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The awakening that never was: Gurus, the New age and human passivity

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I was not going to write this article, however recent events have made me decide to write it. I am not wanting to be pessimistic, or to shatter people’s hopes that humanity but it seems to me that we are bogged down more than ever before in mind control (through the pathetic media, subliminal messages, Wifi Etc…) and in our own naivety. The matrix that enslaves us, its servants the illuminati and their masters seem to have more control over the masses than ever before. How? By having hijacked the awakening of humanity. I am not questioning the idea of an awakening that I will discuss simply, I am saying that it has been totally hijacked by the system. As I have said in an earlier post, we all live in a matrix reality, an artificial construct that feeds of our emotions and particularly our fear. Most of our reactions are nothing more than programs of the system… Artificial constructs that feed the system with our emotional energy. Our consciousness, the divine and infinite part of us is prisoner in an artificial reality (the system) that functions like a computer program. It is cyclical. And every so often we change cycle a little bit like when we change level in a video game. Whatever the next cycle, we are still in the video game. At the end of a cycle, we have a greater possibility to leave the matrix. It is a bit like in a book: when we finish a chapter, we have the opportunity to stop reading a book and go for a walk. Well at the end of cycle we have (in theory) the opportunity to leave the artificial construct of the matrix…. That is when the so-called year of change 2012 comes in. That year is nothing more than symbolic of the timeframe where we can if we choose leave the thoughtform or matrix it does not correspond to “the end of the world” or the arrival of so called saviours a lot of morons want us to believe. It is the end of cycle and the beginning of another one, a bit like when you change track in a DVD. The new cycle of the matrix is just the continuation of the old one and its purpose is to keep infinite consciousness trapped in order to harvest emotions. It is up to us and only up to us to make the most of the end of a cycle to leave the matrix. Sadly, it seems that humanity is missing the boat and in this article I will tell you why.

The end of a matrix cycle explains why people all over the world are starting to feel that “something is not right”. This happened to me in the late 90s. Between two cycles the symbolic net that represents the matrix gets a little less dense before densifying again in the next cycle. During the less dense period we can begin to feel a little more of our true self: infinite consciousness and start to feel that all is not physical reality. Before I go on I must tell you that the matrix is a thoughtform that feeds of our emotions and off duality. What is duality: it is giving one’s power away to a religion, a politician, a guru or anyone. It is also the us against them type mentality. That cannot exist, as fundamentally we are infinite beings that are absolutely everything… Keep that in mind for the rest of the article…

The thoughtform is absolutely “conscious” of this and through the reptilians and their soulless puppets the illuminati it has literally programmed itself to keep a maximum number of souls prisoner in its grip… And it is succeeding. What is this programming? Well there are many levels to it.

The first level is the five-sense conspiracy movement that takes in a good number of people that are becoming so called aware. I have written about it extensively so I will not elaborate. Simply, the five-sense conspiracy movement ridicules the people that begin to see the occult metaphysical side of the conspiracy and the extraterrestrial reptilian connexion. Just look at the 9/11 truth movement, it ridicules all researchers that dare to say that exotic weapons were used in the destruction of the twin towers. Well, when you study closely the truth movement, you begin to realise that its most vocal advocates were involved in the suppression of free energy. Why? Because free energy study is a way that could show people that there is much much more to even our reality than the system would like us to know. Also by blatantly ignoring the ritual aspect to 9/11, the so called truth movement keeps the masses from realising that the fundamental reason behind 9/11 is to create a satanic ritual to feed the thoughtform and the reptilians… They keep the debate on a five-sense level… “9/11 was for oil”, “9/11 was to expand the American empire”. Yes, it is true on one level but on another level 9/11 was a move to harvest humanity’s spiritual energy and create more duality that feeds the thoughtform. Through the five-sense truth movement many many people that are awakening are shepherded to a dead end. They stay prisoner in the matrix and continue producing more fear and duality…. You see a good many so called five sense 9/11 trutheers are nothing more than illuminati puppets that become gurus for the people that get trapped. I was at a 9/11 truth meeting in Paris in 2007 and I was shocked at the number of people who wanted to photograph the speakers that they were considering as gods (duality, giving your power away in other words). It is no coincidence that real open-minded truth seekers like Andrew Johnson or Judith Wood get no publicity… They do not have a guru like mentality and do not serve the matrix/illuminati acceptable version of events… As I have pointed out the real reason behind 9/11 was a satanic ritual to serve the matrix organised by the illuminati and their controllers the reptilians. The technologies they used where many many years ahead of “explosives”. A good part of the five-sense conspiracy movement also promotes the “Jesus saviour myth” and that creates more duality (little me that has to be saved by Jesus) that feeds the matrix. Also, people like Alex Jones constantly promote an end times atmosphere that feeds the matrix through fear, it also reinforces the religious side of the matrix and blocks people on the five-sense level. You see, the key of the system is to make people forget who they are: infinite beings. The five-sense conspiracy movement with its gurus is key catch for the awakening… and sadly, a lot of people get caught in the trap.

Another even more devious trap is the so-called new age movement, there the people are told about the nature of reality, that it is all illusory. Whoever, the “Jesus, Mohamed and Co “ figures are replaced with “ascended masters” like “Matreiya” and “Count saint Germain”. Therefore people give away their power to others… And more duality is created. The new age movement also teaches passivity… When something happens it is good for you. Hence, you do nothing about the matrix, nothing about the system. You leave that to “evolution” or the “ascended masters”. Well we are infinite beings and infinity does not evolve… It just is. The ascended masters are just a new version of the religious trap… A lot of new agers venerate the mother earth Goddess well; mother earth goddess is a modern version of Isis/Semiramis, the Babylonian Goddess that inspired part of the illuminate (satanic) religion. A religion that is responsible for the murder of thousands and thousands of Children Worldwide. Symbolically, the new ages venerate their enslavers without them even knowing. Also, a lot of the new age religion involves meditation techniques that come from India and the Orient. Now for me there is no meditation technique. Meditation comes when you reach an altered state and begin to reach your infinite self. For some, it comes through a walk in the woods, for others it is through reading and for others it is through relaxing. There are different ways for each different person. Well, the new age gives pre-packed codified meditation techniques that in my opinion are created by the illuminati and the entities behind them to move people further away from their infinite self. These techniques can bring people in contact with lower astral soulless entities that can literally possess them. I have had a lot of contact with New Agers and lot of them are lovely people that are simply caught in the duality mentality. However, a minority of them have an absent look in their eyes as if there is somebody else there. It is hard to explain but it is extremely eerie. Also, it is extremely important to know what is behind the new age movement. The new age movement is financed by the illuminati . Basically the Rockefeller name is behind most of the New-age/ufology. The biggest promoter of the New age movement was Shirley McLain who is also related to the illuminati bloodlines. These bloodlines are programs that are animated by no soul whatsoever; they are programmed to implement the system. I have been to a few new age conferences and I can tell you that it is an enormous business that promotes love but that in reality is mostly after your bucks at one level and after your soul at another. Basically the new age is another way to catch the people that are waking up and so far it is succeeding. The new age teaches passivity and that is another tool of the thought-form.

This image shows the forces behind the new age movement.

The programming is such that most people are extremely passive. In other words, they will wake up, begin to read and understand many things but…. They will do nothing at all with that knowledge. You see from childhood we are programmed by the educational or rather brainwashing system to be a white sheep that goes with the crowd. Any different attitude is severely reprimanded and the person is ostracised. After a few years of that crap we are programmed to stay in the mould and the programming is so strong that most people who hear the wake up call will decide to stay asleep. A lot of people go to a David Icke conference but what do they do with the knowledge they receive… Bloody nothing and that even if they have understood the implication of what they have heard. Even people who intuitively understand the nature of the conspiracy do absolutely nothing… One stupid person told me that he studied the conspiracy for “fun”. When I gave a small conference, one person told me that the information I gave was good but that I shouldn’t think about it because it “stops us from enjoying life”…. People love to hide their head in the sand. I do not conceive the fact that a lot of knowledgeable and open people continue to follow blindly the system although they know how evil it is… They continue to vaccinate their children, venerate big pharma and vote… Why: because they are so programmed that they become addicted to the system … Look at the Susan Boyle scam, it has trapped a lot of open minded people and that shows the degree of the programming we are submitted to. It is a bit like when the roman emperors used to say give them bread and games. The system gives people games so that they get completely hooked to it. In the so called “conspiracy field” in France nobody does a dam thing… They are too frightened to loose their “welfare” and “social security” other traps that keep people hooked on to the system… It because of this attitude that so called conspiracy meetings can take place. If they were a threat to the system, you could be sure they would be banned in no time…

This picture illustrates the attitude of most so called truthseekers

In this short article, I think I have shown that sadly the awakening that a lot of people are saying is happening has been totally hijacked by the system. You must understand that the matrix or thoughtform is a program that is conscious that in our time it would come to the end of a cycle… Hence, It prepared itself through the illuminati and the reptilians that created the new age movement and so called alternative knowledge movement to recapture the souls that were beginning to wake up to their real nature infinite consciousness. I am telling you that the new age movement and the five sense conspiracy movement are part of the plan to stop us from reclaiming our true selves… Yes, at one level, the five-sense conspiracy movement and the new age are positive but if you dwell on them and refuse to move on from them the trap of the illuminati fall upon you. They must be taken as stepping-stones and no more… Also at another level, people are so programmed by the system that they get addicted to it. Think of the Ape story so brilliantly presented by Matthew Delooze. People simply refuse the freedom… Why because they are frightened to grasp their true selves: infinite beings. The Susan Boyle crap shows that the people will venerate any god created by the system because they are addicted to duality through fear… Hence they unknowingly feed their enslavers… All this is part of a plan that has been imposed on the human race for thousands of years. In the matrix, we are like cattle that after being milked of their spiritual energy will be taken straight to the abattoir. And the irony is, we can put an end to the system when we like. The first step is to stop all collaboration with it. If vaccines for so-called Swine flu are made compulsory we have the power to say no… No needs to demonstrate… just refuse. When we are asked to vote for puppet politicians we just refuse and instead of voting go for a nice walk… We have the power not to join the army that slaughters Children in Afghanistan. No one joining the army=no war… We also must be conscious of all the false gods presented to us by the media. So we must stop giving away our energy to them by being emotionally detached and understanding that it is ALL a scam. We must remember that we are infinity and infinity as far as I know does not need any “spirit guides” or “Jesuses” or “Ascended masters” to guide it… All these are creation of the Matrix and of the illuminate so that we give away our infinite power. Infinity does not need any Gurus… Once that is understood we stop feeding the system through duality… Only then can we make the most of the end of a cycle of the Matrix and break free by being ourselves: Divine beings of infinite love. Until we understand and applicate all this we will remain prisoners of the matrix and the reptilian/illuminati shite.



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