Saturday, 16 May 2009

Great conference for all English readers! Important!

Hello all of you,

I am writing this short article for people living in or next to the Leicester region. On June the 20th Matthew delooze, of the Matthew delooze website will be giving a conference in Leicester. I have discovered his articles in the past few months and I can assure you that they are top quality and are in my opinion some of the best in the field. He is one of the only researchers that has understood the depth of the Illuminati, reptilian deception and how it extends into all aspects of our life and afterlife. However that guy hardly receives any support possibily because he "disturbs" most of the five sense conspiracy researchers that get locked in another spiritual prison by not even wanting to see the big picture and the spiritual deception that we are being led to by soulless entities. If you want to help a real researcher and truthseeker then don't hesitate to buy a ticket for his talk if you are in the Leicester region on June the 20th, he really needs your help and support to continue his very powerfull work

Click here for more details about the conference and to buy tickets that cost only 4 pounds for over three hours of conference.


Leo Noury

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