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The 5 senses conspiracy movement, tool of the matrix

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I want to delve in this short article in a subject that is still taboo among many truthseekers, the fact that the five sense conspiracy movement is being used as a tool of the "thoughtform" or "matrix" that controls our reality. First of all, so we can go one I want to define the nature of the system that enslaves us. Yes, we are prisonners of a "thoughtform" or "matrix" that functions in the same way as a computer programm. This is shown in the fact that the same mathematical relations pop up in every part of the universe. According to same research the thoughform functions in a 6 bases. Hence 666 is the number of the beast. The programmed nature of reality is also visble in the laws of nature, for exemple the fact that buffalo cross the rivers in Africa where there are the most crocodiles as IF THEY WERE EXECUTING A PROGRAMM TO BE EATEN ALIVE, every two or three years, millions of lemmings migrate and throw themselves of cliffs as if they are executing a programm. Humans, if you observe them long enough act like totally programmed biological robots. The first reaction of the masses in regards to the blattantly exagereated and fabricated Swine flu scare is to be frightened and ask the good shepard governments for protection, the same is true with terrorism and other manufactured scares. Observe the people around you and you will see that most peoples reactions are completely programmed. That is why when you drive everything is automatic: because you programm yourself to drive. It is the same as with reality. From the moment you are born you are programmed by the environnement, by your family by the school system, by your work collegues etc... You litteraly become an automaton. There is also evidence to suggest that the programming continues after physical death. Our whole reality is a programm, a film that feeds off fear and emotions. When a war takes place, it has been for thousands of years of illusory time "part" of the program. The programm exists because at one type many many years ago, we choose to experience DUALITY as opposed to ONENESS. DUALITY creates fear through separation, FEAR creates hierarchy. All this created a thoughtform that litteraly took control of its creators US. This thoughtform feeds of our emotions and our fears and that explains why there is so much fear and suffering in the world. We have become slaves of the Thoughtform. There is at least one race of aliens that it an extension of the thoughtform, it is totally soulless and has no other goal than to create fear in order to feed itself and the thoughtform or "matrix" as some researchers call it. This race is the reptilian race and evidence suggests that it created or at least modified our physical body. It's stooges on the earth are the illuminati. They are the human bloodlines that have more reptilian genes than others. They where created to farm the rest of the human flock on behalf of the reptilians and the thoughtform. They farm human emotions and they create maximum fear through wars, stagged pandemics and satnic rituals. They are vehicules for possesion by the reptilians...
The illuminati and their masters control absolutely EVERY ASPECT OF OUR DAILY LIVES FROM RELIGION TO ENTERTAINMENT AND POLITICS. Their Goal is to set up a global government (NEW WORLD ORDER) to eliminate diversity and create a band of totally controlled robots type humans. The other more important goal is to create a microchipped population not only for surveillance but to extract at will human energy to feed the thoughtform.

The illuminati and their masters control EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIFE and the key point is that they also control the forces that so called oppose the system. That is the key point to understand. What you must also understand for the rest of the article is that the illuminati and the thoughtform want to keep us prisonner of the five sense reality as the five sense reality keeps us in the fear of death that in fact does not exist. The next point is that they want to create DUALITY (us against them, master slave...). All majeur events (911, the swine flu, 7/7, World War 1, World war 2...) are the creations of the illuminati, the reptilians and the thoughtform... Many people are particularly since 9/11 waking up to that Truth ,however, even those that are waking up to the truth are in the vast vast VAST MAJORITY of cases being Hijacked by the system.

In 2007, at the beginning of my awakening process I was watching a film projection in Paris about what lay behind 9/11. The event was organised by Reopen 911 France. At the time is was much more involved in the five sense conspiracy side of 9/11. Well, I was very surprised to hear before the film started, the organisers of the meeting telling us not to mention "the illuminati", "the bilderberg group" or "the Trilateral commission" because the subject created "disorder"...Anybody that would not respect that rule would be thrown out of the room... Well I was very shocked, those so called open minded people where in effect shutting down the debate. This started to make me think... And I began to ask myself, was the 9/11 truth movement another trap to limite us to a "thoughtform correct" version of reality. I spoke to many researchers after that and realised that a good many parts of 9/11 where being covered up by the truth movement. When a friend of mine spoke to a famous 9/11 researcher about the use of exotic technology weapons in bringing down the towers, he was laughed at. Well in my opinion two 440 metres tower falling at free fall speed and leaving nothing but dust is not due to jet fuel or classical explosives... The towers where litteraly disintegrated and that seems to be the result of exotic technology. This aspect is studied by 3 fantastic Websites:

Check the evidence

Dr Judy Wood

The living moon

Only a handfull of 9/11 researchers ever bother to mention the presence of hurricane Erin just A few hundred miles away from New York city... A hurricane can be generated by certain exotic technology systems and a hurricane can absorb all clouds for hundreds of miles around creating therefore a beautifull blue sky on its outskirts... Like in New York on 9/11. It almost seems as if the blue sky was created "for the televison" so that the 9/11 tragedy was made even more visible to the mainstream press. There is also evidence that the twin towers where not hit by planes. This is not the problem here however. The problem is is that even so called open researchers of 9/11 will not even consider studying what I have mentionned above. In fact they will ridicule researchers who try and go into the more exotic parts of 9/11. Well it seems to me that the official 9/11 truth movement is at one level another way of recapturing the people that are starting to see through one part of the veil. The movement will say that 9/11 is an inside job (the fact is ABSOLUTELY UNDENIABLE) but they will then say that is due to "the Bush administration" "the neocons" or the "Anglo-american establishment" and that no exotic technologies were used. They will not even consider the possibility of a much wider conspiracy envolving secret societies and certain bloodlines and they will scorn and ridicule the people who dare to mention exotic technology. Why? Because, energy is one of the key to liberating us from the system. If you have free energy you do not need to rely on the system. Free energy, exotic energy also implies the existence of aliens and other lifeform, therefore people would start to realise that we are not blocked in our five sense reality. In other words we would generate less fear for the thoughtform. A number of 9/11 "truthseekers" have actually participated in the suppression of free energy in particular cold fusion... So it seems to me that a good part of the 911 truth movement is there to bring people into a cul de sac. And seing the proportion it is taking is seems that a good part of it is controlled by the illuminati to turn people away from the energy and illuminati/reptilian connection to 9/11... One must not forget that David Ray Griffin, one the best Known and most vocal "9/11 truther" is a proponent of... A world governement...

Click here for David Ray Griffin talking about a one world Government

But the Five sense only conspiracy movement plays more sinister role in the illusory world of the thoughtform. It actually feeds it. It creates duality. You see, many many conspiracy resarchers tend to point the finger at a group or another "the Bankers", "the Vatican", "the City of London establishment", "the freemasons" "The bilderberg group"... and they are right to some degree. However, the groups they point out are not the conspiracy: they are just a part of the conspiracy which in fact is not a conspiracy. It is a program that has enslaved mankind for thousands and thousands of years. The groups cited above are just tools of greater forces, the illuminati bloodlines. They themselves are tools of reptilian and other alien forces that are themselves tools of the thoughtform... If you say this to five sense researchers a lot of them will go mad at you. Why because they are so intent to blaming one group or another that they create a new wall for there prison. And they get into the "us" against them mentality that creates duality and duality is another food for the thoughtform. They also have a tendancy to whorship better known researchers that accuse the same group as them. The better known researcher then becomes a kind of a god... In other words, they give away their power and create more Duality and fear thus feeding the controllers. Also, it seems obvious that a number of so called five sense researchers are either usefull idiots or downright agents of the Illuminati... By ridiculing the other dimentionnal and spiritual aspect of the conspiracy they knowingly or unknowingly keep their followers in the five sense prison that is a fundamental part of the thoughtform... A lot of the researchers also announce that all the problems we are living through right now are due to "the end times" or "Armageddon"... You have guessed it they consciously or unconciously trap their audience into the religious trap. They also seem to be used to participate in the stagging of a fake second coming (more on that in a next article).

The same is true about researchers that get caught up in the anti globalist movement. For them, the ennemy is "the globalist"and greed. But they call out fascism if you talk about the illuminati and they scorn if you tell them about the alien connection and free energy. Yet, they are the first to talk about "the oil lobby" conspiracy. I actually got insulted when I spoke to an ecologist anti/globalist about free energy because for him it was not "credible enough".... In france, I was told by an open minded lawyer -yes, they exist- that the main antiglobalist and far left parties were CIA fronts and that many famous anti-globalist leaders where CIA agents. Well the CIA is a branch of the Illuminati secret service. At the top of the pyramid, there is no CIA, FSB, MI6 or DGSE or whatever... These secret services are ONE AND THE SAME AS ARE ALL POLITICAL PARTIES: tools of the illuminati and the entities that control them. These anti-globalists are so brain washed that they demand: A DEMOCRATIC WORLD GOVERNMENT to balance the power of the "globalist bankers"... No I am not joking. The anti-globalist movement is in my opinion just another cul de sac to keep the people in the five sense prison and cutting them off from the infinite potential that their spirit represents. In other words, it is another part of the program.

The "Five sense conspiracy movement" is in my opinion another trap of the system that is deceitfull to its core. It creates Duality and hatred by targeting particular groups that are tools of the CONSPIRACY BUT NOT THE CONSPIRACY. For exemple a good many five sense researchers where targeting the Neocon-network as the organisers of 9/11 and as the core of the conspiracy. Well in my opinion the Neo-nazi cons were important tools in the organisation of 9/11 and important tools in the conspiracy but in my opinion they are nowhere near the top of the conspiracy. They where just evil executants. The real organisers are the Illuminati and the forces that control them (the thoughtform). 9/11 was planned tens and possibily hundreds of years ago. It was a programmed events. The "five sense conspiracy movement" starts then whorshipping all politicians opposed to the neocons (for example the Chinese government)... Well, China is Just another tool of the thoughtform as I have shown in previous articles. In fact EVERY country in the world is controlled by the thoughtform and they are being used one against the other to create war and fear that will lead to world government (problem -reaction solution as David Icke puts it) and that will feed the reptilians and their masters. Therefore the five sense conspiracy movement participates in the chaos wanted by the illuminati.

At another level, it keeps the public in the dark of the existence of free energy, exotic technologies and alien beings and therefore keeps the masses that are beginning to awake from seeing the vastness of reality.

At an even higher level the "five sense conspiracy movement" keeps the masses from realising that the WHOLE SYSTEM is there to enslave us and that we are living in a matrix type reality (the thoughtform). Accepting or giving consent to any part of the system is giving consent to being ruled by the thoughtform and the reptilians. So it is no good seing how evil the western system is and then idealising countries like China or Venezuela... THEY ARE ALL CONTROLLED BY THE SAME RULERS.

Click here for the interview of an ex-illuminati on China

The scientific, medical, educationnal, religious and entertainment industries are ALL CREATED TO enslave us.

But if you have the big picture, you begin to realise that the whole system was created because we CHOOSE TO EXPERIMENT DUALITY. In other words, it was our own creation that went out of our control. That is why it is up to us to change it. No good blaming part X or Y of the sytem and then following part Z. We have to start be refusing in a PEACEFULL MANNER all collaboration with the system (NO joining the army, no vaccination that poisons us, no voting that is symbolicaly saying yes to the system...). Violence and hate like a lot of anti-globalist or five sense conspiracy crowds only creates fear that fuels the system... We also have to start understanding the spiritual aspects of the control (symbolism, religion , mind control belief...). At last we have to start realising how powerfull we are. We are infinite beings,we are everything, every living thing, every atom, every star, every galaxie but by getting caught up in the thoughtform we have forgotten who we really are...There is no death just life. How can it be we are infinite... Infinity does not die. We must be conscious of ourselves and realise that everything is part of ourselves. By changing our outlook about ourselves we change the world around us...

Once a system of thought overlooks all these aspects it serves our enslavers (the thoughtforms and the reptilians) and that is why the five sense conspiracy movement is in part a tool of the matrix.

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Leo...not sure about john lear's site 'living moon'..he sort of contradicts himself by putting molten metal evidence up versus dr judy wood's version of events...looks like a muddler to me just like Fetzer and the rest.