Monday, 6 April 2009

Videos and a few reflections on 9/11

Hello all,

Just a few interesting videos on the technologies behind 9/11. First of all it is not the product of the photoshop Oussama Ben laden and his "phantom menace" network Al quaeda. It is in my opinion an pure inside job that has many levels...

A physical level, with the Neo"nazi"cons and the need to create a new Pearl Harbour as stated in the PNAC document.Therefore, 9/11 was planned by the men behind George Bush using conventionnal technology on one level. That would explain the numerous reports of a drone seen hitting the pentagon.

At another level however, the research of doctor Judith wood has shown that 9/11 was planned using non conventionnal "exotic" technology. This is a signature of the lower level branches of the illuminati that have access to technology that is many many hundreds of years ahead of what is seen in the pathetic mainstream press.

Click here for part 1 of Judith Wood's presentation;

Click here for part 2 of Judith Wood's presentation.

However, on a another level all the symbolism in 9/11, the whay it was planned, the fact that is was "predicted" in different films and even on the tarot card deck shows that behind 9/11, there are forces that are "extra-dimentionnal", "extraterrestrial" that control the high level illuminati and basically every country in the world, every belief system and every political party. But they in turn are just pawns of a thought form based on fear that is called the matrix, the devil or Ahriman depending on what you call it... This is the level you must look at if you want to comprehend the way the system works... All the following photographs show that 9/11 was part of the thought form, the programm for centuries and centuries and that in the illusory film we call reality, it was programmed from the start. However, this part of the game is only understood by the very high level illuminati and their non terrestrial controllers...

Tarot cart centuries old that is depicts eerily familiar 9/11 scenes.

Mario Bros film made in the early 90's showing the two towers burnt down.

9/11 on 20 dollar bill issue years before the event

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Anonymous said...

The tarot card is really strange

leo noury said...

Many Tarot cards are designed by secret societies that have a glimpse of the program that is our reality... Yes, many world events events are like programs (levels of a video game more or less) that are basically implamented by the reptilians/illuminati.