Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The voting scam, a spiritual perspective


I wanted to present you the French TV advert to incite people to vote for the European “elections”.

Click here to watch the Film.

As you must of noticed it is blatantly illuminati especially at the end where it is laden with illuminati symbolism. These symbols act as energy tools to capture the emotional energy of the masses. It works through subliminal imagery. If you are not aware of the symbolism, it is captured by the subconscious mind that is our connection to the matrix, hence the subconscious that is nothing more than a program that links us to the thoughtform/matrix. When a subliminal is captured by the subconscious it automatically channels the energy to the creator of the subliminal. In that case the illuminati. Therefore, if you are conscious of the symbolism you can refuse to give away your energy to the illuminati and the entities behind them and ultimately to the thoughtform and that is why the work of people like Matthew Delooze is so important. That is one level of the manipulation. But there is another level to that and it concerns the whole voting scam.
First of all, as I have said over and over again, there has never been and never will be a free democratic election. Whatever person, presents themselves to a main election have been chosen by the system. They are all conscious or unconscious stooges of the illuminati. In France, for example in 2007, a great many so-called conscious truthseekers turned for the so called “anti globalist” far left candidates, well ALL of them were hypocritical stooges for different illuminati organisations (controlled opposition). In other words they are there to recapture people that are starting to wake up. The same is true about the far right. They are nothing but pawns (willing or unwilling) in the world of the illuminati. If you think that the system would let anyone that is not working for it be represented in an election you are wrong. The whole concept of election, voting is on a 5sense level a scam to make people think that they are free when they are nothing more than slaves of the system. In France for example you need 500 signatures of MP’s or mayors or other people in the pathetic system if you even want to have a chance for running for president. One candidate who I had the chance to meet in 2008 wanted to run his campaign on denouncing the horrendous satanic rituals that are rampant in French and international politics… You know how many signatures he got….2. And the sad thing is, he still thinks that the system can change through voting… People are really self-deluded. But, on another level, at a spiritual scale, each time you cast a vote for whatever candidate you vote for, you say yes to the system, to the illuminati and the entities that control them and ultimately to the thought-form or matrix that imprisons us. If you look at EVERY election, in every country of the world you will see the ritual aspect to it all. In France for example, the voting offices open at 8Am sharp and close at 8PM sharp. Then, the results are announced at exactly 8:01PM and the winning candidate goes either to the place de la Concorde Obelisk if he is of the pathetic right or to the Place de la Bastille Column (Obelisk) if he is of the so called left. Symbolically he gives allegiance to the illuminati and the entities that control them. The symbol acts like a signature that is captured by the subconscious of the unawake masses. There energy of admiration or hate is then directly channelled to the thoughtform that enslaves us. We act like batteries. Symbolically the ballot box acts like a prison where our energy symbolically given through the ballot is kept. Also, the election evening on TV is full of illuminati symbolism that harvests our spiritual energy.
That is why, I think that any election or should I say sham election is nothing more than a symbolic ritual where we feed the entities that enslave us. They are much much more profound than just giving people the illusion they are free: they are there to capture humanity’s spiritual energy. That is why in my opinion; the best thing to do on any election day is to refuse to participate in the ritual. Full stop. It is no good to vote for a pathetic opposition, or “anti-system” party. All parties are the system or they would not be allowed to exist. The vote is nothing more than a way to say yes to the system. And when you think of it who has the right to order another human being. How could we be ordered around when we are infinite beings? The key trap of the system lies in the fact that we give away our power to another sources than ourselves be it a pathetic government, a so-called guru or “being of light”. That is the basis of our plight: duality. If you start to refuse duality, the system ceases to exist. The key for that is to refuse to go with the system by SIMPLY BEING OURSELVES: DIVINE, SEFL-SUFFICIENT AND INFINITE BEINGS.



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