the british was in fact a ... British agent. Why? Because all sides are controlled by the same force. Full stop. It has been like that for thousands and thousands of years. As Matthew delooze shows so well in his work this force controls EVERY aspect of our life including our entertainment. It is this point that most Conspiracy researchers cannot comprehend because they are still stuck in 3D reality (the thought-form). The goal of the thought form is to create a maximum of chaos so that people demand a one world governement with a microchip so that emotionnal energy can be extracted at will. The Chaos and the conflit are also excellent ways to extract energy through the suffering and fear they generate. So what can be done? Well first of all we must stop all collaboration with the system regardless of our race, religion or nationality. Remember those three things are just illusions to create division. We are ALL infinite beings and all powerfull but we have forgotten our true nature and the first step to reclaim it is by refusing the system in a PEACEFULL WAY. We can for exemple refuse to vote, to join the army to be poisoned through vaccination. Without our support, the thoughtform is nothing, it collapses. The second thing to do is to just BE OURSELVES INFINITE BEINGS regardless of what people think. Third of all realise that all that we see in the media is nothing more than a punch and Judy show with one force pulling the strings (the reptilians and what controls them). Only by seeing the big picture can we save ourselves.

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