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9/11,the Columbia space shuttle disaster: two modern day energy extraction rituals.


The purpose of this blog is to delve down the rabbit hole and see the spiritual roots of our enslavement. That is the perspective I want to bring on to the 9/11 attacks and the space shuttle Columbia disaster. I think that studying the physical level is important, but it is not sufficient to get to the root of the problem. You see, all these events are staged to extract humanity's emotional and spiritual energy in order to feed the thought form of fear that controls our reality. This thoughtform is the system, the illusory reality that surrounds us. It is basically a 3D, holographic illusiory reality that was created to imprison us. Its fuel is fear and emotion that do not stem from infinite consciousness. That fear is guarded through extradimensionnal entities that are reptilian in form. They are souless beings that are extensions of the thought form based on fear. They feed off our fear and emotions and control humanity through possession of certain hybrid bloodlines (the illuminati). We will come to these later on but first we must study extensively the symbolism around 9/11 as it is the key to understanding the extraction of our energy.

First of all we will look at all the levels of interpretation of 9/11. One thing is certain: 9/11 is not a terrorist attack staged by a man hidding in a cave in Afghanistan. Many researchers have done painstaking work that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that 9/11 was an inside job. That is, staged by the illuminati masters of the neoconservative government of the USA. There is no evidence whatsoever that the pentagon was hit by a plane. There are also many, many anomalies concerning the twin towers and it is now certain that they were pulled down through controlled demolition. According to a number of researchers, the twin towers were brought down through non conventionnal weapons. For are serious look on this theory go to Dr Judith Wood's website. I have not studied this theory for a big enough, amount of time to voice an opinion but, it is certainly possible as the network of secret societies that control the world and the families that control the secret societies have technology (at the top of the pyramid) that is many thousands of years ahead of what is shown in the pathetic mainstream press. Therefore, it is entirely possible that the "planes" that hit the WTC were not even physical but holographic projections (more about these in a later article).

On a five sense level, the reasons for 9/11 are the conquest of Irak and Afghanistan in order to control the vast oil reserves and the pipeline routes in Afghanistan. And it is true that selling oil to people is an enormous source of income for the secret society networks and their controllers. At another level, the conquest of Afghanistan was also done to control the drug money from opium (Afghanistan is a major major producer of that drug). You see you must know dear readers that the illuminati control the drug trade. There is no war on drugs, on the contrary is one of their biggest sources of income. On another level, 9/11 served as an excuse to create oppressive laws in America and elsewhere(stepping stone towards the New World order).

On another level, the illuminati staged 9/11 that led to the Irak war. But Irak is where the ancient Babylon was situated... And the illuminati families have their origin in Babylon. They are descendants from the legendary Illuminati hybrid (half human/half reptilian "gods") rulers of Babylon Nemrod, his wife Semiramis/Ishtar and their son Tamnuz. So on a symbolic level the war in Irak was a home coming for the Illuminati. On another level, there are a number of theories that suggest that in the Iraq region and in the Caucasus mountains there are numerous dimensional doorways. This seems to be a right assumption as these territories have played a very important role in the history of the Illuminati. Therefore one of the main reasons for the Iraq war would be to seize the stargates.

These are the levels that most researchers stop at. In this article we will try and go further and see the main and hidden level of 9/11. First of all, you must understand that at the very top of the human pyramid, there is only one side. The very top of the Illuminati Hierarchy are just following a plan. They use lower levels of the Illuminati and visible puppets (Presidents, Prime Ministers) to fight amongst each other in order for the plan to be carried out. Those high ranking Illuminati control EVERY aspect of our life in EVERY country of the world. Their plan is the creation of a one world government with a microchipped population. These top Illuminati are controlled by the Reptilian entities that are themselves controlled by the illusory thought-form that controls our reality. This thought form and the reptilians feed of fear and our emotions. Therefore the goal of the microchipped population is on one level control. On another level it is energy extraction through the use of the microchip that will be linked to the neuro-pathways and be able to induce any emotion...For this to work the thought-form needs consent from human beings. Human beings have to be willing to have the microchip. In other words that have to be willing to give up their freedom. That is why events like 9/11 are staged: to frighten the people so that they ASK for their freedom to be removed. Events like 9/11 are also excellent ways of capturing human fear and human emotion and sending them to the Illuminati and the entities behind them. How does this process work: through symbolism.

Symbols contain certain geometrical codes and certain numerological codes that act as energy captors: they are litterally keys to another world. They function a subliminal level. In other words symbols are subliminal messages. These messages are invisible to the conscious level but are captured by our subconscious that can be compared to a computer programm that is controlled by the thought-form. That computer programm picks absolutely everything up and is responsible for our programmed emotions(fear, anger, desire...). Once something is picked up by our subconscious, we react to it through our DNA. When we view a picture that is signed for exemple, the emotion we feel about the picture goes out to the person who has signed the picture even if we did not see the signature consciously and even if we do not know the artist-Remember, our subconscious picks up everything- if the picture is not signed our emotions stop at the painting.

Click here to see how subliminal messages work. It is quite impressive...

If you look at 9/11 it is riddled with Illuminati symbolism. The number 11 for example is the number of years in a solar circle... The illuminati and their masters the reptilians are associated with the sun as were are said to have to have knowledge of its cycles and it's vibrationnal effect on the Earth and on humans. The Babylonian reptilian good were said to have shining skin-therefore they were assimilated with the sun... Also, the number 11 appears in every part of the 9/11 mystery . The Twin towers have the shape of an eleven. The first flight to hit the first tower was... Flight 11. The Pentagon is shapped as a pentagram that has important significance in illuminati (satanic) rituals. The plane that hit the Pentagon was flight 77. 77 is 7 times 11. 7 is also a number of significance to the Illuminati. Think of the 7 day week that was imposed on us by the Illuminati and their masters. Also The state of New york is the eleventh state of the USA. There are many many other symbols associated with the Illuminati in the 9/11 tragedy. The point of this article is not to describe them all but to show the ultimate goal behind 9/11: spiritual energy extraction. The Symbolism acts as a subliminal signature: all the anger, fear , sadness that was expressed on 9/11 was like an energy drink for the creatures behind the Illuminati. All that energy released on that day whent to the illuminati, the entities that control them and the thought-form. In other words we feed our enslavers and the fear based illusory reality that controls them. We therefore strengthen our own prison by giving our emotions to our prison guards.

Most important events are filled with symbolism that is the subliminal signature of the Illuminati and the entities that control them. They are energy extraction rituals. The war in Irak (2003) began the 20th of March 2003. The 20th of March is the day of the solar equinox that was and is extremely important in the Illuminati calendar. That war therefore carries the subliminal signature of the Illuminati cult. Therefore, all the energy of fear, sadness and hate released during that war is channelled towards the Illuminati and their controllers and ultimately the tough-form that controls us.

Another ritual that is little spoken about is the Columbia space shuttle disaster that occured the first of February 2003. This disaster was manufactured by the Illuminati to extract as much spiritual energy as possible from the world population. First of all the shuttle that exploded upon re-entry was named Columbia. Columbia is another name of Semiramis the first hybrid (illuminati) Queen of Babylon. Among the astronauts was an Israeli named Ilan Ramon. Ramon=Amun-Ra the Egyptian god that is a variation of Nemrod and that represents the sun. The Shuttle desintegrated above Texas near the 33 degree parallel. 33=3 times 11. There are 33 degrees in ma├žonnery (an illuminati controlled secret society). 3 is a reference to the Babylonian Trinity (Nemrod, Tamnuz and Semiramis). Many of its debrys fell near Palestine in Texas. Palestine and an Israeli astronaut are references to the Palestinian conflict that is completly engineered by the Illuminati and their controllers. The first of February is also important in the Satanic calendar as it is the eve of candlemas the fire (Nemrod/babylonian) festival. Symbolicaly, Columbia burnt upon re-entry...What is satanism? A modern form of the bloodthirsty Babylonian (Illuminati) religion. The Babylonian religion was/is based on fear, blood and sacrifice. So you can see that this so called "accident" was in reality a staged energy extraction ritual to feed the entities behind the Illuminati. Through our collective sadness and shock at that event we gave our energy to our enslavers. All that symbolism is a subliminal signature of the Illuminati and their reptilian controllers.

Most world events, and most parts of our live are as we have shown controlled by the reptilians. Their ultimate goal is energy extraction to feed the thought-form that controls them. They are in essence psychic vampires. Only when we stop giving them our energy will they stop having control over us. To not give up our energy we have to first of all understand their symbolism. If a subliminal message is perceived consciously, it stops be effective. Why?Because we can consciously choose not to give our energy to who has created the subliminal message. For example, if we consciously perceive a signature on a painting we can consciously refuse to give energy to the artist who painted the picture. Therefore if we are aware of symbolism, we can consciously not give our energy to the creators of the symbol. However, if we are not aware of the symbols they are picked up by the subconscious and we give away our energy to the creators of the symbols... It is as simple as that. Awareness is one of the keys... That is why in this blog I will try to show all the scams of the Illuminati and their masters. Only then can we stop giving away our spiritual energy and free ourselves from the prison of the thought-form.

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