Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A note for all visitors to this blog.

This Blog is a quest to challenge the New World order of the Illuminati. This new world order is based on lies, enslavement and imposed beliefs. That is why I want to make it clear that I do not want to impose my belief system on anyone. I am trying to give out information on the way I think the world is run and I am trying to propose solutions to regain our humanity, that is to regain our infinite consciousness and infinite power that we have given away to the illuminati and the entities that control them. However this information is the way through which I perceive things. The basis of freedom is to let ANYONE express their opinion and their free will no matter how opposed it is to our own. That unfortunately is what is lacking in our so called free world. That is why it is important you all know that I don't care what you do about the information I give you. It is not my business. If you think it is rubbish then discard it. If you think it is worthwhile then spread it around and make good use of it. One important thing to know is to only take the information that resonates with you, that you feel is right in the core of your being and that also applies to the information I am giving out. If it does not vibrate with you... Leave it!

See you soon


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