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Gurus, meditation and the harvesting of human energy


The Goal of this blog is to expose the new world order at the five sense level but also to expose it at a spiritual /interdimensionnal level. You see my friends the reptilian entities that control the Illuminati families control every other aspects of our lives. These aspects include entertainment news, so called opposition, religion. Their greatest fear is that humans awake to there true nature that is divine beings, with infinite potential and infinite consciousness. Therefore they even herd the humans that are beginning to awake. One of their most efficient ways of controling the awakening process is the New Age movement that is in my opinion a vast trap to control the people who are beginning to awaken from the slumber brought about by the Illuminati and their religion, their science and all their perverted creations. You see, in the New Age, you exchange one set of rules for another. You replace one master for exemple "sweet Jesus" or "Allah" for another one: "Matreya" ,"Ashtar", or any other "cosmic brother". You give away your own power to somebody else, you go from oneness to duality. There is a lot of evidence that the New age religion will be the global religion promised by the evil New World Order, therefore it is important to watch like a hawk everything that is connected to the New age movement. In my research, I have uncovered information that shows that the New Age movement is financed by the Rockefellers and other "Illuminati" bloodlines. In this short article, I will concentrate on what lies beneath New Age Gurus and meditation techniques, the truths that have been encountered by other researchers and myself are not always nice to hear, but confirm two facts: that the new age movement is a total creation of the Illuminati and that it is being used to harvest spiritual energies to feed the entities that control the Illuminati and ultimatly the thought form that has kept us prisonner for so many years. For this research I will give a few concrete examples of the affiliation of New age Gurus with the globalist movement, then I will show what lies beneath those Gurus and how they trick us into giving away our energy to the very beings that enslave us.

Amma, "the Hugging Guru" is probably the best known exemple of a globalist Guru, She describes herself as the incarnation of the goddess Kali. Now, for the ones who have read my previous articles, you must know that Kali is the Indian variant of Hecate, Diana who themselves are variants of Semiramis the first Hybrid (Illuminati) Queen of Babylon. Like all Illuminati that are "activated" Semiramis was possessed by a reptilian entity. Basically the Babylonian Illuminati, or serpent cult destroyed all the other hybrid half human, half reptilian families and created every known religion including the Hindu religion. All these religions are based on a worship of the sun, the reptilian goods and the Babylonian Trinity (Nemrod, Tamnuz and Semiramis). Around the neck of Kali are skulls that are associated with the cult of the skull that was associated with Nemrod, Kali is also associated with time. Time is symbolicaly one of the walls of the thought form prison that enslaves us. Anyway, Amma is also a great proponent of globalism as her website shows. She is always at the UN. That is one of the similarity with Share international, another new age illuminati cult that is calling for the creation of a... World Governement under the control of the UN. The UN is as you all know a stepping stone on the way to world governments. Its so called "peace keeping" troups are responsible for some of the worst massacres in Africa. The UN is also the organisation that through the "sanctions" against Irak caused the death of over 2,5 million Iraquis between 1990 and 2003. Amma is a great UN supporter and according to the excellent Splinter in the mind blog the Amma cult is associated with violence mysterious deaths and organ trafficking. Organ trafficking is by the way one of the most sinister agenda's of the new world order. Many, many transplanted organs are in my opinion stolen from so called indesirables by the corrupt and Satanic New World Order... Another evil new age Guru is Sai Baba who is accused to having abused sexually a great number of his followers. He is according to the BBC, worshipped by over 30 million individuals accross the world... So these New Age cults are nothing other than scams to catch the people that are waking up to the true nature of reality. But that is, only the five sense level of the plot, there is a much darker more sinister side to all those New Age Gurus, and to understand it we must look at how they proceed. Amma hugs her disciples and the thousands of people who visit her each year, Sai Baba Ashrams offer songs and meditations, transcendental meditation puts the person in a meditative state through the use of a Mantra and Silva mind control changes the pattern of the person's brain waves. All those techniques involve either an energy transfer or the modification of brainwaves. A Mantra for exemple is the repetition of a sentence, a sound. A sound is nothing more than a wave vibrating at a certain frequency just as our body is. All that rubbish about physicality is an illusion: the physical body is nothing more than a wave, that vibrates at a certain frequency. So, therefore, if it is hit by a certain wavelength, its frequency of vibration changes, if the frequency of the body is changed to a certain degree, it can become compatible with the frequency of certain negative entities. In other words the person becomes possessed. How many people, after following certain meditation course have changed completely abandoning their families, their jobs. They have gone nuts, they have been brainwashed is outcry most often heard!... Certainly brainwashing at a physiological level occurs, the person becomes litteraly mind controlled. But there is also something much much more sinister that happens: the person becomes inhabited by a negative entity. I have personnally met people that had spent a lot of time in certain ashrams... They had become real human robots, living shells with absolutely no more "life force". In my opinion their body was taken over by a negative entity associated with the reptilians... They definitly had something extremly dark about them. The silva mind control is supposed to change the brainwaves to increase psychic abilities... More likely, the change in brainwaves opens the unsuspecting person to possession by a negative entity. They therefore lose what defines them as human that is their consciousness... But there is even more, not only do many New Age Organisations induce possession, but they also extract energy from unsuspecting people. That energy is channelled to the reptilian/negative entities and the thought form behind the reptilian behind, the thought form is the illusory reality, the Matrix that ultimately controls us. How is this done? First of all, the change of brainwaves creates an energy transfer, second of all a number of New age organisations have blatant Illuminati symbolism. The logo of the Silva mind control is a torch, but the torch is the symbol of knowledge, the knowledge held by Nemrod the first Illuminati king of Babylon. Therefore, the logo acts like a subliminal signature by the illuminati, the subconscious picks that signature up and the energy of the person is directed to the person who has signed (the Illuminati). This subliminal technique works especially well if the person is not conscious of the nature of the symbol. You see friends, the subconscious mind does not respect free will, it is a programme that links us to the thought form and it has photographic memory... It perceives everything even the most minute detail. The spiritual energy sent by the person is therefore channelled directly to the person who signed: the Illuminati and the entities that control them. The logo of Sai Baba represents a lotus flower . The lotus flower, is a solar symbol that is associated with the Illuminati, it is also a Hindu creation symbol and the creators are the Hindu Gods... And the hindu gods are nothing more than variations of the Babylonian hybrids (Nemrod Tamnuz and Semiramis). So a Sai Baba worshipper gives his energy away to the Illuminati that are the masters of Sai Baba... All this through the use of symbolism. Amma is supposed to be the Avatar of Kali, the Hindu variant of Diana/Hecate (Semiramis) therefore the people who get hugged by Amma that symbolises Kali get vampirised by the creators of Kali (The reptilian entities behind the Illuminati). Many people who I have met have said that they felt an extremely negative sensation at the Amma ceremonies... I think that they served the rĂ´le of batteries for our enslavers...

So, does it mean that all meditation is bad. NO NO NO, but each person meditates differently, to meditate properly each person has their own different method. Nobody needs to meditate in the presence of a Guru or to "Gods", for you see, we are all infinite consciousness but we have been tricked into forgetting that. Every answer we want is within ourselves and not with a guru... If you seek spiritual answsers from somebody outside yourself, you create duality that feeds the thought form that keeps us all prisonner. Meditation that is linking to your infinite consciousness is a personnal thing, that must NEVER EVER be dictated by an outside source. Giving your power and energy away to our enslavers is a trap used by religion,politics and all events created by the system and that includes the New Age. Awareness is the first step to break free!

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What if the person (Infinite Consciousness)actually ascends -and is replaced by the other entity? It would look and appear as the same person yet have the reptilian inside.